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    Latest Improvements On The EMOVE Cruiser 2021

    The World's Longest Range Electric Scooter

    EMOVE Cruiser - Orange (Side View)

    Just The Right Amount Of Everything.

    The most complete electric scooter in the world. Everything that you need in a commuter gadget, packed into a single machine. There is a reason why this scooter is loved by many of our riders - The EMOVE Cruiser ticks all your boxes. This foldable adult high-speed kick scooter is available in 3 colours: Black, White, Orange

    A Full Charge In 1 Night
    Takes You Through 2 Weeks Of Commute

    This scooter is built to last for long range, travel up to 62 miles on a single charge. You do not want to be stuck halfway through your commute because your battery is flat. Not going to happen with the EMOVE Cruiser.

    The Cruiser is designed for riding, not for recharging. If your commute is 5 to 15 miles a day, and you rather not charge the scooter after every usage, this is the scooter for you. Still skeptical about the range? Check out this recent review here

    It can also carry a max load capacity of about 160kg / 352lbs (2 grown-up adults). From the muscular shape of the motor to its aggressive stance, EMOVE Cruiser delivers the iconic look.

    If you are comparing scooters in the same price range, there is no doubt the Cruiser crushed all competition. Look carefully at the specs, 30AH battery is 3x the size of all competitors' battery size at this price class.

    Tubeless Pneumatic Car-Grade Tires

    True pneumatic car grade tires has no inner tubes. No more inner tube bursting in the middle of your ride, no more oily sealant all over your motor. Survive nasty potholes.

    Real statistics: Out of the previous 3000 riders of our old version EMOVE Cruiser riders (the old EMOVE Cruiser has inner tubes), more than 50% came back in the first month buying inner tubes due to pinch flats.

    Out of the new 3000 riders of our new 2020 EMOVE Cruiser with tubeless tires, only 30 of them bought tires. Out of that 30, 20 of them only bought it for emergencies. Only 10 riders actually got a flat. That is 0.33% flat-tire rate.

    Why compromise with tubed tires?

    62 Miles On a Single Charge

    Packed with a large 52V 30AH LG battery. The high voltage battery allow riders to travel up to 62 miles on a single charge. Backed up by a reputable battery manufacturer; with state-of-the-art ISO Certified manufacturing facilities to ensure all battery packs are consistent and equal.

    Why is your range important?

    • You don't want to be charging your scooter after every trip.
    • Lesser charges increase the overall life span of your battery
    • Having a top shelf battery gives you some peace of mind that your battery is going to last.

    Watch the range test here >

    Commuting Powerhouse

    The peak power output of the Cruiser is 1,600W. The faster you accelerate, the more power output the Cruiser generates. If you look at the numbers, the Cruiser is much more powerful than most scooters. There is a reason why so many riders are saying the Cruiser is faster and stronger than advertised.

    So, what can it do?

    • 20 degree hill climbing ability
    • Maximum weight capacity of 352-lbs / 140-kg
    • Acceleration (0 to 15 mph) within 3.4 seconds

    If you are wondering what kind of speed the Cruiser can achieve and what kind of hills it can overcome.

    Hear from other EMOVE riders >

    Anti-theft Locking Key

    Every key is unique to every Cruiser.
    Once you get your keys, the Cruiser only belongs to you in the entire world.
    No one is able to gain access to it without your keys.

    Built For Unforeseen Weather Conditions

    IPX6 Water Resistant Rating: The highest water resistant rated electric scooter in the world. When you ride outdoors, there is a chance of getting caught under bad weather conditions. We understand that.

    We have added multiple safety precautions, such as upgrading the Cruiser by using waterproof cables.

    Click here to watch a rider using the Cruiser in unforeseen condition >

    Store your Cruiser in your car, bus or train. Apartment-friendly.

    Ability to fold your handlebars and fit it inside your car boot easily, carry up a quick flight of stairs. Tuck it under your table, keep it in your room. The portability of a high performance scooter empowers a different kind of freedom that is unheard of.

    Battle Tested in Real Life Riding Conditions

    Take control of your speed with the new front and rear hybrid hydraulic brakes for stronger braking power.

    With the front and rear suspension, your ride will be smooth as butter. Tested through the potholes of New York and the streets of Los Angeles.


    Accessories That Let You
    Make The Cruiser Your Own.

    Having that option to change your throttle preferences, change it to thumb or twist style to have your perfect electric scooter.

    Thumb throttle: Click here to view
    Twist Throttle: Click here to view

    These throttles are only compatible with the EMOVE line of scooters.

    Shop EMOVE Cruiser Accessories >

    Photo credits: Electric-Scooter.Guide

    Wide Deck Coverage with True Suspension

    Large standing deck allows you to travel comfortably, with a sense of safety that most electric scooters do not provide.

    When you travel at a high speed, you want to feel grounded on your scooter. Not having a feeling of topping on the sides. With a large deck, you can ride safely.

    Lock It Anywhere

    Tough folding mechanism stem. Most type of common bike locks will fit the EMOVE Cruiser. Tight and durable stem, feel safe going at high speed. You will never hear a Cruiser stem breaking during a ride, and we are not new players in the game.

    Learn more about the compatible locks >

    Seat Option Available

    A new riding experience: Having the ability to sit allows
    you to immerse yourself in the entire commute.

    Learn more about the seat option >

    Range Test, Durability Test, The Test Of Time.

    There are plenty of options out there, but why go with the Cruiser? The Cruiser is the only scooter
    out there that has stood the test of time. Name another scooter that has gone through multiple updates and has thousands of riders you can hear from. If you are looking to invest in a durable scooter to use for the long run, you want to choose something reliable.

    From the half fender, the waterproof cables, the hybrid hydraulic brakes, the tubeless tires, LG battery.
    When a customer feedback to us, we take it seriously and we take actions. If you own a Cruiser, you are guaranteed that if there is an update in the future, you will be a part of it.

    Hear from other EMOVE riders >

    EMOVE Cruiser Dimensions

    Store your Cruiser easily in an apartment, bring it onto a bus or train. Store it in the back of your car easily.

    EMOVE Cruiser Product Specifications


    62 miles (~100km) - Tested range.


    Speed varies from rider's weight and riding conditions.

    Here are a couple of links you might find useful regarding the speed:

    Climbing Ability

    20 degree - Based on 150-lbs rider

    Water Resistance Rating

    Rated IPX6 under IEC standard 60529

    Ideal Lowest Temperature

    1 Degree Celsius / ~33.8 Fahrenheit

    NETT weight

    52-lbs (23-kg)

    Maximum Load Capacity

    352-lbs (160-kg)

    Charging Time

    9 to 12 hours

    Folded Dimensions

    49 x 10 x 14in / 124 x 25 x 35cm (LxWxH)

    Unfolded Dimensions

    48 x 23 x 46.5in / 121 x 57.5 x 118cm (LxWxH)

    What is in the package?

    1x EMOVE Cruiser (Color of your choice)
    1x US-Standard Charging Adaptor
    1x User Manual

    Warranty Period

    12 Months Limited Warranty.


    Brushless DC Motor
    Nominal Watt: 1000W
    Peak Power Output: 1600W

    Battery Type

    52V 30AH LG Battery with Battery Management System Protection

    Tire Type

    10'' Pneumatic Tubeless Car Grade Tire for Front and Rear

    Brake Type

    Front and Rear XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes


    Front Dual Suspension and Rear Air Shock Suspension

    Type Of Lights

    • Front headlight
    • Front deck sidelights
    • Rear brake lights
    • Turn signal lights

    Speed Limiter

    By default, your EMOVE Cruiser does not have speed limiting wire. Feel free to set it via the P settings.

    Cruiser Control

    Available, from LCD Display.

    Controller Type


    LCD Display

    Built in.


    Built in.

    Seat Option

    Available as an optional upgrade.
    You can get it here.


    Finger Throttle (Default)
    Optional Upgrades:
    Twist Throttle - Get It Here.
    Thumb Throttle - Get It Here.

    User Manual

    Download it here.

    P Settings Guide

    View full guide here.

    Warranty Coverage

    Find out what is covered and what is not here.

    Basic Step Up Guides

    Just got your EMOVE Cruiser? These guides will be useful for you.

    Hear From Others

    The Largest After-sales Service Content in The World.

    Imagine this, you are located in Chicago and you experience a flat tire on a Sunday. There are no repair stores nearby. You just need instructions on how to replace it.
    Rest assured, when you shop with us, you get access to our entire library of after-sales service tutorial at the convenience of your home.
    Watch more videos on our youtube channel

    EMOVE Cruiser 52V 1600W Dual Suspension - Long Range Electric Scooter has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 212 reviews.

    1-year warranty. 24/7 customer support

    When you spend such a significant amount of money, you want the best support. Although we are not a big company, our team is extremely dedicated to every single rider. Send a message through our 24/7 live chat on the bottom right bubble of our website, someone will always be around to help you. Try it!

    Call us at 323-922-3329, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm PST/EST. You are guaranteed that someone will pick up your phone. If not, someone will call you back.

    Email us at support@voromotors.com

    We have an entire team that works relentlessly behind the scenes to help you.

    Ships from Los Angeles, California

    With us, you never have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get your scooter. We have all colors in stock. Shipping takes between 2 to 5 business days depending on UPS.

    Shipping is free for orders within the United States.

    As low as $91/month

    We work with Affirm and Katapult to provide financing options to ease your burden. (Applicable within US Only)

    Two financing providers for you to choose from, to help you with your purchase. As low as $84/mth for EMOVE Cruiser.

    EMOVE For First Responders

    Empower your commute even during Covid

    EMOVE For Education

    For students that are looking to save on that gas money.

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