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Voro Motors started out as a personal electric scooter retailer in Singapore. Through serving 1 customer at a time, pushing quality boundaries, we soon grew to become the leading premium electric scooter company. However, due to the Singapore government shut down on personal electric vehicles, we had to focus on other markets elsewhere.

Our mission is to turn alternative transport into a mainstream mode of transport through affordable, electric scooters. We are made up of a diverse collection of doers, that continuously reimagine the modern way of commuting. We have convinced a large amount of people that they can completely ditch their cars with the EMOVE Cruiser.

We have persuaded the public that you can forget about public transport with the EMOVE Touring during the COVID-19 pandemic times.

We have set new standard on electric scooters by introducing the car grade tubeless tires.

Every new product that we create, service we introduce, is the result of an entire team of people working together to make each other's idea stronger - creating the best customer experiences.

Over the years, we listened to our customers' feedback, and started our own line of electric scooters, which is known as the "EMOVE" to the world today. We are heavily involved in the manufacturing side of things, from sourcing raw materials to setting up manufacturing processes and quality check processes with our Chinese partners. We do not just take a scooter frame and put a brand on it.

Part of our team is made up of Singaporean team members - Some of us are multi-lingual. This is an important language attribute to have when we want to ensure our manufacturing standards are met. This is clearly reflected when you see why we have a certain pull over multiple product iterations. No other companies have the ability to tweak products like we do.

The long-term relationship we have established with different electric scooter manufacturing partners over the years allow us to source top-shelf materials quickly, creating a better final product for our customers. We listen, refine and improve again.

Why choose us?

1. Trust 

When you spend over $1000 over our website, you expect to be taken care of.  As one of the most trusted electric scooter website in the world, our team is responsible to ensure your scooter is of quality standards.

Every single electric scooter undergoes stringent quality testing to ensure that our riders receive products of superior quality. Which is why you never hear a nightmarish delivery experience from us.

When you email us at support@voromotors.com - You are getting support from an entire team. From the customer service, to the technicians, to the operations, to the shipping and logistics, to the admins.

When you click checkout and buy on our website, the magic happens behind the scenes. The whole team is responsible for one another to ensure every single order goes out perfectly. Believe us, if something as simple as a spare pouch was not packed in your order, we have shouting matches in the office. We rarely make any mistakes, but we care if something wrong happens, and we fix it immediately. 

All orders will be shipped from our main office in Los Angeles. Here is a video that shows you an additional quality check layer to ensure your online order for electric scooter is safe with us.

2. Accessibility 

When you need help with a flat tire on a Sunday afternoon, or does not know how to fold your handlebar on a Wednesday night, we are the only company in the world that is here to respond to your queries.

Our team at Voro Motors is extremely customer-centric. We always make it our utmost priority to serve you and all your queries.

Try messaging us via our customer service chat on the bottom right of the screen. You are almost always going to get an instant reply from a real person from our team. We do not outsource our customer service. Live chat are open 24/7. If there is no one to reply to you (0.01% chance), you are guaranteed to hear back from us within the next hour if you leave your email address.

No other companies in the world does it like we do.

Live Chat with VORO MOTORS

 3. Largest Library of After-Sales Support Content in the World

We are proud to have the largest library of after-sales support content in the world on our official youtube channel: 


Imagine this: Your front tire is flat and you reside in Australia. We are located in Los Angeles. You are frustrated and extremely confused on how to start replacing the tire correctly without messing up the scooter.

There are zero electric scooter shops remotely near you.

Do you want to receive guidance through a website live chat or do you want to have a detailed step by step video walkthrough on how to replace the tire?

We have the most comprehensive library of video tutorials that can help all of our customers solve 99.99% of the issues they might face along the way. 

While our product quality inspection and control is easily the best in the world, outdoor electronic hardwares will need servicing once in a while. Not to worry, with our super comprehensive walkthrough coupled with our after-sales support, you are all set.

VORO After-Sales Support

4. Access to all spare parts, even screws

An electric scooter is made up of at least 150 moving parts. Anything can happen when you are riding at high speed - Such as screws loosen up and fall out of your scooter. 

Voro Motors is the only company in the world that stock up screws of every single size and put them up on our website for accessibility. 

Making sure that we have adequate spare parts is no small feat, we need to make complex preparations to ensure we have a constant inflow of the right sized screws, trained people in locating the right components for packing.

5. Community Driven

Our community is made up of helpful and experienced individuals - We are all here to help one another. If you have a question regarding modifications, aftermarket upgrades, helpful tips - There are plenty of other riders that are here to help.

Question about whether your weight is suitable for a certain scooter? Question about using the scooter in NYC and not sure about the laws? Hear it from other riders!

Join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/emovescooter/ 

EMOVE Owners Club

6. Lean manufacturing 

When you send in your feedbacks to our team, you can be 100% sure that you are heard. We listen to every feedback and that is how we constantly improve our products and our company.

One recent example would be the half-fender.

Half Fender EMOVE Cruiser

When we first introduced the tubeless car-grade tires on the EMOVE Cruiser, it sets a new standard for electric scooter industry as a whole - Tubed tire flats are a thing of a past. However, because the tubeless tire is wider by 1.75" than traditional tires, it tends to rub the fender by a tiny amount. While this do not affect the riding experience at all, it was quite bothersome for some.

We designed 4 different solutions to this challenge and came up with the half fender. It allows the rider to have more suspension travel, protect against mud and water splashes, at the same time solving the tire rubbing issue.

Not only we follow through the entire R&D and mass production process, we did not sell the fender. It makes a lot of business sense for us to retail the half-fender as an accessory, but we go against the popular choice by offering it to all of our EMOVE riders for free as a hardware upgrade.

Which other electric scooter company in the world does this? 

Whether you need a faster form of transportation to get to work, or you simply want to cruise around your city, electric scooters and e-bikes are the perfect solution - Not to mention environmentally friendly! We have it for every purpose.

We have grown in many ways, more products, more customers. We have created a culture that thrives on innovation, attention to detail, creativity, and grit. We are always pushing boundaries, keeping in mind that working hard needs to go hand in hand with playing hard, too. 

Here at VORO, we strongly believe in enhancing the efficiency of one's daily commute. What better way to do this than by incorporating electric scooters into your daily life?

VORO also welcomes private labelling and OEMs logos, send us an email support@voromotors.com 

VORO, Inc. is currently an America registered company. We are located at Suite 114, 801 E 7th St. Los Angeles, CA 90021

Phone: +1 323-709-7329

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