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Sher Yeng Meng Her
RR Pro

Best and most fun PEV i had

Dennis Moser
Epic Ride

The Roadrunner Pro is amazing! I ride electric unicycles, standing electric scooters and now the best seated electric scooter money can buy! I'm 55 and I feel like a kid on the RR Pro! I have been 50 MPH on it and it felt smooth and stable. The only downside to this beast is range anxeity! Not because it dosen't have enough battery, It will get me over 30 miles of real world range if I baby the throttle but it's just so easy and so fun to ride fast that I end up wanting to do speed runs EVERY time I ride. If you get one just buy a better charger and you will be set.

Geoffrey Miguel
Can’t complain

I own both the RR Pro and the OG RR and it is night and day. The speed and power is great and I can’t complain however there could be some improvements. The back shocks in my opinion are a little too soft and the front shocks could be better also the rebound is too strong maybe adjustable shocks??? Besides that I’m happy with it.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter

Price: $2895.00

Detailed Description

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is the electric scooter that you’ve been waiting for. This new, exclusive vehicle designed by VoroMotors is a heavily upgraded sequel to the award-winning EMOVE RoadRunner seated scooter. The design was tailored by requests from actual scooter riders and reviewers. Did you want a better seat? The saddle is softer, thicker and longer. More powerful performance? The Pro has bigger motors, higher top speed, a larger battery – and it's still removable for convenient charging on the go. How about a better LCD? The custom-designed VoroMotors TFT display is 3.5” wide, bright and full color with smarter settings. How about an even smoother ride? The twist throttle, new 45A sine wave controllers and dual suspension join forces, making this seated scooter the most comfortable for riding long distances every day. It has newer, better technology and higher quality features than anything out there. With nearly triple the power and range of e-bikes and at half the size of a motorcycle, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is a delight to drive. It’s already unrivaled, and it just came out. 

  • With dual 2000W motors, the RoadRunner Pro has a top speed of over 50 mph 
  • The 60V 30Ah LG battery (21700 cells) grants up to 50 miles of range on a single charge
  • Premium features including hydraulic front suspension, rear spring suspension, 2-piston hydraulic brakes and 14” pneumatic tires provide excellent ride quality and traction
  • New VoroMotors LCD display is centered on backswept handlebars and paired with a new twist grip throttle
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need long-term, just ask our team
  • Here’s the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro User Manual