VORO Partner Program


October 2021 Partner Special

Earn up to 8% referral commissions (Normally 5%) for Dualtron Electric Scooters for the month of October.
Also, stand a chance to win a Dualtron Thunder as long as you make a SINGLE successful referral.

A 8% referral bonus from a Dualtron Storm would earn you about $359.20, for just a single referral.
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Earn Money Just By Sharing!

If you are using one of our products, or have a popular Youtube channel, Instagram page or own a popular facebook page, here is an opportunity for you to join our partner program and earn up to $1000 in cash per month just on referrals alone.

Share what you love & get paid.

A real, screen-print of one of our current active partners. You can recoup your scooter's investment and earna real decent monthly income on the side by simply being our ambassador!

Straight Forward Program

We value our riders a lot and word-of-mouth is extremely important to us. This is a really straight forward and simple program to reward our existing riders if you make a successful referral.

Test ride points - we understand how inconvenient it can be as new riders looking to own an electric scooter. You want to try it before committing to getting one for yourself. We will direct new customers to you if they want to try out the scooter for a short 5-10 minutes to get a feel of it.

Step 1: Sign up

Go to this link partners.voromotors.com/create-account and sign up to be our partner. If you would like to be a test-ride point, please fill in your City/State and phone number.

Step 2: Customise

Customise your own unique referral code so that it is easily remembered and can be shared easily!

Step 3: Refer & Earn

When your friend purchases any of our product using the referral code, you will get a 5% referral bonus.

For example, your friend purchases an EMOVE Cruiser, cost $1399 retail.

5% of $1399 = $69.96
You get $69.955 credited into your partner account. As simple as that!

To prevent fraud and abuse of our partnership program, generally, we will consider a successful and genuine referral when the referred purchase, do not return the scooter within 30-days. Rewards will be credited after 30-days of a successful purchase. A minimum of $100 reward is required before a payout can be completed.

Referral bonuses are only given for brand new scooters and NOT for refurbished scooters.
Read VORO Referral Program Terms & Conditions here.

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