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April 12, 2023 6 min read

Voro Motors Opens Full-Service Electric Scooter Store in Australia Offering Free Shipping, 24/7 Support, and So Much More

Supporting a diverse network of riders around the world, Voro Motors opens its first international full-service electric scooter store in Australia in Chipping Norton, New South Wales.  Visit the showroom to get your new electric scooter today.

Now Open for Walk-Ins, Test Rides and Repairs at our New Electric Scooter Store in Australia

Chipping Norton Lake, Chipping Norton, New South Wales, Australia

Chipping Norton Lake in Chipping Norton, New South Wales, Australia, is a less than 10-minute scooter ride from our new location

Voro Motors Australia Address, Phone Number and Hours

Nestled in the sunny suburbs of Sydney, the Voro Motors electric scooter store in Australia is located at Unit 39/8-10 Barry Road, Chipping Norton, NSW 2170, AUS

We’re open for business on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM AEST. Give us a call at our Chipping Norton phone number 02 9724 7491. 

Most importantly, if you live in Australia rather than in the United States or anywhere else around the world, you should shop on this website:

How to Book a Test Ride Appointment

Checking out and test riding electric scooters is the best way to find a suitable fit. 

Although we welcome walk-ins during business hours, you can book an appointment online to test ride any of our available scooters at our new electric scooter shop in Australia. 

Using our online booking system, select the scooter(s) you want to try and a time slot that works best for you. If you love it, our team will help you purchase your own and get it ready to ride. 

Book a test ride at Chipping Norton now.

Visit our Electric Scooter Repair Shop in New South Wales

Sydney, Australia, skyline with skyscrapers and waterfront

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales (NSW), is a little over 35 km from Chipping Norton

If you own an electric scooter and need help with maintenance, the experienced technicians in our electric scooter shop in Australia can help you diagnose and perform repairs. 

We provide replacement parts from trusted manufacturers to ensure your scooter’s performance and quality. Not only can we guide you through routine maintenance, we can handle it if you don’t have the equipment or time.

Check out our scooter servicing prices and options. 

Where to Buy Electric Scooters in Australia

Offering Free Shipping Across the Country

If you’re looking for a place to buy electric scooters and live anywhere in Australia, we’ll ship them to you for free. 

For residents in NSW, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), or Queensland, shipping will take approximately two to three business days. If you live in South Australia (SA) or Tasmania, shipping takes four to six business days.If you’re located in Northern Territory (NT) or Western Australia (WT), shipping will take six to seven business days. 

Keep in mind that some circumstances, like availability of transport and extreme weather conditions, may increase shipping time. 

Here’s more on our shipping policy.

Understanding Our Warranty and Exchanges Policy

When you buy an EMOVE, Kaabo or Dualtron scooter from our electric scooter store in Australia, it’s backed by a limited one-year warranty. Although we don’t expect anything to go wrong, our warranty provides exceptional benefits for the first year of ownership. 

The VORO warranty covers replacement of key components of the electric scooter during the coverage period, including the motor(s), battery, motor controller(s), scooter display, throttle, and voltmeter (if applicable). 

If you make a warranty claim, we’ll assess the problem and determine whether it was caused by negligence or improper use, like exposure to water, or if the scooter is malfunctioning. 

If mechanical failure is found, we’ll coordinate scooter repairs, including shipping the scooter back to our warehouse or sending replacement scooter parts to you. 

Read through restrictions in our warranty policy.

When you receive your electric scooter, there are some circumstances that might warrant a return or exchange, like if the unit that you receive arrives damaged. For unopened and opened products, we’ll offer 80% to 85% refund on validated returns, and will accept exchanges as well. 

Find out more about what qualifies a scooter for return or exchange. 

Providing Long-Term Customer Support

As soon as you own an electric scooter from Voro Motors, you’ll gain access to a helpful and informed customer support team that you can reach by phone, email, or 24/7 web chat.

Before, during and after purchase, our team is available to answer questions about our products, demonstrate how to use them, and help you find resources that make it easier to help yourself. 

We’ve supported thousands of e-scooter riders over the years, providing servicing, parts, and guidance so you can maintain your scooter for years to come.  

Help Yourself Using Our Scooter Tutorial Video Library

If you’re not familiar with repairing an electric scooter, you can access our free and expansive video library of scooter tutorials on YouTube. There aren’t many other scooter sellers in Australia or anywhere in the world that provide this important service for their customers. 

You can subscribe to our channel to get updates whenever we publish new content. Also, you can check out collections of videos specific to each model in our playlists.  

Browse our scooter tutorial library on YouTube.

Introduction to the Scooter Community

Exploring the great outdoors on an electric scooter is even more fun when you invite others to join you. 

Poteet family with EMOVE RoadRunner and EMOVE Cruiser with seat

Many electric scooter owners ride with friends and family and connect with fellow scooter riders online

When you purchase an electric scooter from Voro Motors, we invite you to join the many online scooter communities that we help foster, including a few Facebook groups.

Connecting with fellow scooter owners is a great way to troubleshoot model-specific issues that you encounter, get practical advice on how to ride safely, and find local group rides in your neighborhood. 

Check out our Facebook group, VoroMotors Owners Club, to see what the discussion is like. 

Best Electric Scooters in Australia from Voro Motors

Shop Scooters By Category: Beginner, Commuter, Luxury Commuter, and Expert

We stock some of the best electric scooters you can buy online and in store.  Not only do we stock awesome products, but we'll also provide guidance on which models are best suited for riders from all skill levels. 

We categorize our scooters as beginner, commuter, luxury commuter, and expert.  This way, we pair the scooter’s features and abilities with the rider’s needs and abilities.

Expert Rider in the canyon roads

More advanced adult electric scooters require experience and practice to ride safely at any speed

Beginner scooters, like the EMOVE Touring, are super easy to operate, fairly portable, and with performance that won’t scare you away. Commuter scooters  and luxury commuter scooters have faster, longer range performance with more advanced and sophisticated features for everyday scooter riders. 

At the highest level,  expert scooters have top-shelf features–like sine wave controllers, tubeless tires and fully hydraulic brakes–and pavement-rocking performance. That includes some of the fastest electric scooters that you can purchase from a reputable seller. 

Check out our ultimate beginner’s guide for a better idea of the categories. 

Shop Scooters By Brand: EMOVE, Kaabo, Dualtron, and Fiido

At the Voro Motors electric scooter store in Australia, we sell a wide range of stand-up and seated electric scooters from EMOVE,  Kaabo,  Dualtron, and  Fiido

EMOVE Cruiser with rider sitting on deck

EMOVE Cruiser S electric scooter is an award-winning, popular commuter with over 50 miles of range

Unlike other scooter sellers, we have direct communication with and control over our EMOVE scooter brand. For this reason, the EMOVE Cruiser and EMOVE RoadRunner are two of our best-selling models, and we frequently update components based on rider feedback. 

Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter with man in helmet riding

Wolf King GT electric scooter is a powerhouse with high-tech features and high-speed performance

Known across the planet as the baddest scooters to hit the streets, we carry a few high-performance, high-tech models from Kaabo, including the Wolf King GT and Mantis King GT. If you want ultimate power and high speed, these are excellently fast electric scooters that are also well constructed. 

Dualtron Storm Limited electric scooter with man standing, one foot on deck

Dualtron Storm Limited electric scooter has ridiculous acceleration and a stellar construction to ride smoothly at high speeds

Dualtron electric scooters developed by Minimotors are also world-recognized as some of the fastest scooters you can buy today. The Dualtron Storm and Dualtron Thunder lead the pack as the most popular picks from this brand. Their newer counterparts, the Storm Limited and Thunder 2 electric scooters, have even more sophisticated features.The beefiest, brawniest electric scooter we sell is the Dualtron X Limited, which packs so much power it needs two batteries.  

If you’re looking for a fun jaunt around town, the Fiido seated electric scooter is the perfect companion. You can ride in a comfortable position, have tons of built-in storage space, and the twist throttle is easy to use. 

Shop our entire electric scooter collection.

Schedule a VORO Virtual Tour for a Hands-On Comparison from Home

If you live in Australia but aren’t close to our new store, you can get a hands-on look at our electric scooters with VORO Virtual Tour. 

Customer Support representative at computer screen

We provide excellent customer support with options to receive help by email, phone, and video call

In a 30-minute video call with a VORO team member, you can ask questions and get a closer look at the features and parts of the electric scooters that you’re most interested in buying. It’s the best way to experience the scooter without being in the room with it. 

Schedule a VORO Virtual Tour now.

Visit the Chipping Norton location now open Monday through Friday, 10 AM AEST to 5 PM AEST. 

For all of our Australian shoppers, please visit us here:

Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee

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