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VORO Partner Program

Earn 5% Commission for New Electric Scooter Referrals

Want to become a VORO Partner?  Earn 5% commission for referring friends, family and your online community to purchase new electric scooters from us! You'll also be given a special code to offer your followers a discount on any new EMOVE or Kaabo electric scooter. If you're already recommending others to shop with us, why not earn some money for it?

How It Works  Apply for an affiliate account. When you receive confirmation, you can find your referral link and coupon code in the affiliate portal. Once you have those ready, create content about our products and refer others to purchase VORO electric scooters* with your referral links. You'll earn 5% on all eligible products. Once your account reaches the payout minimum, you'll receive commission to your selected banking account.

For example, let's say you write a review and produce a video about the Kaabo Wolf King GT  and share it on your social media. If just one person clicks your referral link and purchases the scooter, you earn over $175. If three people click your referral link, that's over $500!

If you're ready to ride, refer and earn, click the button to apply for our affiliate program.

*The following products do not generate commission unless otherwise stated: refurbished electric scooters, discounted electric scooters, parts, and accessories.

How to Make the Most of our Partner Program

Affiliates that maintain a healthy, active online presence reap the highest rewards.  Here are some examples of existing VORO Partners and the type of content that engages customers and guides them toward scooters that work for their lifestyle.

Straightforward Program

We value our riders a lot and word-of-mouth is extremely important to us. This is a straightforward and simple affiliate program to reward our existing Real VORO Riders for making successful e-scooter referrals.

Step 1: Sign Up

Complete the form to apply to our affiliate partner program. You must update all required fields with valid information to submit the form.

Step 2: Customize

Once accepted, create your account and customize your own unique discount code. You'll share your it and your referral link when sharing your content online.

Step 3: Refer & Earn

When someone purchases any of our products using your referral code or link, you will get a 5% referral bonus.

To prevent fraud and abuse of our partnership program, the scooter purchase is made valid if it has not been returned within 30 days. Rewards will be credited to the affiliate after this period has elapsed. A minimum of $100 is required before a payout will be made.

Referral bonuses are only given for brand new scooters and NOT for refurbished scooters, accessories or parts.

This is a real screenshot from one of our active affiliates. You can recoup your scooter's investment and earn additional monthly income by being an ambassador for our products and services.

Step 4: Maintain Your Account

Limited Affiliates Accepted: Applicants must provide valid examples of how they will promote VoroMotors products and services to be considered for the affiliate program. We reserve the right to refuse applicants upon our discretion and can remove individuals from the program if the terms and conditions are violated and/or the individual has an inactive account for more than one (1) calendar year.

Read the VORO affiliate program terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! There are no limits. As long as there are people using your code, you get the referral commission!

No. Using your own discount code to make a purchase will be counted as fraudulent and our systems will automatically detect, ban your account and void any commissions earned.

No. Sharing your discount code on discount sites are STRICTLY prohibited. Your account will be banned and all commissions will be voided.


We conduct payments every 15th of the month.

We do direct bank transfers for commissions of $500 and above or PayPal for $100 and above.