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Love it

The twist throttle is super touchy. Will be switching back to finger throttle. Otherwise great scooter!

Shaft needs to be replace

It snap at the hinge.



Modding up to 5 stars

Love the torque and basic handling. Gotta upgrade shocks front and back for a decent ride truthfully. Love the look. Continue to mod it up to my ideal.

Wolf King GT Pro Electric Scooter
Kevin babineau Babineau

Hello Scooter is great love it and enjoying it . LA store is very difficult to get somebody to answer the phone for sales and service hoping that will change soon !!!

Charger problems

I just received my gt pro 5/11/20 came with 50 percent batter life so I was able to ride for a bit but when I went to charge it nothing happens had to open the deck to discover multiple connections not made properly and one of the red charger wires was completely disconnected from the charger port had to solder it back on because I didn't want to send my scooter back I just got it and I will have to send it right back out which means I wouldn't get it back probably sometime until early June which I was not excited about so I took matters into my own hands also came with front brakes with no fuild so I have to buy a hydraulic brake kit from voro hooray spending 4k on this scooter it came with to many issues for me now back to the scooter it's fast,feels sturdy at high speeds and very heavy! Over all the scooter is great people at voro have to start crossing their ts and dotting their I to expensive for these irresponsible issues


Always an awesome experience at VoroMotors The battery is working flawlessly!

Refurbished Mantis Purchase

Scooter works amazing. Barely even touched. Only had 29 miles on the ODO. Was missing the handlebar hook and front head light
but can’t beat the price. Thanks team!

Proud owner of:

Mantis Pro SE Gold Edition
Mantis Pro SE Black Edition
Emove Roadrunner

Wear gear. Stay safe!

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Wolf King GT Pro

Excellent scooter haven't had much time to ride being it is so cold looking forward to right and let you know what I think as soon as the weather warms up setting record cold for April and May or is that global warming up

Excellent Customer Service!!

I love my scooter and I am extremely happy I bought from voro motors! Definitely buy the Route protection plan, it is a must!!! My wolf king GT pro electric scooter got delivered damaged and Route covered it and I got a brand new scooter!! The voro motor team are extremely helpful and I am very greatful and happy with their customer service!!

Excellent addition to scooter!

The handle in the rear makes the Emove Cruiser so much easier to lift and it does not impede in any way with the stance while on the scooter. It also serves as a much easier place to run the cable lock through rather than the the bottom of the front handlebar. It attaches easily also. It is a “definite” add on accessory! Gary Rhodes

I enjoy riding the fiido Q1! It has brought some much needed fun into my life! My toddler has more fun with the seat attachment ride, than I think is legal😂

Pretty good

Pretty decent range in comparison to the 18 ah battery

EMOVE Front Bag
Robin Eastman
Emove Cruiser

I’m enjoying my Cruiser so much. Perfect for beach living. If I’m feeling stressed all it takes is a little ride and I’m back to my normal self. I love the range and it’s fast enough for me. The collapsible handle is perfect for apartment living. If you have to lift your scooter regularly, definitely get the tow handle. The larger handlebar extender, handlebar mounted light are must have accessories.

Wolf King GT

Very helpful both on the phone and in web chat, because of scooter color and availability they switched it for me so I could receive the unit quicker! It arrived in perfect condition, brakes were checked, tires, and it was ready to go!! Charged it up and let it rip! It's a BEAST!! Thanks VORO

The quality is first class. Very heavy duty and everything fits together well. My Wolf King rides really nice and very smooth. I have not tested the top stated speed of 62mph. 40 is fast but stable. I hope it really goes 62 as advertised.

I like the thumb throttle, but it needs more feeling

The thumb throttle is nice, but it needs more rebound feeling. The LCD looks amazing, it works great, and its fit perfectly. The only issue is that when I give it throttle it all feels the same. It doesn't matter if your going 15 or 30 mph, the sensation on the thumb is no different. I would like to see more feeling on the throttle to make it seem as if your putting more "gas" the more you push down. Similar to a vehicle.

Sent a faulty charger the 1st time, had to wait over 2 weeks for 2nd to arrive. Inconvenient


The sealant is amazing. Seems like all the sharp stuff ends up on the side of the road near the bike lane. I ride with confidence through everything and have never had a problem.. When I purchased my scooter I was on my way to do some extensive riding. Staff at Voro Los Angeles was kind enough to add their Sealant to my tires before leaving the shop. Thanks guys I really appreciate that!


It’s pretty awesome I drove it today I already put 30 miles on it driving from one town to another made it on one charge Still have more than enough to make it back home

Everything claimed and more!

Could not be happier with this incredible beast of a scooter. Power, power, and more power to spare. Hills, off-road, off road hills…no problem!

I love the build quality over all, with only the exception of the little retention chain for the back-up pin and the pin itself. They are a little flimsy and will need to be replaced or upgraded at some point.

Love this scooter. No regrets.

Pretty fast

I really like it very fast seems great on range back turn signals very low in day only complaint so far

Hands down one of the best scooters of 2022

Speed, stability and range sets this scooter apart from all the others. Talk about a to b style points! When you're going from A to B now you can do it in absolute Style. It's almost crazy how much attention this thing gets and I have the black one. So far everything seems to be working fine with no issues other than an issue with the shipping when I received it. Route Insurance took care of that problem very quickly so if you get this consider getting the Route insurance as well.


THE WOLF KING GT IS A BEAST! I have put around 150 miles on my WKGT in about 2 weeks and have not had any issues so far. I average about 30 miles per charge riding flat-out in mode 3 and occasionally putting it in mode 5 for longer stretches of road. This thing passes cars with ease and turns heads everywhere I go. Tires squeal from every stop due to the torque and power of this beast. If you have the opportunity to purchase a WKGT I would highly recommend it.

Route Package Protection
Jason Martinez
Scooter came damaged and Route took care of me very quickly

Scooter came with damage that rendered it inoperable. Route Insurance took care of the problem very quickly and had a new scooter in my possession under a week. It was kind of expensive and I didn't think I was going to need it but it proved to be the best purchase I have made this year.