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    How to replace/change brake pads on your EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter?

    How to replace/change brake pads on your EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter?

    The dummy guide to how you change your brake pads on your EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter. Changing or replacing brake pads is a really easy task, which anyone can do it from home within 5 minutes. Save you some cash to get someone "professional" to do it for you. Here is a step by step detailed breakdown on how to replace the brake pads on your own, at the comfort of your home!

    Watch the video here

    To get yourself an EMOVE Cruiser, click here

    To download the user manual for EMOVE Cruiser

    Disclaimer: VOROMOTORS is an electric scooter company.

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    If you are using one of our products, or have a popular Youtube channel, here is an opportunity for you to join our partner program and earn up to $1000 in cash per month just on referrals alone. 

    1 example of our current VORO Partner

    A real, screen-print of one of our current active partners. You can recoup your scooter's investment and earn a real decent monthly income on the side by simply being our ambassador!

    We value our riders a lot and word-of-mouth is extremely important to us. This is a really straight forward and simple program to reward our existing riders if you make a successful referral. 

    Test ride points - we understand how inconvenient it can be as new riders looking to own an electric scooter. You want to try it before committing to getting one for yourself. We will direct new customers to you if they want to try out the scooter for a short 5-10 minutes to get a feel of it.

    Step 1 - Become a partner

    Go to this link https://partners.voromotors.com/create-account and sign up to be our partner. If you would like to be a test-ride point, please fill in your City/State and phone number. 

    Step 2 - Customise your referral code

    VORO Referral Code

    Step 3 - Refer a friend

    When your friend purchases any of our product using the referral code, you will get a 5% flat off the retail price and your friend get a 5% discount as well!

    For example, your friend purchases an EMOVE Cruiser, cost $1499 retail. 

    5% of $1499 = $74.95
    You get $74.95 credited into your partner account, your friend gets $74.95 discount from the retail price of $1499.

    To prevent fraud and abuse of our partnership program, generally, we will consider a successful and genuine referral when the referred purchase, do not return the scooter within 30-days. Rewards will be credited after 30-days of a successful purchase.
    Read VORO Referral Program Terms & Conditions here


    Join Our Partner Network

    Test Ride VORO Scooter

    If you own any of our scooters, you can opt to become a part of our Partner Network in the United States. We know how it feels like from a first-time rider perspective - You want to try out the scooter first before getting yourself one. 

    We will refer our new customers directly to you for a quick 5-10 minutes test ride. We will email you first to set up an appointment at your convenience.

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    Production of EMOVE Cruiser | How to make an electric scooter?

    Production of EMOVE Cruiser | How to make an electric scooter?

    Ever wonder how high-quality electric scooters are made?
    We decide to unveil the curtains to let you have a peek at the production process of the new batch of EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooters. Showing you the manufacturing process of an electric scooter. 

    Production EMOVE Cruisers

    Raw materials - This is how the EMOVE Cruisers look like in their raw form, before the cutting process. 7 CNC machines are in the facility.

    After cutting the raw materials into EMOVE Cruiser body frame.

    EMOVE Cruiser Unique Numbers

    Each EMOVE Cruiser body has a unique number on the bottom of the deck.

    EMOVE Cruiser Manufacturer

    One of EMOVE Cruiser assembly lines. Oh yes, our place is very, very clean. Indulge.

    Passion for Perfection

    A way to ensure our drive for perfection. 
    We should be able to eat off the floor of our factory. Cleanliness is just one way to reflect on our team's mission for perfection and product quality.
    Here is a photo of one of our team inspecting all the newly cut EMOVE Cruiser decks during lunch break.

    EMOVE Logo

    Screen printing machine - The EMOVE logo comprises of 2 color layers, the capital 'E' and the inner 'O' are separated - To ensure no color distortion. Screen printing is the most expensive and best method for high quality designed prints.

    EMOVE Cruiser

    High quality EMOVE Cruiser - No compromise.

    EMOVE Cruiser BLDC Hub Motor

    EMOVE Cruiser BLDC Hub Motor with pneumatic car-grade tires. No inner tubes are needed.

    EMOVE cruiser tire

    Pneumatic car-grade tires, no inner tube flats, ever!

    EMOVE Cruiser Tire

    We added XTECH Zoom Brake Caliper Internal Hydraulic Brake to all new EMOVE Cruisers. High quality stuffs right there!

    EMOVE Cruiser Xtech Brakes Better and stronger braking, take control of your speed, a better way to tame these beasts.

    Electric Scooter Manufacturer

    Normally, the EMOVE Cruiser stem will be protected, protect it from scratches etc.

    LG battery for emove cruiser electric scooter

    We use genuine LG battery for all new EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooters. 

    Installing batteries for EMOVE Cruiser


    EMOVE Cruiser Packaging

    All our EMOVE products are very well packaged, from the factory to delivering them to you. We know the folks over at FedEx/UPS could be rough sometimes, so the best thing we can do is to implement as many preventive measures as possible, to ensure the most important item - The scooter is protected.

    High-quality products are not cheap to make

    From the expensive LG batteries to the high cost of labour, we employ really great engineers to customer service reps to serve you. Every shipment of EMOVE Cruiser to your doorstep is insured, we do not compromise to save cost.

    We are unlike other retailers, who price low-performing specs at a ridiculous high retail price. At the price of EMOVE Cruiser with all the amazing performance and specifications, this is truly value for every penny.

    EMOVE Cruiser is able to travel up to 62 miles on 1 single charge

    In the long run cost calculation, based on 40 miles per day, 15,000 miles annually.
    EMOVE Cruiser cost per mile = $0.099/mile
    Car cost per mile = $0.52/mile (Data from Newsroom, not including miscellaneous fees such as parking fees.)

    Total savings = $6315 saved per year

    That is almost 6 times cheaper!

    Public Transportation/Metro = $0.15/mile, do the math!

    To get yourself an EMOVE Cruiser, click here

    To download the user manual for EMOVE Cruiser

    Disclaimer: VOROMOTORS is an electric scooter company.

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    Owning an Electric Scooter Vs. Renting an Electric Scooter

    Owning an Electric Scooter Vs. Renting an Electric Scooter

    The electric scooter is making waves and fast becoming the new mode of transportation in different countries across the world. They are silent, they cost less, and they are eco-friendly. It is because of this rising trend that we see the increase of electric scooter sales and electric scooter rental services worldwide.

    Using the electric scooter to aid mobility has become a thing that is seemingly here to stay, and I think it is safe to say that it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world joins in. However, for those who are thinking of joining the trend, one question remains; is it better to rent or to own the electric scooter.

    This question is on the minds of so many people, and today, we are going to be looking into the benefits of both owning and renting the electric scooter.

    Renting an Electric Scooter

    With so many electric scooter rental outlets around today, it is as easy as simply filling out the necessary information for registration and finding the nearest available scooter ready for use. The cost of renting an electric scooter is not a lot at all. In fact, it is because of how affordable it is to rent an electric scooter that the scooter has become very popular today.

    Benefits of Renting an Electric Scooter

    Cost: When renting an electric scooter, the cost is very minimal, and it is charged according to the distance covered while riding it.

    Maintenance: When you decide to rent an electric scooter, the burden and the cost of maintenance is off your shoulders. You do not have to bother yourself with making sure the scooter is at optimal functional capacity.

    Charging: Another benefit of renting an electric scooter is the fact that you do get to save up on electricity used to charge the scooter.

    Model: When renting an electric scooter, you are not guaranteed the same scooter every time. This means that you are guaranteed to get to use a different scooter with every rental you make.

    Detriments of Renting an Electric Scooter

    Convenience: When renting an electric scooter, you cannot simply pick one up and be on your way, you actually have to search around for one that is available for use.

    Safety Gear: Many electric scooter rental services do not offer any safety gear; rather they advise renters to have their own safety gear. It is rather bothersome to carry about electric scooter safety gear simply because there is a possibility that you may need to rent one. As a result of this, many renters do not use safety gear when riding an electric scooter.

    Model: When renting an electric scooter, there are only so many models that you can pick from, and these are models like Bird or Lime which do not last very long on a single charge. 

    Lack of Freedom: To be able to ride an electric scooter, you first need to find it. Sometimes, the nearest electric scooter available for rent might be 5 miles away, which beats the purpose of using the electric scooter for that last mile distance. Needless to say, sometimes when you actually found the electric scooter, there is a good chance it is a spoilt one and you cannot use it.

    Owning an Electric Scooter

    Owning an electric scooter is something that is a big deal to a lot of people. It is almost as big a deal as deciding whether to own a car or not. Owning an electric scooter is something of a commitment, and it is something that you want to be careful with before you make a decision.

    Benefits of Owning an Electric Scooter

    Customizability: When you own your own electric scooter, you have the freedom to customize it anyhow you like and to suit your personal taste.

    Convenience: Owning an electric scooter means having the convenience of not having to walk around searching for an available scooter anytime you need to use one.

    Cost: It is only cost effective that if you are prone to using an electric scooter every day, you may as well buy one as the accumulated cost of buying one will be cheaper in the long run.

    Model: When buying an electric scooter, you have the option of getting any model you want. Preferably a model like the EMOVE cruiser that allows you to ride up to 62 miles on a single charge.

    Preference: When you own an electric scooter, you can get one that suits your personal needs and preference.

    Safety gear: Owing an electric scooter gives you the motive to carry about and use your safety gear with ease.

    Detriments of Owning an Electric Scooter

    Charging: Owing an electric scooter means having to ensure that it is charged appropriately with your own electricity.

    Maintenance: When you own your own electric scooter, the burden of maintenance falls upon your shoulders. Although, maintaining an electric scooter is rather inexpensive.

    Model: If you happen to own a regular mid-range electric scooter, then you are stuck with it for a long time.

    Care: When you own an electric scooter, you have to think about carrying into buildings and taking it into your home at the end of the day.

    Now that we have seen the pros and cons of both renting and owning an electric scooter let us compare the most important elements of both scenarios.


    When renting an average electric scooter, it can cost about $1.50 per mile. Say for instance you cover about 10-miles a day your total rental bill will come to $15 a day.

    When you own an electric scooter, you could cost you about 9cents per mile. This means that for the same 10-mile distance a day, you will be racking up only 90cents a day. Not counting our heavy duty EMOVE Cruiser riders who are covering 40-50 miles on a daily basis.

    Basically, when it comes to the cost analysis, in the long run, it is much cheaper to own an electric scooter rather than to keep renting all year round.


    In terms of convenience, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that buying is better than renting. The reasons are very simple. As stated above;

    It is less hassle to use a scooter when you own one; however, if you need to rent one, then you would have to go around looking for one that is available for rent. This has to be the best benefit after the cost of buying an electric scooter.

    When you buy your own electric scooter, it stays with you always. This means that you can go about on your electric scooter all day whereas, with a rented electric scooter, you would still be required to walk around during your commute. You could either be looking for one to rent or be looking for where to conveniently leave the one that you have rented.


    When you own your own scooter, you can learn all there is to learn about using that particular model, and you can even customize the scooter to suit you, however, when you rent an electric scooter, you are subject to whatever model is available for rent and as such handling the available scooters may sometimes be a problem. 

    Electric scooters are the next big thing, and the rate of adoption is fast rising each day. Whether you choose to rent or you buy one, you would want to weigh the pros and cons objectively. However, from our judgment, it only makes both an economical and logical sense that you buy your very own scooter.

    Not only would you enjoy the flexibility that ownership affords you, but you would also be making a personal statement, representing the future of transport.

    Disclaimer: VOROMOTORS is an electric scooter company.

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    Rules and Regulations of Electric Scooter in Different Countries

    Rules and Regulations of Electric Scooter in Different Countries

    If you have or you are thinking of getting an electric scooter, you need to understand the rules and regulations that guide the ownership and, the use of an electric scooter in the area where you live.

    In many countries, the electric scooter is considered much like a bicycle, so basically, you can use them just like you would a regular bicycle. While in yet some other countries, the electric scooter is considered a vehicle and as such, has to fulfil the same requirements as another roadworthy vehicle.

    Since the electric scooter is not exactly a vehicle, classifying it is usually a task. It cannot exactly be classified as a vehicle, and it is not exactly a bicycle either. However, there are some other countries that have laws which govern the specific use of electric motors and vehicles. Usually, these laws are centred on the maximum speed of these vehicles. The laws also cover the kind of engine that these vehicles can have, the maximum power the engines are allowed to carry, and, in what areas these vehicles can be operated at top speed.

    As a result of all of this technicalities and loopholes, there is no one electric scooter that we can say is found to be absolutely legal in every country. While the rules and regulations of owning and operating an electric scooter vary from country to country, there are certain legalities that should be looked into generally before you decide to acquire or use an electric scooter legally.

    Acquiring a License

    While in most countries, there is no talk of a license being necessary in order to operate an electric scooter, in some other countries, they are a requirement.

    Accessible and Restricted Areas

    Because the electric scooter is not a full-on vehicle, and neither is it a common bicycle, it can be allowed in many countries on public roads, provided that there is a provision of a cycle path. Meanwhile, in some countries, the electric scooter, since it is not a vehicle can also be used on bicycle lanes.

    The Use of a Safety Helmet

    In most countries, there is a law stating that electric scooter riders must wear a safety helmet. However, in some other countries, you would find that the use of a safety helmet when operating an electric scooter is only for electric scooter riders going above a certain speed limit or for riders below a certain age limit.

    As different countries generally have different laws regarding vehicles, and some countries have their specific laws regarding electric vehicles, it is not easy to pinpoint specific rules and regulations of electric scooters that can be applicable to a vast range of countries.

    Examples of some countries and their rules as regards the electric scooter are:


    • The maximum speed limit is 20kph
    • Helmets are compulsory when travelling above 20kph
    • Insurance and insurance plates are compulsory
    • Cycle paths must be available for riding an electric scooter on a public road
    • Engine power is restricted to 500watts
    • Electric vehicles must be vetted as road worthy

    USA, California

    • Wearing of a helmet is compulsory for certain states.
    • The maximum speed limit is 15mph in certain states.
    • Riding in a bike lane is only allowed in streets with speed limit above 25mph
    • Riding an electric scooter in the street means that you must ride as close to the curb on the right side as possible

    Suitable electric scooters for use in USA: EMOVE Cruiser, EMOVE Touring, EMOVE 2.0 and the ORCA Mark I.


    In the UK, electric scooters are better known as electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPC). The laws which govern them include:

    • An EAPC is required to have a pedal propelling it.
    • The EAPC must be able to show either the manufacturer of the motor or the power output of the engine.
    • The EAPC must also be able to show, either the maximum speed of the bike or the voltage of the battery of the bike
    • The EAPC can only be used on public roads where there are cycle paths, or on streets with bike lanes.

    Australia and New Zealand

    • Children between the age of 12 and 16 can only ride with parental supervision
    • A license is not required for operating an electric scooter
    • Unsupervised rides are allowed from aged 16 and above
    • The maximum speed limit is 25mph
    • Rides on electric scooters are only allowed on paths
    • Electric scooter rides are not allowed on public roads or bicycle lanes


    • Riders need to register their electric scooter with the local transportation authority government
    • Registrants have to be at least 16 years old 
    • Registered electric scooters must be compliant with the device criteria (Device weighs < 20kg | 70cm in maximum width | 25km/hour in maximum motorised device speed)
    • Requires a registration mark sticker on their electric scooter
    • $2,000 fine/imprisonment up to 3 months for unregistered electric scooters
    • UL2272 Standard certification required for all electric scooters used in Singapore.


    • The maximum speed limit of 25kph with a fine if exceeded
    • Electric scooters cannot be ridden on pavements
    • Headphones are prohibited while riding
    • Electric scooters must be road worthy
    • Riders are legal from the ages of 8 upwards
    • A helmet is required for riders below the ages of 12

    The best thing to do would be to research the rules and regulation of the electric scooter specific to the area in which you live.

    Disclaimer: You are able to purchase high quality electric scooters from VORO (www.voromotors.com) 

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