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    VOROMOTORS proudly presents - EMOVE Cruiser High-Speed and Long Range Electric Scooter updated 2019 version.

    This foldable adult high-speed kick scooter is available in 3 colours: Black, White, Orange. This scooter is built to last for long range, travel up to 62 miles on a single charge. 

    Max load capacity is 160kg / 352lbs (2 grown-up adults). 

    EMOVE Cruiser comes with dual suspension, front spring suspension and rear air suspension.


    EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Orange

    Meet the new 2019 EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter.

    The most complete electric scooter in the United States. Everything that you need in a commuter gadget, packed into a single machine. 

    The all new 2019 EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Black

    A look to stop people in their tracks.

    From the muscular shape of the motor to its aggressive stance, EMOVE Cruiser delivers the iconic look. 

    EMOVE Cruiser Pneumatic Car Grade Tire Rear Motor with Rear Lights

    Tubeless Pneumatic Car Grade Tires

    True pneumatic car grade tires has no inner tubes. No more inner tube bursting in the middle of your ride, no more oily sealant all over your motor. Survive nasty potholes. Why compromise?

    EMOVE Cruiser White in Canada

    62 miles on a single charge

    Packed with a large 52V 30AH LG battery. The high voltage battery allow riders to travel up to 62 miles on a single charge. Backed up by a reputable battery manufacturer; with state-of-the-art ISO Certified manufacturing facilities to ensure all battery packs are consistent and equal.

    EMOVE Cruiser in New York

    Go for weeks without charging 

    If you are a short-distance commuter looking to travel a few miles a day, expect your battery to last you for weeks, yes, weeks! Or better yet, not worrying that your battery will go flat if you are travelling long distance for exploration or running errands throughout the day.

    EMOVE Cruiser Locking Key

    EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Handlebar Folded

    Fold your handlebar easily

    Foldable EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter

    Convenient for Storage

    Fits inside your car boot easily, carry up a quick flight of stairs. Tuck it under your table, keep it in your room. The portability empowers a different kind of freedom that is unheard of. 

    EMOVE Cruiser Deck Size


    Sense of Security

    Wide standing deck provides you with safety, balance easily and travel with comfort. No more suffocating in narrow scooter decks.

    EMOVE Cruiser Black - Rear Wheel Side View with Hydraulic Brakes

    EMOVE Cruiser Rear Wheel (Side View) with hydraulic brake

    Tame the beast 

    Take control of your speed with the new front and rear hydraulic brakes for stronger braking power. 

    EMOVE Cruiser Orange Front Side View

    Durable and Functional 

    Solid stem lock. Most type of common bike locks will fit the EMOVE Cruiser. Tight and durable stem, feel safe going at high speed.

    EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter DimensionsEMOVE Cruiser Folded Dimensions


    Seat Option

    EMOVE Cruiser - Updated Review

    Detailed Specifications of the
    EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter


    Brushless DC Motor
    Nominal Watt: 600W

    Peak Power Output: 1,600W

    Color Black, White and Orange
    Range (Real World)

    62 miles (~100km)

    Battery Type 52V 30AH LG Battery with Battery Management System Protection
    Speed 25 miles per hour (45km/h)
    Type of Tires 10'' Pneumatic Tubeless Car Grade Tire for Front and Rear
    Type of Brakes Front and Rear XTECH Hydraulic Brakes
    Climbing Ability

    10 degree - Based on 150-lbs rider

    Type of Lights Front headlight, Front sidelights, rear brake lights and turn signal lights
    Controller 25A
    Speed Limiter By default, your EMOVE Cruiser does not has speed limiting wire. Feel free to set it via the P8 setting here
    Cruise Control Yes, P6 setting from LCD Display
    Kickstand Yes
    Seat Option Yes, get it here
    Throttle Finger Throttle
    Suspension Front Dual Suspension and Rear Air Shock Suspension
    LCD Display Yes
    Maximum Load Capacity 352-lbs (160-kg)
    NETT weight

    52-lbs (23-kg)

    Unfolded Dimensions

    121 x 57.5 x 118cm

    Folded Dimensions
    124cm x 25cm x 35cm (LxWxH)
    Charging time 

    9 to 12 hours

    User Manual Download User Manual Here
    P0 to P9 LCD Display Guide Check out our blog post here
    What is in the package? 1x US-Standard Charging Adaptor, 1x User Manual 

    To become a dealer for EMOVE Cruiser, email our team: and our representative will get in touch with you. 

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    Ask a Question
    • Do you ship to other countries other than the United States?

      Yes, we ship to almost everywhere in the world. 

      Feel free to message us through the live chat button on the bottom right of your screen to talk to any of our staffs. You can also email us at

    • Will you increase the price with the recent 25% increase in tariffs?

      VORO will eat the increased 25% tariffs by not increasing the price. This is a major factor to take into account when you are comparing prices. We are offering premium products at an affordable price point. Do not confuse premium pricing with premium products, we understand some retailers are putting a high price point to give a perception of premium products.

      While the quality and materials used are the best in its class, none of our products is sold at an obscene price point. 

    • Is the advertised range true?

      Yes, the range has been tried and tested by our own customers and many other Youtube reviewers. 
      The way that our battery is built allows the longevity of the battery. 

      Imagine using your phone for an entire week without charging. 

      Rider’s weight, riding conditions, riding speed are variable factors that will affect the range of a single charge. 

      The range should be a major factor for anyone who is looking to get an electric scooter.

    • Why EMOVE Cruiser over everything else?

      The EMOVE Cruiser is the most complete electric scooter ever built. We listened to each feedback and refined the EMOVE Cruiser over time. This model has been tried and tested by our customers, the range has been proven to be the longest in the entire market. 
      Imagine using the scooter almost every day and not have to charge the scooter every day. The range should be a big factor in anyone's decision-making process. There are no products built like the EMOVE Cruiser.

      We also have a wide range of tutorial videos available online on how to do servicing on your EMOVE Cruiser electric scooters, every single component is modular and can be serviced easily.  Lastly, unlike other companies, we have growing number of service hubs at Florida, New York, Chicago and Washington DC. You don't want to spend so much on an electric scooter and realise there are no one to assist you when you need help. We have a robust support team and is able to assist every EMOVE rider.

    • How long do I have to wait for free shipping ?

      Dear customer,

      Shipping duration is between 2 to 4 business days.

      Hope this helps.

    • Would there be any motor upgrade and off-road tires for this scooter?

      Dear customer,

      There are after-market upgrades for motor upgrades. However, we do not sell them.

      Off-road tires not available at the moment.

      Hope this helps.

    • What is the water resistance capability of the eMove Cruiser?

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your question. The wires are all using waterproof cables, the deck is sealed completely and airtight, the EMOVE Cruiser can be ridden confidently compared to all other electric scooters in the market.

      Your EMOVE Cruiser is water-resistant, but not water-proof. For example, you may ride your Cruiser under light drizzle or light rain, but we advise against riding under storms or heavy rain.

      Water-resistance isn’t a permanent condition and may diminish over time. EMOVE Cruiser can’t be rechecked or resealed for water resistance. The following may affect the water-resistance of your EMOVE Cruiser and should be avoided:

      - Dropping EMOVE Cruiser or subjecting it to other impacts.
      - Submerging the EMOVE Cruiser in water
      - Exposing EMOVE Cruiser to soap or soapy water, for example, while showering or bathing.
      - Exposing EMOVE Cruiser to perfume, solvents, detergent, acids or acidic foods, insect repellent, lotions, sunscreen, oil, or hair dye.
      - Exposing EMOVE Cruiser to high-velocity water, for example, while riding in a partially submerged area.
      - Using a water-jet to spray the EMOVE Cruiser

      Do note that metal objects such as metal screws and nuts may start to rust over time due to exposure of rain, this is normal and can be replaced easily.

      Should you get caught under heavy rain, here are some tips to follow to protect your EMOVE Cruiser:
      - Avoid riding the submerged areas with more than 3 inches of water level
      - Cover/Protect your LCD throttle display

      Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

    • I need replacement tired and or inner tubes. Where in Northern California can I find them?


      You can order it via our website. 

      Here is the link to it:

      We have both outer and innner tubes.

      Hope this helps.

    • Can this be driven in the rain or through light puddles?

      Hi Andrea,

      Yes, light rain and light puddles is fine. 
      There are mudguards at the front to prevent water from splashing, furthermore, the deck is sealed with waterproofing gels, so puddles are fine. 

      If you happened to ride through heavy rain, make sure your LCD display throttle is protected.

      Hope this helps.

    • Can I buy fast charger from other companies and use it with EMOVE Cruiser?

      Dear customer,

      The existing fast chargers are compatible with the Cruiser, however, we do not recommend using them, as they are not tested with critical agencies such as UL Certification. 
      UL certificaton is one of the strictest certs for electronics in the world.
      Our original EMOVE Cruiser chargers come with UL certification and is safe for use. It is a small trade off to wait a little longer for the larger batter capacity, giving longer range than anyone else. We rather our riders be safe!