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January 10, 2023 7 min read

VoroMotors Opens its Third Electric Scooter Store in Kapolei, HI with Free Shipping to the Islands

VoroMotors Founder Melvin Lian speaking with Mike Monis from Living808 (KHON2)

We’re expanding our operations to a new locale in the United States, and selected the perfect destination for year-round electric scooter riding: Oahu, Hawaii. Find out what makes Kapolei the ideal place to open a full-service scooter repair shop, what services we’ll be offering, and which electric scooters you’ll want to check out in person. 

Want to see what it’s like before you head over? Hear directly from Melvin in our  Living808 segment and check out this video a blogger shared of his recent visit to the Kapolei location.

Now Open for Test Rides, Walk-Ins and Repairs in Kapolei

Best Electric Scooters in Hawaii

We found our home in paradise on the leeward side of the island at  1030 Opule St, #3 in Kapolei, Hawaii (Oahu). We’re located in an industrial business park about 17 miles from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (20-minute car ride without traffic), and about 4 miles from Aulani Disney Resort & Spa. 

Melvin Lian, our founder, officially opened the showroom and service center on Monday, December 2nd. You can stop by seven days a week, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM HST, and we welcome walk-ins and appointments for rides and servicing.

If you’re interested in scheduling a test ride at the Kapolei location, you can book a day/time  here or give us a ring at 808-400-8883. You can also speak with a customer support team member via our  24/7 live chat or email us for more information at

Men standing next to and sitting on electric scooters outside VoroMotors Kapolei store
A Hawaii PEV riding group made a visit to our new VoroMotors Kapolei store

Along with a simple showroom, we will be offering parts, accessories and repairs. Our friendly team is happy to help you select a model that suits your lifestyle if you’re new to scooters as everyday transportation. We also have experienced technicians to suggest and perform repairs.  

Like motor vehicles, electric scooters require regular maintenance. If you do not feel equipped to perform fixes on your scooter and would prefer a professional handle it, our on-site service center provides repairs and upgrades for the many electric scooters that we offer. 

With a few exceptions, we’ll have all of our  EMOVE,  Kaabo  and  Dualtron  electric scooters available for test ride and on-site sales; please visit us to see what you can ride away with today. 

Why Is Voro Motors Opening Its Third Location in Hawaii? 

Island Life is Prime for PEV Riding Year-Round

With a warm, tropical climate featuring  sunny days nearly 75% of the year, Kapolei is the perfect place to open our third store.  With many smaller residences, high-rise apartments, and tourist attractions, space for both people and vehicles is limited – which is why personal electric vehicles (PEV) are well-designed for island living. 

Jackie Poteet real VoroMotors customer riding her EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter through Oahu, HI

This VoroMotors customer and her husband own multiple electric scooters and love exploring together

Adult electric scooters, like the  EMOVE Cruiser and  Kaabo Mantis King GT, take up less than half the space required for an e-bike and far less space than needed for a car. They fold down for easier transport and storage yet boast over 50 miles of range on a single charge. 

Not only are they convenient for going long distances, the State of Hawaii recently made electric scooters legal to ride “on roadways, bikeways, bicycle paths, and sidewalks” as a way to provide more alternative forms of transportation (HB-147). 

Incidentally, East Kapolei, not far from our store, is the location of the first stop in the railway system in development. With a 2031 launch date for the  Honolulu Rail Transit and limited public transportation options, electric scooters are an affordable, efficient and emission-free answer for short or long trips across the island.  

E-Scooters Help Alleviate Traffic and Limited Parking 

Affectionately known as the gathering place, Oahu is the most densely populated Hawaiian island, and is a thriving home to local residents and frequent visitors from around the world – resulting in constant, energy-draining traffic.

In fact,  Hawaii was named the worst state to drive in due to its heavy congestion, lack of auto repair shops, and high gas prices.  You can avoid the grind and enjoy the ride at over 50 mph on some of our  luxury commuter and  expert electric scooters.

Cars sitting in traffic, bumper to bumper, looking straight down dividing line

Avoid getting stuck in gridlock traffic for hours by riding an electric scooter

A huge advantage in a busy city like Honolulu is that electric scooters are small enough to be rolled and stored indoors wherever you go, so you don’t have to waste time searching for parking.

If you are a delivery driver for UberEats, DoorDash or a similar gig-based platform, just imagine how much faster your trip time could be. When you arrive at your destinations, you can usually drive up to (and inside), shaving off time looking for parking outside busy restaurants and hotels.

BTW, most trips made in a car are between  7 and 15 miles on average. Oahu measures 44 miles long and 30 miles wide with only four major freeways to connect the entire island, so using alternate transportation like an electric scooter will likely save you time, money and stress. 

Now Offering Free Shipping to Hawaii and Providing a Local Scooter Repair Center

If you live in Hawaii you know: free shipping in the United States always means continental. Not at VoroMotors! In an effort to better serve our loyal and growing family of scooter riders in Hawaii, we’ve chosen a location that’s large enough to accommodate operations to ship interisland. 

VoroMotors technician performing the first quality check in the Kapolei location on an EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter, scooter is propped on table with Micah behind

Team member Micah performs our first quality check in Hawaii on an EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter

Although that may not appear to be a huge advantage for folks from the mainland, free shipping to Hawaii is a huge benefit in a state where anything that isn’t grown or caught locally must be imported across the ocean.

For example, one of our favorite  #RealVORORiders from Kapaa, HI has spent over $20,000 in the past two years purchasing scooters and parts that ship from our Los Angeles headquarters. A large portion of that expense is freight cost. For one of his scooters, shipping was nearly 7% of the total cost. 

Electric Scooter Service Center in Hawaii

Also in short supply in Hawaii are PEV repair shops with technical experts that have experience working on high-performance electric scooters.

Although e-bikes, EUCs and e-skateboards have similar configurations, if technicians have not worked on that model or brand before they may need time to figure it out or be flummoxed by what they find.

Bringing scooters, replacement parts and experienced service staff to Kapolei will lighten the financial load carried by our Hawaiian customers, and provide them with a full-service electric scooter shop in Oahu. 

Fostering Family-Focused Culture and Growing the Scooter Community 

Two of the reasons we were so eager to open a shop in Hawaii are its diverse family-focused culture and PEV-friendly community. Like our founder’s home in Singapore, the weather feels like summer most of the year, encouraging everyone to escape outdoors. 

Two images: left image of technician with customer showing how to adjust the settings, right image is of customer and Melvin Lian the company's founder with the customer's new Kaabo Mantis King GT electric scooter

Happy customers getting introduced to their new electric scooters with Micah (left) and Melvin (right)

As multigenerational households are very common in Hawaii, storage and living space are limited and personal transportation devices are often shared. 

Although it’s recommended to ride electric scooters solo (and illegal to ride tandem), you can each ride your own scooter and enjoy getting to your destination together. Many families have attached bike trailers to the back of their electric scooter to tow littler siblings and furry friends along for the ride.

When it comes to storage, you can fit a whole fleet of scooters in the space you can park one vehicle, which is a huge advantage for apartment-style living. You can also store your scooter inside your home without taking up too much space, if you do not have a garage. 

Electric Scooter Community in Hawaii

One of our favorite parts about electric scooters is the culture, and there's a thriving Hawaiian electric scooter community in the islands already. It's welcoming, adventurous and growing.

Riders from around the world share their experiences and find group rides in online communities, like Facebook Groups. Not only are they excellent for finding fellow scooter riders near you, they’re a collaborative forum to learn more about how to ride and care for a scooter and incorporate it into your daily life.

Here’s our Facebook group inviting the Hawaiian electric scooter community to our Kapolei location:  Electric Scooter Ohana. Please join the group to see what everyone’s posting about.

Why Should You Buy Electric Scooters from VoroMotors? 

There are limited options for experienced retailers available in Hawaii. VoroMotors is a trusted electric scooter retailer and distributor of some of the most exciting electric scooters available today.

Not only do we have a wide collection of electric scooters from EMOVE, Kaabo and Dualtron (Minimotors) for a range of abilities, but we also have the knowledge and experience to support both our customers and their scooters long-term. 

Check out  Electric Scooter Guide’s article and  Vrooomin's article about our brand and reputation, and why buying from VoroMotors is a smart long-term investment. 

Hawaii Electric Scooters

Shop all electric scooters now online or in-person at our store in Kapolei, HI. Stateside, we also have two locations: our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, and a store in Brooklyn, NY.

Hawaii Electric Scooters

FAQs about Kapolei

What are VORO Hawaii’s location and operating hours? 

VORO Hawaii is located at 1030 Opule St, #3, Kapolei, HI, 96707. Our phone number is 808-400-8883. We are open daily from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM HST. 

Which models are available to test ride at VORO Hawaii? 

At the Kapolei location, you can test ride the Fiido Q1, Fiido Q1S, EMOVE Touring, EMOVE Cruiser, EMOVE RoadRunner, Kaabo Mantis King GT, Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT, Kaabo Wolf King GT, Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Thunder 2, Dualtron Storm, and Dualtron Storm Limited while supplies last.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No, you do not have to make an appointment. Our showroom and service center are open for walk-ins, but you can  book a test ride online or call ahead about scooter servicing. Please note that you will be provided a timeframe for repairs upon assessment but will likely not receive same-day turnaround.  

What do I need to know about riding an electric scooter legally in Hawaii?

Under  HB-147, all riders must be at least 15 years of age, must have reflectors and a headlight if riding in the dark, and cannot carry anything on board that would restrict their ability to keep two hands on the handlebars. You are required to drive reasonably whether on a rented or owned scooter. Please read the bill carefully to understand Hawaii scooter laws. 

Trina McManus
Trina McManus

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