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Welcome to VORO Help Center! Find out more about the electric scooters, electric scooter accessories and parts that we sell and how to use them. We have general FAQ's as well as FAQ's and how-to's (with video tutorials!) that are specific for each of our e-scooter models.

About Electric Scooters

Check out our Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Electric Scooters to learn more about how scooters work, what maintenance you should expect, and more. Here's some common FAQs about e-scooter safety.

We carry new electric scooters and certified refurbished electric scooters from EMOVEDualtron (Minimotors) and Kaabo.You can order, pre-order or add yourself to the waitlist for any of our electric scooters by selecting the option on the scooter's page.

We share updates on the stock status on the scooter's page, if any are not in stock, and also provide details about how many units we have in our Los Angeles vs. Brooklyn stores. In general, we ship models out of our Los Angeles, CA, location and have limited quantity at Brooklyn (for space constraints).

Shop scooters one by one or compare some of our popular electric scooters on this page.

We carry electric scooters for adults but do not carry any electric scooters for kids (yet). However, some of our models are very kid-friendly.

Keep in mind these are not the electric scooters from the shared market that you'll find on the corner in major cities around the world. These are strong performing scooters that have many more features than what you can rent or purchase on Amazon.

No, no electric scooter currently on the market is completely waterproof, but many carry ingress protection (IP) ratings that categorize products by how protected they are from water damage and debris. An IP rating, however, is not the only indicator of weatherproofing or quality, as many electric scooters do not have an IP rating but can withstand some wet riding.

We never advise riding in the rain, but expect our electric scooters to survive some water if properly cared for and maintained before and after riding.

Yes, electric scooters are safe, but lack of knowledge, improper use, unforseen malfunctions, and accidents can make them appear more dangerous than they are to the general public.

Keep in mind, our electric scooters are rated and designed for single-person riding. You should take proper safety precautions, including learning how to start/stop/turn and use the features of the scooter and wearing appropriate safety gear. You should also only ride when you are fully alert (not mentally exhausted or intoxicated).

You should also know whether electric scooters are legal to drive on public roadways in your region, and what restrictions may apply (speed limit, bike lane, helmet, age, etc.) as part of your scooter research.

Like cars and bicycles, electric scooters require regular maintenance and technical understanding, and it's important to get familar with what your scooter's capabilities are and how best to ride before setting out on public roads.

Electric scooters are legal in many countries around the world, but not everywhere.

Most regions apply similar regulations and restrictions for scooter riders that they've used for bicycle riders, and some require that riders do more than others, like carry a driver's license, wear a helmet, or even have insurance.

Here's 5 important things to consider before buying an electric scooter.

FAQ's by Scooter Model

Scooter tutorials on how to set-up the scooter, performance basic maintenance, and add accessories and upgrades.




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