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February 13, 2023 6 min read

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Exclusive Launch: It's Like a Mini Electric Motorcycle, But So Much Better

Finding the perfect portable-yet-comfortable personal electric vehicle (PEV) that you actually want to ride every day isn’t an easy task – until now. Enter the  EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter designed and manufactured by VoroMotors with features based on feedback from real scooter riders. 

Improving on an award-winning fan favorite, the RoadRunner Pro is a strong contender against e-bikes from brands like Surron and Onyx – which are nearly double its price and a third larger in size. 

Although the RoadRunner Pro isn’t as compact as stand-up electric scooters and is over double the RoadRunner’s weight, it’s built for riding long-range daily. Its large, plush saddle and seated riding position mean hitting 50 mph top speed feels more secure and stable than on e-scooters with smaller tires and profiles. 

With a removable battery that you can swap on the go, you can get nearly 100 miles of range on a single charge.  Keep reading to find out why the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is going to be your favorite scooter of 2023, and how it compares to the OG EMOVE RoadRunner seated electric scooter. 

What Is the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, and When Can It Be Mine?

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter is the latest evolution of the EMOVE RoadRunner, a model that’s been awarded “Best Seated Scooter” based on surveys from PEV riders around the world (Sources:  Electric Scooter Guide and  Electric Scooter Insider). 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter with man in helmet seated, full view

EMOVE RoadRunner seated electric scooter is the next best thing.

Having thrived on the market for the past couple of years with one cycle of improvement already, we’ve collected critical feedback from RoadRunner owners, and applied it to the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro’s more robust, customized design. 

Pre-order the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro scooter now to find out when it’ll arrive at your doorstep. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: Improving Comfort Features

One of the biggest complaints about the RoadRunner has been its rear end, with owners calling out the seat and lack of rear suspension as the culprits behind their unexpected brain massage. In response, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro’s memory foam seat is six inches longer and one inch thicker. 

VoroMotors didn’t stop with the seat, adding motorcycle-grade spring suspension on the rear and dual crown hydraulic suspension on the front. These additions drastically improve ride quality and reduce the need to reposition your bum as frequently. Combined with high-performance 2-piston hydraulic brakes, braking requires less effort and responds immediately. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro electric scooter, man seated on scooter, cropped top off

The large pneumatic tires and hydraulic dual disc brakes are excellent for city driving. 

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro scooter's large air-filled tires add to its comfortable ride, as they help cushion against cracked pavement and other small ruts in the road. With a 14” diameter and 2.75” width, the tubeless pneumatic tires are a quarter-inch wider than the RoadRunner’s tubed tires on a solid rim, which are more difficult to change when you get a flat. 

Instead of sourcing a solid rim for this new model, we literally reinvented the wheel. Designed and manufactured in-house, the RoadRunner Pro's 14" split rim wheels are made for tubeless tires, so you never have to replace an inner tube again. The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is the first and only electric scooter in the world with these custom split rim wheels  – which offer great road feel and much easier tire maintenance than other scooters with tubeless tires. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: Amping Up Performance

We’re not playing, but you easily can at this price.  With dual 2000W motors, many similar electric scooters and e-bikes are nearly double the cost of the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, including older models. 

The larger plug-and-play motors and 45A controllers are more powerful, with improved sine wave technology offering smoother, more efficient performance. Along with more than doubling the RoadRunner’s motor power, the RoadRunner Pro has 30% higher battery capacity (RoadRunner: 1248Wh, RoadRunner Pro: 1800Wh). 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro electric scooter, showing cropped closer to seat, battery

The removable 60V battery has an easy-to-access charging port and lock to secure it in place. 

Retaining the removable battery design from the original, you can purchase a spare 60V 30Ah LG battery to double the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro's range from 50 miles to 100 miles. It’s not a lightweight exchange, though, as the standalone battery weighs in at a substantial 21 lbs – making it more convenient to keep a spare at your destination than in your backpack. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: Developing an Everyday Commuter

The RoadRunner is favored by many everyday riders as the best electric scooter for deliveries because  it’s a workhorse – like a standout 50 mph miniature horse that can fit alongside your car in the garage. It’s compact enough to roll onto an elevator and goes fast enough to contend with urban traffic, but is far more comfortable than most electric scooters because it's built to ride sitting down. 

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter is bigger and better with numerous upgrades that make an impact on the overall experience, making this the vehicle you’ll crave to ride every day. 

EMOVE RoadRunner vs. EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: What’s the Difference?

With ample feedback from our scooter-loving community, VoroMotors developed the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, elevating it further with more advanced features and custom-build components. 

Motorcycle-Grade Cockpit

Replacing the monochromatic, small display from the RoadRunner was a high priority, as riders are often annoyed that they have to re-enter settings every time they power off.  The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is the first electric scooter in the world featuring the all-new VoroMotors 3.5” TFT display. 

The VoroMotors TFT display is a smart, full-color dashboard that’s your control center for general settings for clock and cruise control, as well as other performance or p-settings.  Designed in-house by VoroMotors, the new TFT features five speed modes with a unique speedometer that shows you which mode you're driving in.

The thumb throttle, which has some initial acceleration delay, was upgraded to a twist grip throttle (cable-operated), lending the driver smooth, easy-to-operate control over speed. The twist throttle on the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is the full width of the handle rather than a partial twist, so you use your whole hand instead of a few fingers to change pace. 

Paired with a solid handlebar design (non-folding), the stem adapter includes height rings that you can add or remove, to set the handlebars slightly higher or lower. Along with its large, super bright headlight, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro has a stellar cockpit that looks and feels a lot like a motorcycle’s.  

Bigger Battery, Bigger Motors

Many RoadRunner owners asked for more power, and we more than doubled down. The OG has a 350W front motor and 500W rear motor, and the Pro has dual 2000W motors for up to 4000W max power output.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter beauty shot

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is a fast electric scooter with a top speed of 51 mph. 

How does that affect top speed? The RoadRunner Pro is over 15 mph faster than the RoadRunner, and only 12 miles slower than one of the fastest, most-respected scooters on the planet, the Kaabo Wolf King GT

Upgrading from 48V to 60V, the standalone battery in the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is six pounds heavier, making it a fairly uncomfortable weight to carry on your back. The larger capacity is needed to power the heavier 114-pound build for up to 50 miles of range. 

Top-Shelf Customized Components

When you see the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro in person, it's easy to recognize that this new electric scooter is unlike anything else in the market, with quality components for long-lasting durability. 

From the braid-wrapped electrical cables and moto-style headlight to the split rim wheels and futuristic U-shaped taillight, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro hits hard and hits right. Combining commuting and convenience features in a distinct motorbike design, this new electric scooter is an evolution that you’ll really love to drive. 

Here’s a table showcasing how the original RoadRunner scooter and RoadRunner Pro scooter compare.

EMOVE RoadRunner vs. EMOVE RoadRunner Pro


EMOVE RoadRunner

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro


1-color LCD 

4-color TFT 


Xtasy Folding Handlebars

31” Handlebars (non-folding)



Grip  Twist


Front: 350W

Rear: 500W

Front: 2000W

Rear: 2000W


48V 26.1 Ah Dynavolt
(15 lbs / 6.8 kg)

60V 30 Ah LG
(21 lbs / 9.4 kg)


(Front) 15A Square Wave 

(Rear)  20A Square Wave

(Dual) 45A Sine Wave


14” x 2.5” Inner Tube

14” x 2.75” Tubeless 



2-piston Hydraulic


Front: ABS Spring

Rear: None

Front: Dual Crown Hydraulic

Rear: Dual Spring


Small Headlight

Moto Headlight

(L x W x H)

50” x 25” x 38"

56.7" x 30.7" x 43.3"

Seat Dimensions
(L x W x H)

14” x 8” x 2.5”

20” x 7.9” x 3.5”

Item Weight

55 lbs / 30 kg

114.4 lbs / 51.9 kg

Cable Management

Nylon Wrap

Braided Heavy-Duty Wrap

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter: Pre-Order Today

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter is currently in production. It is available for preorder now, and is slated to ship from our headquarters to customers around the world by late March 2023. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter, shot from rear at sunset, limited view

It’s the newest next-best thing, and you can only get it at VoroMotors. Shop the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter online now.

Trina McManus
Trina McManus

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