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    How VORO is responding to the Coronavirus

    How VORO is responding to the Coronavirus

    In the wake of the Coronavirus, our highest priority is to do our part to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers while meeting our service commitments.

    Here is what you can expect from us:

    • Compliance with all government regulations and health safety related to the containment of Coronavirus
    • If a VORO employee experiences symptoms such as fever or respiratory infection, they are required to seek medical treatment immediately.
    • Ensuring quality checks on the scooters are conducted with gloves
    • Packing of the shipments are conducted with gloves
    • Our customer support hotline (323-709-7329) will still be open between 9am to 6pm PST and available for all inquiries
    • Website live chat and email response will remain active throughout this difficult time
    • After-sales support will remain available. Domestic shipments of parts will continue as long as USPS remain open.

    Are you still making deliveries? Which countries have restrictions?

    • Domestic shipments within the United States will remain available as long as our logistics partners remain operational. We are working in partnership with different logistics companies in different states to obtain exceptions that allow our operations to continue wherever possible.
    • Overseas shipments to Europe will still be available (Slightly slower than usual but it is still ongoing)
    • New Zealand and Australia shipments will still remain available

     Will you face a supply problem?

    • We are constantly restocking every 2 weeks and we are trying to ramp it up to 1 restock every week.
    • As public transportation is currently being avoided and in certain states, there are no workers in gas stations. This has caused a huge spike in demand for a commuter electric scooter. Since the higher range electric scooters have been proven to be a practical mode of transport.
    • If a certain color is sold out, based on past experiences, you can simply reserve one and we will ship it out the moment we restock. 
    • The replenish schedule is every 2 weeks and the next massive restock is scheduled to arrive at the end of March - We are not taking this lightly and assume it will arrive on time due to the Coronavirus. 
    • At this difficult time, we appreciate your business and if you made a reservation. Our team will communicate shipping updates to you regularly to ensure you are kept in the loop.

    Here are some of the best methods to reach us:

    1. Phone Call: 323-709-7329
    2. Email:
    3. Live Chat on our website (Refer to below)

    Live Chat with VORO MOTORS



    Unboxing the new DYU D1F Seated Electric Scooter

    Unboxing the new DYU D1F Seated Electric Scooter

    First look on the DYU Compact seated electric scooter. This is a budget friendly scooter for anyone who is looking for a durable, long term basic scooter that does the job for short travels. For under $600, you get lots of value out of this portable electric scooter.

    Things you should receive with the DYU

    DYU Rear Fender

    To get yourself a DYU seated electric scooter:

    Join our Electric Scooter USA community (over 1000 good people) :

    Join our new LA Seated Electric Scooters Gang:



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