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Inmotion Accessories and Parts

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Incorrect item again.

I ordered a specific tire. Email them to make absolutely sure that they knew which tire to send even though it was the one I picked out. They still sent the wrong thing. However.
They did make it right by sending the correct tire. The downside was it took 3 weeks to fix my scooter. I ended up buying another skirt to get back-and-forth to work one.

Nice jobbers

Voro is a good source for replacement parts but scooter problem resolution needs improvement and a little transparency. Voro products are good.

New rear tire

Shipping was super easy to Miami. Only issue would be a tutorial video to help with the install as some might not have access to a service center as easily.


RoadRunner Pro is an great scooter Build quality - price - look - performance

Great overall scooter with a few minor things

Let me start with gratitude for VÕRO team for great support, i have some issues with battery, and their support was great. One of the best experiences. So if you have any doubts about scooters being bad, they will help you, I'm sure, 100%.
I'm now sure that I want to talk about all the great things a bout scooter, because it has already been said so much.
So with no particular order things that I don't like, and I hope will get improved:

1. No app and no "anti-theft" mode.
With my previous scooter, if i needed to pop into a store for a couple of minutes, I would just go into the app, turn on "lock the scooter," and voilà.
I know that is a complex task, but the simplest way I see to change the key lock is to have 3 positions: off/on/guard. In guard mode, the scooter is on, but when you try to move the scooter, it actively resists. This will be even better than the app because the app sometimes gets disconnected.

2. Blinkers switch. It's a small thing that I hate. Because positions are very loose, it's a very easy solution: just make the switch to offer more resistance, and maybe up & down instead of left and right. But now, i'm overshooting with switching, like 8/10 times. Thanks, God, it's beeping)

3. Shaky folding assembly. That's a big thing with little to no effect, but you feel it when you start/stop. And it's just for information that it will not be as rigid as some other folding mechanisms.
4. Breaks. Zoom xtech HB-100 brakes have not a good reputation in the bike riding community, but you can change them fairly easily. On the other hand, it's more of a preference to have at least 1 drum break because scooter wheels are very small and dirt gets into the breaks very easily.

Anyway, it's a solid choice, and I would recommend this scooter anytime without hesitation, partially due to the Võro team and their approach to maintenance - for me, it's a dealmaker.

This thing rips!

Fast shipping, good communication and about as much fun as you can have on two wheels. What more could you ask for 5 ⭐️

RoadRunner Pro is Amazing

The RoadRunner Pro is an amazing scooter. Build quality on the roadrunner pro is very well, the display is amazing and has a ton of options ontop of being able to tune 1-5 ride modes! So far i have 22 miles on the RRP and just about to get the first charge - Power Hungry motors! Over all the Road Runner Pro is a 5 out of 5 and the only reason for the 4 stars is the email to shipping times. They advertise things ship out 1-2 business days and how they use UPS. Yet my RRP came through FedEx and i understand they have no control on how its delivered but the FedEx driver was tossing my box all the way to the door luckily nothing was damaged so they package the scooters very well! Also I just ordered the RoadRunner SE for my girlfriend so we shall see how this goes. Over all I highly recommend the RoadRunner PRO!


Please let me know when your company will do a recall on these necks.
I went to JOKER GARAGE and got to see about 3 other of the same broken necks on the same Mantis GT pro. p

Medium Pizza Bag for the EMOVE Roadrunner Pro

Tanakorn Wolf Electric Scooter Seat

EMOVE Cruiser S 52V 1600W Dual Suspension - Long Range Electric Scooter


The scooter has exceeded my expectations. The battery could have been bigger and the rear shocks were designed for an anorexic vegan. The speed and handling are excellent.


I ordered the self sealing ones the shipping time was great but got the wrong ones I emaild them and let them know they sent me the correct ones within a couple days and let me keep the other ones too. Great customer service.

Incredible bike!

Best purchase i have ever made. Great power, suspension, brakes, and range. Highly recommended!

My Joy Ride

So I made a few mods and now it's even better! I got pulled over the other day and the officer said I didn't have a license plate. I thought
it was because I was going 45mph. Took me a while to explain to him, but he finally let me off with a verbal warning to stay in the bike lane lol! Frankly I think he just wanted to check out my bike as his partner commented on what a cool looking bike!

Your company is low grade

I can't review the seat since my scooter motor went out AND this convenient plug and play ride HAS NO PARTS AVAILABLE FOR REPAIR!!! The representative took my call two weeks ago and HAS JOT RESPONDED ABOUT THE PARTS TO MAKE THE SCOOTER GO AGAIN. I now have to figure out how to sell the unit and all it's parts since there is no way to repair it.

Good idea

I believe it's an important plan.

Best super scooter

People makes a lot of compliments on my GTR, it's my first scooter and I enjoyed too much, I bought because I I'm tired of driving my car and been stuck on traffic for too long, and I cannot take that no more because I suffered from anxiety, I can't been or I can't feel that I'm stuck, so for year I been looking for scooter light this one, especially with a removable battery, I'm a fan of everything that you have the option to remove the battery, I heard some people that don't like that but for me it's the best upgrade that has been made to a scooter this day, for example if a scooter is about to catch fire you simple remove the battery and the whole scooter will be save, if you try to put it on you trunk it makes it really easy, for example here in New York a lot of landlord don't want you to bring the scooter inside, I show them that my scooter has a removable battery and I can leave the battery outside and charge at my job and I have no issue leaving the battery outside, what makes scooter dangerous is the battery so if is removable the whole thing change they can't just not ignore that and say hey your scooter it's not allowed. No scooter will catch fire if they don't have a battery on. So that was my second reason for buying this scooter.

E ride pro ss 19

VORO Motors had great service my order arrived on time. The pro ss19 rides and runs great plus it is fast out of the box.Gave the pro ss19 to my son and im buying the e ride pro ss 2.0 for myself.At 70 yrs old i might as well have fun too

Kickstand Sneakers
Earle Turner

Kickstand shoe was pricy. The new shocks exceed expectations. Love the new pizza bag. Next time I’ll give you password so you can do ride check if needed. Overalls service great.

GUB Plus 21 Phone Holder

One of the worst things I purchased in my life 👊🏽

How fast it charges really recommend👍

3'' Wide Hybrid Tire
Daniel Sweeney
Spinning demons of power

Getting more that's why I'm here summer is here yeah.

Great purchase

I got this scooter after my electric bike was stolen, and I’ve been really happy with its performance! Best scooter I’ve used after having had 2 others.


So far so good, the tubeless tires are noticeably smoother than the ones I replaced.