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    NEW: EMOVE Touring Latest Series comes with additional dual front spring suspension, LG battery

    Review of the EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter 

    NOTICE 29th May:  All colors are out of stock temporarily. Thank you for your overwhelming support, the entire team is working extremely hard to restock.
    We normally do not do preorders - The next batch of Touring will arrive on 3rd week of June.

    Here are the new upgrades/improvements to the Touring model:

    1. LG battery 48V 13AH
    2. Adjustable folding mechanism to reduce stem play
    3. Longer deck length by 1" to provide more stability & comfort
    4. Plug and play cables - Ability to replace components easily
    5. New front light
    6. New horn system, bell remains

    Rear Motor 48V 500W EMOVE Touring

    48V 500W powerful rear brushless hub motor. Suitable for heavier riders.

    Elevated standing deck to prevent water splashes from puddles

    Elevated ground to deck height: Prevent water splashes from puddles, and most importantly, prevent water damages to the deck - where most important components are located.


    EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter Black Folded

    Easily foldable and bring it everywhere with you

    Bright front lights to stay safe at night.

    1 Click folding mechanism

    Fold it under 3 seconds. Push handlebar forward, press down the lever, done!

    Added front spring suspension

    Now with added front spring suspension for comfort

    EMOVE Touring Deck

    Wide comfortable deck with front and rear suspension. 

    Rear suspension can be found under the deck.

    EMOVE Touring - 48V 500W Power


    48V 500W powerful motor. Power peaks at 750W.

    Overcome gradeability of 15%. Support users up to 330-lbs / 150-kg

    Foldable Handlebar of the EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter

    Foldable handlebars for easy storage. Keep in trains, buses or your car.

    EMOVE Touring Brake and Bell

    New EMOVE Touring brake comes with a bell. Inform other road users that you are incoming!

     Charging port along with the front light switch


    Charging port with dust cap. Power button for the front lights

    EMOVE Touring Kickstand

    Durable EMOVE kickstand

    Comes with a rear suspension that makes your ride more comfortable

    EMOVE Touring Height Adjustable Stem

    EMOVE Touring Height Adjustable Stem 

    What's in the package? 
    1x 2-pin Charging Adaptor / 1x Manual / 1x Multi Purpose Tool Kit

    Seat Option Available 


    Comparison of the EMOVE Touring against others

    Detailed Specifications of the
    EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter


    Brushless DC Motor, 48V 500W
    Color White, Orange, Black
    Range (Battery)

    25miles (~ 40km)

    Battery Type Ternary Lithium Battery 48V 13AH
    Max Speed 24 mph (40km/h)
    Front Tire 8'' Pneumatic Tire
    Rear Tire 8'' Solid Rubber Tire, with Motor
    Climbing Ability 15 Degrees
    Front Light Yes
    Rear Light Yes
    Front Brake No
    Rear Brake Drum Brake
    Kickstand Yes
    Throttle Finger Throttle
    Suspension Front Triple Suspension and Front Spring Suspension
    LCD Display Yes
    Maximum Load Capacity 308-lbs (140-kg)
    Nett weight 39-lbs (17-kg)
    Overall Dimensions 100x56x120cm
    Charging time 


    Download User Manual Here


    To become a dealer of the EMOVE Touring electric scooter, please email to, our representative will get in touch with you.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ask a Question
    • (EMove Crusier) Is it better to let your battery totally discharge before charging or does it matter?

      Dear customer, 

      Based on the answers directly from the battery manufacturer, it should not matter. This is just a practice that people do to keep their batteries lifespan longer.

      Hope this helps

    • (E Move Touring) Do you or another company have a charger that automatically stops charging once the battery is full or around 97%?

      Dear customer,

      We do not have that type of charger. However, this type of voltage cut off switch can be found on Amazon or any hardware stores.

      Feel free to let me know if you require any further assistance.

    • Hi this scooter has rain proctection like ip64?

      Dear customer,


      This is not like the Cruiser. However, we have seen lots of riders survive in the rain with the EMOVE Touring - We do not encourage riders to ride electric scooters in the rain. 

    • When I view the scooter, it shows that there are additional options for a kickstand for $25 more, a drum brake for $35 more, and an inner tube for $18 more. If I don’t select them, will my scooter not have a kickstand or brakes?

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for the question. The EMOVE Touring comes with kickstand, drum brake and the inner tube installed. These are just additional spare parts that most riders purchase to save on shipping fees and have a spare in hand in case they require.

      Hope this helps.

    • Based on what I’m currently seeing, it appears that the scooter does not come with brakes or a kickstand standard, and they are instead add-ons. Kickstand is understandable, as the scooter folds for carry, but does the standard scooter not come with a braking system of any kind?

      Hi Niko,

      Sorry for the confusion. The EMOVE Touring does come with a kickstand and brakes by default.

      Hope this clarifies.

    • Is the Touring waterproof rated like the Cruiser? I live in Chicago, I need something that can withstand sudden bursts of weather.

      Dear customer, 

      It is not as waterproof as the Cruiser. Usage under light rain is fine.

      I will suggest avoid riding under snow and heavy rain.

      Hope this helps.

    • difference between Etouring and mini 4 pro?

      Hi Gareth,

      Thank you for your question. I have list it out in numbered format for easier reference

      1. SUSPENSIONS: Front double spring suspension and rear suspension, you cannot find that in the mini 4
      2. Touring only comes in 48V 500W power option: More power, more torque. Suitable for American riders.
      3. Deck height from ground is more elevated, this allows you to travel through puddles without being afraid that your deck might get water ingress problems.
      4. Deck is straight and not slanted downwards, on the mini 4, the deck is pointing downwards towards the front. 

      Hope this helps.

    • - What is the battery life cycle? - Does it come with the seat included?

      Dear customer,

      This is a difficult question, as there are no fixed battery life cycles. Manufacturers that provides such data are usually inaccurate data.

      Calculating the life-cycle of a battery based only on its allowable charge rate and discharge rate is unrealistic. The life-cycle of a battery depends not only on its charge levels, but its chemistry, environmental factors (e.g. temperature, ageing, etc), whether the battery is over-charged or under-charged, and how it is loaded (e.g. are there regular high-current pulses or a steady load), designs, abuse of the battery, uncontrolled operating conditions and so on.

      Seat is sold separately.

      Hope this helps.

    • Does this scooter have cruise control?

      Dear customer,

      Yes it does.

    • 1. If I order now do I get the new edition of emove touring with double front suspension? 2. How long is the shipping to brooklyn?

      Dear customer, 

      Answered your questions in numbered format.

      1. Yes, we will only be shipping the new version of Touring from now. Our website is going through an update to get all the photos up!
      2. Normally, shipping to NY is between 2-3 working days only.

      Hope this helps.

    • Is there a way to change the display to mph instead of kilometers on the emove touring?

      Hi Jeff, 

      Yes, you can change in between kmh and mph

      Simply go to P4 settings, change it to (1) to display mph. 

      Here is the guide:

      Hope this helps.

    • On this Etouring scooter how do I turn on the lights?

      Dear Customer, 

      For the front light, simply press the "power button" located right beside the charging port to switch on the front lights. 
      Your charging port is covered by a black dust cap.

      Hope this helps.

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