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Off Road Electric Scooters

Off road electric scooters are a great way to have some fun. They are a great way for riders to take their riding over new terrains like gravel, dirt, uphill, and more. Here are the best off-road electric scooters for adults from brands like Kaabo and Dualtron.  We have some of the best off road scooters to look at such as Wolf King GT, Wolf Warrior, Dualtron Ultra 2 Up and many more. So shop with us today and you will be happy --that's a promise!

Off Road Electric Scooter

Why Go for an Off Road Electric Scooter?

An off road electric scooter easily muscles uphill and tackles uneven terrain. As such, some of the best scooters for adults from Kaabo and Dualtron (Minimotors) are excellent for hitting the trails. The knobby tires have wider profiles, making them better for throwing dirt and rocks behind you.

Off Road Electric Scooters from VoroMotors

The best off road scooters have dual motors for the same reason an all terrain vehicle has all-wheel or four-wheel drive: to make it easier for your vehicle to gain traction when the chassis isn’t parallel or flat to the ground.

As fun as it is to go fast, you also need to have excellent safety features if you’re headed off the beaten trail. All of our all terrain scooters have high-quality dual hydraulic disc brakes. Paired with knobby, wide pneumatic tires gives you the perfect combination for staying in control.

If you love carving your way between trees and finding backroad trails, an adult electric scooter is more fun and less taxing to ride than a offroad bike or e-bike, because you can focus on steering and throttling instead of pedaling.

Not only that, these high performance electric scooters also have high capacity batteries, granting you 50-60 miles of range on a single charge with moderate riding.

Off Road Electric Scooters by Kaabo

If you like to go super fast, the Kaabo Wolf King GT is known as the fastest electric scooter on the planet, with a tested top speed of 62 mph. It has sine wave controllers, a dual-stem design, and its an excellent all terrain electric scooter.

The Wolf Warrior GT has the same build and high-tech features as the King GT but with a slightly smaller 60V LG battery and 1100W motors for a less speedy ride.

For the same dual stem design with a faster folding mechanism and lighter weight, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT comes with 10” pneumatic tires that you can swap for studded tires that are designed to slice through dirt and snow, making it the perfect off road scooter.

Electric Off Road Scooter by Dualtron

The Dualtron Ultra 2 electric scooter by Minimotors is built for off-roading, like literally. The huge 11” tires are 3.5” wide for ultra stability and traction, with a rugged profile that digs in deep.

The entire deck and rear footrest give you lots of space to lean back when going downhill, and the single stem frontend is more nimble to steer than the dual-stem Kaabo scooters. This is definitely a good off road electric scooter to be on!

Scooter Repair Shop for Off Road Scooter

If you are looking for a repair shop for electric scooters, we have a few options to provide service. If you live in Southern California, you can visit our showroom and service center in Panorama City, CA. For scooter owners in New York, we have a full-service scooter shop in Brooklyn, NY (Industry City). We also have a location in Kapolei, HI and offer interisland shipping if you live in Hawaii. See all location details including address, hours of operation and local phone number on Contact Us.

If these brick-and-mortar locations are not convenient for you, we also accept shipments to our Los Angeles service center for electric scooter repairs. If your off road scooter stops working, reach out to our service team and they can guide you through diagnosing and remedying the problems you’re experiencing.