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    Customer service and support has always been a huge reason why most of our riders like yourself have chosen us. Customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and are always continuously working on improving.

    And what better way to ensure the happiness of our riders for the long term? A fully functional scooter that lasts as long as possible! So we are happy to introduce Extend's protection plans!

    Extend works with a network of top rated insurance companies to provide the best protection plans at friendly prices for you.

    Claims should be made easy. With Extend's protection plans, it is now possible.

    How It Works

    As the name suggests, Extend provides riders like yourself with a longer warranty coverage. All EMOVE and Kaabo scooter models come with a 1-year limited warranty while other VORO products (except discounted models) come with a 6-months limited warranty policy. You can read more about it here.

    Extend Protection Plans provides you with an extended warranty period.

    For example, let's say that on January 1, 2021 you purchased an EMOVE Cruiser from us that already has a 1-year warranty. You have also selected a two-year protection plan from Extend. The warranty provided by us would cover your EMOVE Cruiser through January 1, 2022, and your 2-year Extend protection plan would kick in and protect your EMOVE Cruiser for an additional two years through January 1, 2024!

    What Is Covered

    Extend protection plans does not include accidental damage, or damage caused by abuse or misuse.

    However, it does provide a wide coverage of maintenance issues, parts damages and many more. This provides you with the coverage that you need for an electric scooter, especially if you plan to use it for a long time or regularly.

    Extend protection plans even protects your scooter from defects and breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear!

    What Happens When You File A Claim

    Claims are made super simple with Extend.

    Simply chat with Extend’s virtual claims assistant or live support team to resolve your claim instantly. Upon a successful claim, you will be receiving your claim in the form of replacement credits.

    You can then use your replacement credits to purchase a replacement scooter.


    How To Make A Claim

    Filing a claim with Extend is very easy and can be done in 5 simple steps.

    1. File a claim with Extend’s virtual claims assistant or live support team.
    2. Provide either your contract ID, email address, or other identifying piece of information.
    3. Provide other relevant information that Extend may require.
    4. Wait for your claims to be processed.
    5. Upon a successful claim, receive your replacement credits to get a replacement scooter.

    Now That You Know How It Works, Time To Start Shopping!

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