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    About Our Team

    VORO MOTORS, Inc. is an America registered company. We are located at Suite 114, 801 E 7th St. Los Angeles, CA 90021

    Phone: +1 323-709-7329

    All orders will be shipped from our main office in Los Angeles.

    VORO was founded with a vision of building innovative, convenient and practical electric scooters. The best electric scooters and electric bikes. From day 1, our goal is to only produce top-shelf products. On top of that, our electric scooters undergo stringent quality testing to ensure that our riders receive products of superior quality. 

    Our team at voromotors are extremely customer centric. We always make it our utmost priority to serve you and all your queries. Feel free to message us via our customer service chat on the bottom right of the screen.

    Whether you need a faster form of transportation to get to work, or you simply want to cruise around your city, electric scooters and e-bikes are the perfect solution - Not to mention environmentally friendly! We have it for every purpose.

    We have grown in many ways, more products, more customers. We’ve created a culture that thrives on innovation, attention to detail, creativity, and grit. We are always pushing boundaries, keeping in mind that working hard needs to go hand in hand with playing hard, too. 

    Here at VORO, we strongly believe in enhancing the efficiency of one's daily commute. What better way to do this than by incorporating electric scooters into your daily life?

    VORO also welcomes private labelling and OEMs logos, send us an email 

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