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EMove Cruiser 2022 refurbished - 1,200 miles later - AWESOME!

I am sooooo pleased with my purchase of this 2022 EMove Cruiser (1000W nominal, 1600W peak) (refurbished) from VoroMotors in February 2023. I intentionally delayed writing this review until now so I could give prospective buyers my very best review, and not just the common "So excited about this new scooter I just bought yesterday!" kind of review.

I've had this Cruiser 7 months now, and I've put 1,200 miles on it (which I would have never thought I, as a grown man, would do). I've done all kinds of riding on it (except off roading), and here's a quick list of pros and cons from my perspective after 1,200 miles.


- Great build quality (frame, stem, body). This scooter has amazingly endured my 170lbs (but sometimes adding up to total of 265lbs. load) for seven months now. I'm careful with it, don't abuse it, but still I put it through its paces with up to 265lbs weight (don't ask), and it has endured beautifully. HOWEVER, one bolt (the black M35mm bolt) in the stem mechanism did break early on, which could have been very bad news. I replaced it for a couple bucks, using a longer bolt not as susceptible to breaking, and I've had no problem since. BUT you do need to regularly check all screws for tightness, and I recommend using blue locktite which has kept them from coming loose again.

- Top speed: I'm 170lbs and get GPS-confirmed 30mph on a flat as long as battery is 75%-100%, and I duck down out of wind. When battery is down to 30% I can still get 25mph if I duck and ride low. Uphills are a different story, which I'll get to down below. Fastest downhill I've ever gotten is 34mph.

- Tubeless air-filled tires: Voro claims these tubeless tires get far less flats. Well, I've had no true flat tires in my 1,200 miles of riding. The front tire did go flat at the start of one ride (about 750 miles ago), but I just reinflated the tire (no punctures) and it hasn't happened again since then. I'm careful to avoid potholes and other pitfalls, but I'm super happy to have gone 1,200 miles with no flats, or needs to replace / fix tires.

- Range: It is what they claim. I live in a very hilly region, but on the flattest paved path we have available for me to do an actual range test, I managed 46 miles on a full charge (220lbs. load weight) going 23-24 mph average the entire way. I'll repeat: 46 miles going a constant 23-24 mph (average) with 220lbs. total load. And by the way, that's when I also rolled over 1,000 miles on the odometer, so it wasn't as if the battery was brand new at that time. Technically, I only used 90% of the battery (because fully depleting it isn't advisable), and I still went 46 miles at a constant 23-24mph average.

Deck space: They say it's got one of the biggest decks of any scooter. It's remarkable. I love the versatility it gives for different stances (positions). Sometimes it feels like a longboard (long skateboard) or surfboard under my feet, and I love changing positions just for the sheer fun of it while riding. I find joy just carving and cutting around my neighborhood in 1st gear (up to 10mph), chasing my kids on bikes, although I'm also a speed junky at heart.

Accessories: I love the seat attachment ($65). If you are trying to decide between buying a stand-up scooter, or a seated bike, get the EMove Cruiser, and you can have the best of both worlds! I keep the seat mount permanently on the back of the Cruiser. It's pretty small and doesn't take up much space (you can even rest your back foot on it). I rarely use the seat, but when I want to, it takes literally 5-10 seconds to just drop it in the mount, and now I have a seated scooter. How could it get any better?

Portability: Because I'm a weightlifter who can easily toss 55 lbs. around, this thing is a perfect weight for my personal circumstances, as follows: I'm on the second floor, so I have to carry this scooter up and down two flights of stairs almost daily. That's not super enjoyable, but I can handle the weight. But the biggest pros are the folding handlebars and quick stem release which make this thing fold down so small and narrow, it can fit almost anywhere. Why don't other scooters do this!? I can fit this thing in my living room, my gym where I exercise, my SUV and my van. Again, it's not the lightest scooter on the market, but I'll bet it's the lightest and smallest scooter for the amazing range (and decent speed) it offers.


- It might not be fair to call this a "con," but if speed, power, torque, hill climbing, or offroading are your greatest desire, the EMove Cruiser isn't your best choice. While I can hit 30mph when fully charged and on flat ground, it drops to 14-20mph on up hills. This has been livable to me for the past 1,200 miles because I'm not riding in real traffic or commuting, but the limitations in top speed and torque led me to recently buy a Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+.

- Lastly, the stem rotates / turns when folded down, which is just a ...

Most Fun one can have with thy clothes on!

I sold my Wolf Warrior X GT (that I loved) only because the thumb throttle gave me arthritis, essentially. The motorcycle like throttle on this Roadrunner Pro was appealing (and sitting down is more comfortable). I live in Hawaii and use it to go everywhere. Its basically like having a little motorcycle to get around town but I pay no Registration fees and people think I am just on some little E bike. Of course, I get confused looks when I pass traffic going way faster than these things look like it can go...but thats also why its awesome. I dont get the honks or angry reactions from motorists because its quiet, small and non intimidating. Everywhere I go people ask me questions about it. I was the first in my area to have a Wolf warrior caliber scooter (now I see em' everywhere -"youre welcome Voro") and now that I am on this roadrunner Pro I can assure you more people are going to be showing up on the road with them soon. Why battle traffic to get 3 miles to the store or gym when you can jump on a scooter and be there in 6 minutes, while having a total blast. I actually go to the gym more now that I have this thing because I want an excuse to go for a ride! *You do need to get used to both motor in gears 3 to 5, as you can crash pretty easily if you dont ease into it; the power is a lot for the weight and the smaller (vs. bike or motorcycle) tires. But once you are up to speed its perfectly safe to full throttle it with no issues. 5th gear with just back motor function is even plenty fast. But having dual motor for instant power at high speeds is better, safer (in traffic) and more fun! The brakes are solid. Its almost hard to believe this is only $3K. Note to stand up scooter riders: you sit lower than most cars and thereby are less visible to everyone and you also cant see as much around you, so you need to be a real defensive driver with this "bike" to be safe. On the scooters every car sees you, right? On this bike...not so much. You are invisible to any drivers not paying particular attention to the BE SAFE! 5 stars.
**Range is pretty accurate. I have never worried about running out of battery. Full throttle it everywhere in dual motor and its certainly not going to get you to 50 miles total distance. But you dont need to give it much throttle at all to stay at 30 MPH once up to speed.

Forget gas insurance tickets

Just what was needed awesome device


This is a great scooter for commuting

Great service

Had an issue with the original controller. Contacted Voro and had a new controller shipped and in my hands in a few days. New unit was well packaged and fixed the issue. Really impressed with their troubleshooting, service, and rapid replacement.


These self sealing tires actually work well. Great job Voro Motors!


Great scooters. Love them.

Great product!

Great product, I received it quickly, well packaged with great customer support!👍

Customer Service saves the day

Voro Motors has hands down the best customer service and phone techs in the industry.

Wolf King GTR
Richard Mitts
Great Scooter, Terrible Customer Service

10 days and still not one reply from customer service! The battery will not come out of the scooter and it came with a few scratches and blemishes. The overall product is great would’ve been even nice with some help!

Great scooter

It takes a while to charge but since it goes 60 miles you don't have to charge it often. It has everything, blinkers, key with voltmeter, seat (purchased separately), onboard storage (purchased separately). The only thing I've had trouble with is I would like to add a stroller to the back to carry a dog and that doesn't seem possible as there is no where to connect a stroller and the bolt on the back wheel is larger than a bike axle bolt.

Extend Shipping Protection Plan
Mauricio de Carvalho

Fast delivery. Great costumer service. Tutorial videos are spot on!!

It’s big and awesome

It’s really useful

best EBIKE

i love that im able to go so fast and able to customize it to my liking

Great service

Great job setting up my new scooter and explaining features

Twist Throttle

Great feature, simple installation after watching your well-known videos! Loving it !!!

From Slow to really fast you choose

I have had my Roadrunner pro for about a week and am really enjoying my evening rides around Ivins Utah. I have not gone over 35 mph yet, but its nice to know you have all that power if you need it. The only small issue so far is the rear shocks could be a little stiffer. I pretty much stay in conservative green mode and the battery is still at 60 volts after a few rides(could probably power my house for a day with this battery). My seat came with a small hole in it and VORO had a new seat to me within 2 days. Thinking about putting orange tire sealant in my tires, but not sure I want the mess when I change them. This little machine is great if you want to go 15 mph, or if your daring and want to go over 50. Keep up good work and great customer service VORO.

Love it 98%

Very nice Scooter. Nice riding.Fast ,Could use some minor Improvements.The seat looks great nice materials but after a few miles my butt really hurt. And the shocks are Very weak. Bottom out every ride .Going to have to buy some better ones that don't bottom out so easily .Other than that I Really love it .I'm 66 5'7 165lbs and drive on side walks and bike lanes only! No trails /off road


Easy straight forward purchase, fast accurate shipping, USPS could do better, but whatever. All in all very easy, much different than the actual removal, and install of the tires, and gosh the wheels as well.

Es un buen patinete quede conforme con mi compra lo uso todos los días para ir a trabajar

Awesome Scooter!

Fast, fun, stable at high speeds, smooth ride and great customer service!

2023 Kaboo wwgt

I can't believe I waited 54yrs to get an electric scooter, this thing is absolutely amazing and floats down the road with my 6'3" 240ish lbs body, lol! My gas powered Goped bigfoot may never make it out the basement again. Will update in the future.💥💥💥


No more Uber or Lyft...... just charge and gooooooi ....

Wolf King GTR
Eric Pirk
Best scooter ever

This scooter is so amazing I love it. Only thing I would change is the throttle response. You can hold the throttle still and stay at one speed. It just keeps going and going. So fast.

Awesome Roadrunner Pro Scooter

My son really enjoys riding the scooter around the town. He drove the scooter in 2 days 10 miles just enjoying the view. It was a really good investment for him. Thanks for the awesome product.