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April 20, 2023 5 min read

How to Use the New EY4 Display for Dualtron Electric Scooters

Want a quick glance of your riding performance? With the new user-friendly EY4 display, it provides real-time data on important metrics such as speed, battery level, distance traveled and more! Find out all about this new electric scooter display in this article. 

The Dualtron X Limited electric scooter is the first model released with the all-new, full color EY4 display designed by Minimotors. The larger 4” x 2” LCD is centered on the scooter, much easier to read, and includes security and commuting features. 

Minimotors EY4 Display Basic Settings

Here are the basic functions and how to access the main menu of the EY4 display. Use the Power, Set and Mode buttons below the screen to make all adjustments. 

  1. To power the display on or off, long press the Power button. 
  2. When the display is powered on, press the Power button to switch between speed gears (1-low, 5-high; top center of display). 
  3. Press the Set button to switch between the battery percentage or battery voltage (bottom left of display).  
  4. Long-press the Set button to enable or disable Eco mode. 
  5. Press the Mode button to toggle between the time clock or odometer (to the right of the speedometer). 
  6. Long-press the Mode button to enter the performance settings or P-settings menu.
Learn how to adjust Minimotors EY4 display settings using Power, Set and Mode buttons. Control speed gears, battery, time/odometer & P-settings.

EY4 Display On-Screen Indicators and Features

In this table, you’ll find the symbols that display on the EY4 LCD to indicate when features are enabled. Some of the features that you should know how to use are cruise mode (or cruise control), safe mode, kick start mode, and password lock. 

Table of EY4 Display on-screen symbols for cruise mode, safe mode, kick start mode & password lock indicators.

Riding Modes

Just like with a car, cruise mode allows you to hold a steady speed without having to hold the throttle in place. When enabled, it will automatically turn on after the rider has held a fixed speed for 9 seconds. To exit cruise mode, squeeze the brake levers or throttle.  

Safe mode is a safety feature that disables the throttle when the scooter is stationary. This prevents you from having an accident when you’re standing with the scooter but don’t want to drive it. Safe mode automatically engages after 30 seconds. Disable safe mode by squeezing the brake levers. 

Kick start mode prevents the throttle from engaging immediately when pulled. When enabled, the rider must kick-push the scooter to around 1.5 mph before the throttle will power the motors forward. This safety feature is great for beginners when getting adjusted to how the scooter takes off, and makes initial acceleration a little more friendly. 

Secure your scooter with EY4 Display's password lock feature. Enter a 4-digit code to prevent unauthorized access & potential theft.

Security Settings

Like other smart displays, you can set a password lock to prevent anyone else from powering on your scooter without first entering a 4-digit code. Along with using a U-lock or other theft prevention methods, the password lock will keep thieves from powering on and riding away on your scooter. Keep in mind that if the password is set, you will need to enter the code every time you power on the scooter. 

To set a new password, you’ll need to enter the P-settings, and go to P8. Enter the default passcode (0000) when the screen displays “1” and press the Power button to confirm. To toggle through the 4 digits in the code, use Set to change the value and Mode to shift to the next digit. When the display shows “2” you can enter the new password and press Power to confirm. The display will show “3” and you will need to re-enter the password and press Power one last time to set it as your new code.  

You can enable, disable and adjust all of the scooter’s settings in the P-setting menu. 

How to Access and Change P-Settings

To truly customize your electric scooter experience, you’ll need to get familiar with and access the P-settings or performance settings. 

The EY4 display has 18 p-settings. With the display powered on, long press the Mode button to enter or exit the p-setting menu. Once in the p-setting menu, press the Mode button to toggle through all p-settings. 

When the LCD displays the p-setting that you want to adjust, use the Set button to select between the available options. Please note that it will only cycle up, so for settings with many options (like P06) it will take some time to cycle through.


EY4 P-Settings and Functions 





Kick start

Default: Off
Options: On/Off
On-screen indicator: PAS symbol


Acceleration power

Default: 0
Options: 0 (fastest) to 5 (slowest) 


Electronic braking

Default: 0
Options: 0 (weak) to 5 (strong)


Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

Default: Off
Options: On/Off
On-screen indicator: ABS symbol


Battery saving

Default: 3
Options: 1 (high saving) to 3 (no saving)


Max power output

Default: 100
Options: 5% (low) to 100% (full)


Password lock

Default: Off
Options: On/Off
On-screen indicator: Lock symbol


Password setting

Default: Off
Options: 4-digit code


Safe mode

Default: 10
Options: 10 seconds to 300 seconds
On-screen indicator: SAFE symbol


Cruise mode

Default: Off
Options: On/Off
On-screen indicator: Cruise symbol


BMS cut-off

Default: Off
Options: On/Off
Scooter auto-switches to eco mode under 20% battery capacity


Display timer (auto-shut off)

Default: 30
Options: 0 seconds to 30 seconds


Display brightness

Default: 5
Options: 1 (dim) to 5 (brightest)


Time clock

Default: XX-XX
(Military time)


Speedometer units

Default: 0
Options: 0 (km/h) or 1 (mph)


Tire diameter

Default: (tire size in inches)
Options: Do not change unless incorrect; must match the scooter’s tire size or will result in problems. 


Battery voltage

Default: (battery voltage)
Options: Do not change unless incorrect; must match the scooter’s battery’s voltage or will result in problems.


Speed magnets

Default: 15
Options: Do not change this value


Other helpful on-screen symbols on the EY4 display include remaining mileage (or range), headlight indicator, turn signal indicators, odometer, and Bluetooth. 

If your scooter is malfunctioning, the EY4 display will often indicate what is causing the issue with error codes. 

EY4 Display Error Codes

There are four major errors: motor fault, controller fault, display/throttle fault, and high controller temperature. When the scooter recognizes any of these problems, it will display the associated icon.

Learn about the four EY4 Display error codes: motor fault, controller fault, display/throttle fault, and high controller temperature.

The most common is display/throttle fault, which can sometimes be remedied by checking and securing wiring around the cockpit. High controller temperature is also fairly common, and can fix itself once you stop using the scooter and let it cool down completely. 

As a scooter service provider, we do not recommend attempting to fix or diagnose issues with your electric scooter if you do not have any experience, as it can result in harm and/or void the warranty.  

Here's the user manual for the Dualtron X Limited electric scooter and the EY4 LCD user manual for all the specific instructions and details. 

We hope this guide on how to use the EY4 display was helpful. This display will replace the EY3 finger trigger display in future Dualtron models. 

If you’d like to see the display in action, check it out on the Dualtron X Limited.

Trina McManus
Trina McManus

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