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How to get to our NYC office

We appreciate you thinking of visiting our NYC office.

As we are located in a building, it might be a little tricky to visit us (especially on weekends).
So here is all you need to know in case you meet with any issues.

We are sharing the same entrance as HSS. It should look like the images above.
Please do note that on weekends, you might not be able to open the doors at all.
But not to worry, we will be here for you.

Monday - Friday

  • 10.30am - 5pm
    • There should be a building security guard helping you to get into the elevator and provide you with directions to our unit on level 3, unit 20 (B20).
  • 5pm - 7.30pm
    • If there is no one around to assist you, you can reach us at +1 929 999 5851and someone would be there to help you out.
    • Or, you could also chat with live chat support team and someone from our office would be meeting you at level 1 to get you up.

 Saturday & Sunday

*Update - Facing high volumes of walk-ins on weekends

We do apologize if we miss call during the weekends due to a higher volume of walk-ins. In case you cannot reach our phone lines, please do chat with our live chat to gain access to the building. Alternatively, you can also send us a SMS - +1 929 999 5851.

Coming for a test ride? Make a booking so that we can prepare for your test ride and reduce any potential delays!