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Electric Scooters

Adult electric scooters from VoroMotors are an eco-friendly form transportation. Our scooters are built to last and fun to ride. We stock compact portable and foldable scooters for riders that need portability — but that’s not what we do best. VoroMotors carries dual motor scooters that can truly replace your car. Shop the best electric scooters from EMOVE, Kaabo and Dualtron with VoroMotors, and you’ll enjoy the ride.   

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters for Adults from VoroMotors

Off Road Electric Scooter from VoroMotors

With off road electric scooters from well-known scooter brands Kaabo and Dualtron, you can drive the unbeaten path with ease. Why pick an off road scooter over a mountain e-bike? With dual motors to power the scooter instead of you, hitting the trail doesn’t have to mean breaking a leg (although we know that happens sometimes).
Shop VoroMotors off road electric scooter collection.

Electric Scooter with a Seat from VoroMotors

If you plan to ride long distances, an electric scooter with a seat may be the best option for you. Seated electric scooters come in two styles: with the seat built into the frame or with the seat as an optional attachment. VoroMotors stocks electric scooters with seats, including the EMOVE RoadRunner and EMOVE Cruiser.
Shop VoroMotors electric scooter with a seat collection.

Refurbished Electric Scooter from VoroMotors

Discount scooters are usually cheap and don’t last. Instead of sacrificing quality, buy certified refurbished to get awesome electric scooters for less. We refurbish EMOVE, Kaabo and Dualtron electric scooters for adults, and transfer the savings of second ownership to you.
Shop VoroMotors certified refurbished electric scooter collection.

Electric Scooter Parts and Accessories

Adult electric scooters require maintenance. VoroMotors stocks a wide selection of replacement scooter parts and scooter accessories (organized by brand and model). We also provide step-by-step video tutorials for common repairs, so you can keep your electric scooter running yourself.
Shop VoroMotors electric scooter parts and accessories.

Electric Scooter Repair Shop Locations

Need repairs? Electric scooter maintenance can be difficult to understand. If you’d prefer to let professional electric scooter technicians handle your scooter repairs, check out whatservices we offer and contact our servicing department. If you’re located in the United States, we have three brick-and-mortar locations with full-service repair centers.
Check out VoroMotors electric scooter showroom and repair shop locations.