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Adult Electric Scooters Comparison

Find out which adult electric scooter is right for you, easily compare EMOVE, Kaabo, Dualtron, and InMotion electric scooters.
Riders can also use our calculator down below to calculate savings on electric scooters compared to gasoline cars.

25 MPH Top Speed
33 MPHTop Speed
34 MPHTop Speed

48V 13Ah LG 18650 Cells

52V 30Ah LG 18650 Cells

48V 26Ah Dynavolt (1253 Wh)

 32 Miles Max Range
 62 MilesMax Range
 53 MilesMax Range

Rear Drum

XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic 140mm Rotors

XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic

Up to4 HoursCharge Time
Up to12 HoursCharge Time
Up to9 HoursCharge Time
Up to220 lbsMax Load
Up to352 lbsMax Load
Up to330 lbsMax Load

Save More with Our Electric Scooter Savings Calculator

Interested in how much you can save by switching to an electric scooter? Our savings calculator is here to show you the numbers. By choosing an electric scooter over a car, you're not just opting for a greener mode of transportation—you're also significantly cutting down on gas expenses. Enter your daily commute distance and let our calculator reveal the savings. Compare, save, and ride away on the best adult electric scooter tailored just for you.

Savings Calculator

Monthly Gas Cost: $0 USD
- Monthly Electricity Cost: $0 USD
Monthly Savings: $0 USD

**This calculator tool uses average cost per kWh and mile per kWh efficiency to gauge an estimated savings as your actual savings might vary.

Empowering Your Journey with VoroMotors

At VoroMotors, we're committed to providing our customers with high-quality adult electric scooters at the best prices. Whether you're browsing our electric scooters for sale for leisure, commuting, or performance needs, we offer exceptional deals that ensure you're getting the most value for your money.

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do. Our team is dedicated to providing a customer-centric experience that sets us apart. We believe in direct, meaningful interactions, which is why our customer service is entirely in-house and readily available. With our live chat feature, you're almost guaranteed instant responses from real team members, anytime, day or night.

Understanding and troubleshooting your e-scooter should be straightforward, not a hurdle. That's why we've developed the industry's most extensive library of video tutorials, addressing nearly every question or issue you might encounter. With almost 300 tutorials and counting, our in-house production crew works tirelessly to support our rider community, making maintenance and problem-solving a breeze. Visit our VoroMotors YouTube channel to access this wealth of knowledge and join a global community of informed riders.

In addition to DIY tutorials, VoroMotors also offers electric scooter servicing. Our team of experienced technicians is here to address issues such as tire changes, brake tuning, battery repairs, and more. We also provide several financing options to make purchasing your new electric scooter less stressful. You'll find these options at checkout; simply choose the plan that best suits your needs, and you're ready to ride off!

Explore our collection today and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable, enjoyable, and empowered mode of transportation.

Electric Scooter Brands Available at VoroMotors

EMOVE is renowned for crafting top-tier adult electric scooters with outstanding performance. With an emphasis on exceptional long-range commuting capabilities, our scooters offer portability, lightweight design, and an attractive price point. From moderate-speed standing models to comfortable seated options, EMOVE boasts a diverse selection to suit various preferences. Explore our highly sought-after collection, including the EMOVE Touring, EMOVE Cruiser S, and EMOVE RoadRunner lineup. Additionally, be sure to check out the groundbreaking EMOVE Roadster, the world's fastest electric scooter, encased in a stylish carbon fiber frame.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled performance with Kaabo adult electric scooters, celebrated for their exceptional top speeds and remarkable range. Riding a Kaabo e-scooter is a testament to excellence in quality and performance, establishing them as among the finest electric scooters on the market. Explore our handpicked selection of premium Kaabo electric scooters, including the lightning-fast Wolf King GTR, the sleek and powerful Mantis King GT, and other top models.

Dualtron electric scooters deliver impressive speed, with capabilities of reaching beyond 40 mph. If you're in search of and willing to invest in top-tier rides, Dualtron is your go-to. Equipped with substantial electric batteries, these e-scooters offer extensive range for long-distance commutes or adventurous rides, defining them as a premium electric vehicle choice for both daily travel and thrill-seeking escapades.

InMotion has established itself as a leader in crafting premium electric unicycles, continuously pushing the boundaries of personal electric vehicle (PEV) innovation. Exclusively available at VoroMotors, the RS Midnight stands out as a sleek black adult electric scooter, claiming its spot among the market's swiftest machines. Craving high-speed adventures without breaking the bank? Meet the Midnight Lite—spend $1000 less than the original Midnight but still get to experience speed.

Join the Ride: The VoroMotors Scooter Community Experience

Here are some reviews from real VORO riders; take a look at what they have to say! One of our greatest achievements at VoroMotors is fostering a community of riders who come together to share knowledge and experiences. With us, you'll never feel alone. We occasionally host group rides and fun PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) get-togethers. Seeing our community grow bigger and stronger is truly gratifying!

Adult Electric Scooters Comparison review
Adult Electric Scooters Comparison review
Adult Electric Scooters Comparison review
Adult Electric Scooters Comparison review

Choosing the best adult electric scooter can feel overwhelming with so many options available. That's why we've designed an intuitive comparison tool that lets you view the specs of various models side by side. Whether you're in the market for a beginner-level scooter, a seated electric scooter, or a high-performance scooter, our tool simplifies your decision-making process. Compare features, speed, range, and more to find the electric scooter that's just right for you!