COVID-19 First Responder, Frontline Workers, Law Enforcement Discount

VORO First Responder

07 Oct Update: This promotion is valid only for EMOVE Touring and while stock last.

If you are a

911 Dispatchers
EMTs / Paramedics
Military Personnel

We understand that you still need a practical mode of transport to get to work, and we are here to help you replace your car, replace your need to get to a gas station. Electric scooters is one of the most practical way to get to work without the need to get close to anyone. Avoid public transportation or metros. A scooter like theEMOVE Touring Electric Scootercan easily cover 10 metro stops within 30 minutes, same travel time as the metro.

Kindly email the following to or chat with us on our online chat support:

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*Must be a current Firefighter, Police, EMT/Paramedic, 911 Dispatcher, military personnel or Healthcare Professional (as defined by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). First Responders employed by federal, state or municipal governments may be subject to restrictions that limit their ability to accept this offer. Accordingly, this offer is void unless permitted by applicable federal, state and municipal laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, policies, codes of conduct, and other directives or standards regarding ethics and gift acceptance by the applicable federal, state or municipal employees. By accepting this offer, you verify that doing so complies with all laws, regulations, policies or other restrictions regarding ethics or gift acceptance that apply to you. Not available on select base trims or with some other offers.

Our team will only need 1 hour to process your documents and issue you a personal discount coupon. Shipments to all states is between 1 to 4 business days.