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This scooter is amazing! It definitely goes the distance it claims! I rode it for 60 miles yesterday and all went well :) I had it in the just chilling mode and hovered from 8-12 mph but it was a good time. Just be aware, it is quite heavy so be prepared! My family lifted it with ease but with it being more than a 1/3 of my weight, I struggle to lift it. Other than this, I’m content!


Work how its supposed to 👍🏼

VM Front Bag
Nawar Hajo
How impressive!!!

How wonderful of a scooter…. It is really solid built x and amazingly responsive…,, I would recommend that you apply threadlock gel to all bolts and screws to prevent loss…

tough thick tires

these tires are very tough & thick. I can see why I havn't gotten a flat yet.

Headlight works great

Thanks for replacing (free of charge) the damaged headlight that came with the scooter. Much appreciated!

Cable lock is easy to use and easy to carry on the scooter

The cable lock is very well coated in plastic so it doesn't scratch the scooter. I also coils up easily and fits very well into the VORO front fork accessory bag. It's a good value for the money and we know the scooter should be locked up whenever it's parked!

EMOVE RoadRunner
Patrick Conley
Very good service and great fun

I love my roadrunner does just as it says

1000W EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Motor (With Tire)


works on pre 2019 scooters

Very difficult to fit in the available space, it will take some expert cable management. 4 stars not 5 because of the high difficulty of fit.

Extend Shipping Protection Plan
Daniel Ballesteros
Charger is really nice to have

I cut my charging time in half thanks to this charger. Thank you for a motors. I will definitely buy another one


I like the twist throttle but there should be some way of modulating the speed. Its either full speed or nothing…

Great but…

I like the range and speed. I don’t need to go faster… I’m Not thrilled with the suspension. The front suspension is impossible to improve with aftermarket parts. This should be changed or options should be available from Voro. So far the electronics have been pretty good. I wish the throttle would modulate better. It seems like it has to be at full speed or nothing. It doesn’t know how to move really slow when I need it to. Other than that I’m pretty happy with it.


To be honest, I didn’t know I paid for the extend shipping protection until after I submitted my payment. Aside from that, my shipment arrived on time by a very nice young lady delivery driver that was understandably exhausted from all her previous deliveries I’m sure. It was very hot here in Reno that afternoon. She loaded it onto her dolly and helped her lower the dolly onto the street from the back of her truck and helped lift it off the dolly and onto my garage floor. Gave my thanks and a tip and she hopped in her truck and went on her way. That all. Very polite lady. Good service.

52V 5A VM Electric Scooter Fast Charger

Like a sports car

I recieved my Mantis today after a short 5 days from the day I ordered it. Wow this scooter is fast! Silky smooth ride over bumps and off curbs. I tried some hills and it cruised right up them. So far extremely happy. I'll be testing it on my comute in Seattle tomorrow.


I was told by Voro that these calipers do not include the brake pads, but the pads were included with my calipers. Nice touch.

So far great.

Got my scooter today. Took about 150 questions to pick the right one but the support team always right there to answer. When I received the scooter everything was perfect (down to one of the chargers being opened as if someone did their job and made sure it worked lol). Took about 30 minutes to set up (kept stopping to look at it lol). Now waiting to charge.

Stepdown controller

I would give it 5 stars but I'm not sure if it's a faulty controller or if something else is causing my electrical issues.

just got it.

I haven't really got into it yet, only rode it about ten miles so far.it was great for a big guy 285 lbs.tide up with work, but next week is vacation and boy it on can't wait.

An option that should be offered

The scooter itself is fine UPS could have some training on how not to treat a box the option that they ought to offer for this scooter is for a two a front motor upgrade which would give you two motors I live in a very hilly area and some of the roads are just a little bit too steep for it

Urban commuter

I've had my Emove Cruiser now for 2 weeks I have logged 100 miles with no issues at all
I use it to go to work it gets me through Las Vegas traffic very nicely awesome suspension great speed I go over two big hills and it clears them without a problem it's the perfect upgrade from a hardboard scooter I would highly recommend it to those who have five plus miles to go to work it's awesome smooth ride I can't say enough good things it came pretty much assembled it took me about 15 minutes to set up when I first got on it after I charged it I was surprised it's a great American product and in these times when gas is so expensive I know when I go through traffic people are looking at me checking out the scooter again I would highly recommend this scooter to those who are serious about Urban commuting I no longer feel trapped it lets me flow with traffic great product guys good job

VM 31" Handle Bars
Richard Souza
nice product ...but?

wish it came bundled with the required bracket to install it.

Great, but needs some cable management upgrades

I wanted to save the review for 100 or so miles, but I only made it to 70 miles before it something got damaged. Mostly to user error though.

- I got this for my 22 mile (round trip) commute to work, the battery held up really well.
- I do switch between gears depending on the area for safety and battery preservation.
- The suspension feels really good.

Things to keep in mind when ordering:

- The cable running into the motor is fairly exposed. I managed to damage the wire at the point it enters the motor bolt, it went right through the metal coil and insulation of the cable. One of the wires ended up severed and a bunch of insulation is missing on the lower wires.
Since it was an accident while riding there's no warranty, and at $300 even when they're back in stock it might be some time before I can before I can replace it.
In the meantime, I'm going to try and DIY the repair with some liquid tape and solder seal splicers.

- Check your brake lines where they run through the body, a bunch of the outer insulation has been rubbed through or split where it meets the frame.