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    Electric Scooter Financing

    When you pay at your own pace, you can host amazing dinner parties or plan the perfect road trip, and create memories you’ll cherish.
    We work with a 3rd party company like Affirm who offers financing options for the scooters through our website.  

    After you set up your account with Affirm, you will be able to check out with us using Affirm.
    Below are the 3 simple steps to get started with Affirm (Applicable only within US.)

    Step 1: Apply

    We get it, sometimes you just may not have a bunch of money laying around and that is normal for most people. Affirm provides an interest free option to help you get what you want.

    Go to any of our product pages. Click on the "Prequalify Now".

    Step 2: Qualify

    Fill up necessary information. According to Affirm, you can get a real-time decision with just 5 pieces of information! If you are facing issues, here is their contact information: (855) 423-3729. You can give them a call to enquire more.

    Step 3: Ride

    When purchasing, simply choose which model of scooter, how you would like to pay and checkout with us using Affirm. As simple as that!

    Ready To Be Part Of The Community?

    Join one of the largest electric scooter community.
    Choose from our extensive range of high quality scooters today.

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