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Adam C.
Hello all. I"m glad I

Hello all. I"m glad I chose voromotors in New York to buy my Dualtron Storm scooter. Very professional service, will help with every issue related to my scooter. If you are going to buy an electric scooter, I highly recommend the VOROMOTORS service. Many thanks, great service!!!!!! Greetings.

Pablo T.
Why I chose voromotors over minimotorsusa

I was shopping around for a Dualtron model and was having a very tough time deciding who to buy from, since Minimotors factory has 2 official distributors in the United States (VoroMotors and MinimotorsUSA)

Here are my thoughts:
1. VoroMotors has a super responsive customer service set up. MinimotorsUSA also has a responsive phone line, but it is just 1 phone line that I can get through within a set amount of days in the week. VoroMotors has a 24/7 live chat support that I can track my shipping and the status of my scooter. This just shows that I am getting support from a lot more people than just 2 person at minimotorsusa, although minimotorsusa have been nice throughout my purchasing experience as well.

2. VoroMotors has an excessive amount of spare parts in their Los Angeles HQ, I bought a few suspension adjustment kits for my Dualtron Storm when I visited their facility (It is insanely huge)

3. Warranty is pretty much the same, but the Extend protection that I get from VoroMotors gave me access to a 1-1 full replacement of the scooter compared to purchasing Extend at MinimotorsUSA which only cover repairs and parts.

4. Between Monday to Friday, I have called them a couple of times and different service advisors picked up the phone every time. This shows me I can get reliable support for the long run.

Robert S.
You get what you pay

You get what you pay for. I would recomend this scooter for experienced riders. The look design and lighting, zero stem wobble, battery lasts a few days, detachable battery, and the speed. Im 145 pounds and i did 54 mph on my dualtron storm today. It would have gone faster but i ride with my head not over it. Cons include the throttle is touchy and torquey, for 5 grand and theres no key ignition or fingerprint reader cmon, and lights are not bright enough for night riding. Oh and i did crash and this scooter is durable and can take a hit. I would definitely recomend.