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VORO Rewards Program

Get tons of rewards PLUS a chance to win a free electric scooter!

Earning free scooters, gear and much more by doing things you will anyway?

Get the chance to win amazing rewards, like a new EMOVE Cruiser, just by being an active member of the scooter community!

You’ll earn coins for engaging in our social media community, shopping in our store, and referring your friends and family to shop with us, too. Members that earn the most coins are eligible for special prizes toward the end of the year.

Note For Early Registered Users

For customers that have not received your 3,000 VORO coins, you would receive it by Feb 15th.

How can I get started?

VORO Rewards is a coin-based rewards system. When you take different actions, such as engaging in our community, shopping & sharing, you’ll earn coins!

Redeem prizes such as $300 off vouchers to use on items in our store. And there is no limit to how much you can earn and redeem!

How do I earn points?

Each action = 150 VORO coins

    • Create account
    • Annual birthday gift
    • Like our Facebook page
    • Join our Facebook Group
    • Follow our Instagram
    • Follow our Tiktok
    • Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

But the best method of earning coins? Referrals!

When you invite 1 friend to purchase any scooter, they get $50 off and you get 2500 coins! 

What can I redeem?

Here are some rewards that you can redeem when you have collected enough coins:

  • 5,000 VORO Coins = $50 off voucher
  • 10,000 VORO Coins = $100 off voucher
  • 30,000 VORO Coins = $300 off voucher

We will add more rewards over the year. Want something to be on this list? Drop us a suggestion on any of our social media channels!

Note that vouchers are not stackable, so if you are purchasing an expensive accessory or maybe a new scooter, collect your coins to redeem a higher value voucher!


When you are our dedicated, supportive and raving VORO fan, we want to treat you for your kindness! Every year, the top 10 referrers will be awarded special prizes such as brand new scooters, high value vouchers and more! Winners will be selected and prizes will be sent to your doorstep before Christmas! We will release the prize list and highest-earning winners towards the end of each year. What are you waiting for? See that button that says "Rewards" on the bottom corner of your screen? Tap in and join now!