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October 08, 2023 2 min read

Ride for Maui 2023: Uniting for a Cause

The Inspiration Behind the Journey

Maui, an emblem of nature's wonder, has attracted myriad visitors with its mesmerizing vistas and the warmth of its communities. Recent wildfires, however, presented an unprecedented challenge, adversely affecting its landscapes and the livelihoods of countless residents. Witnessing this, VoroMotors was inspired to rally the PEV community, encouraging them to combine their love for personal electric vehicles with a purpose that transcended personal interest.

PEV Enthusiasts Ride in Solidarity

This event wasn't just about electric vehicles. It was a symbol of resilience and solidarity. Over 120 attendees converged for the largest PEV group ride in Hawaii's history, transforming the roadways into a dynamic river of vehicles, all pulsing with the same heartfelt mission.

Majestic Accomplishments

  • Strength in Numbers: The turnout was overwhelming with over 120 participants, marking it as the most significant PEV gathering ever witnessed in Hawaii. This wasn't just an event; it was a movement.
  • Monetary Contributions: The event succeeded in raising a commendable $1,365 through donation boxes. Not to be outdone, VoroMotors matched this with an additional $1,400, bringing the total to an impressive $2,765. This entire amount is dedicated to aid the wildfire victims, reflecting VoroMotors' commitment to genuine support.
  • A Little Extra Sparkle: To infuse some fun, we had 20 raffle prizes valued at over $400. Lucky attendees not only left with a sense of fulfillment but also with exciting goodies!


Every dollar raised, every ride taken, and every cheer sounded out during "Ride for Maui 2023" symbolized more than just support. It symbolized hope. Hope for the families affected, hope for Maui's ecological restoration, and hope for a community that, despite adversities, rides together towards a brighter future.

In times when the world can seem fragmented, it's events like these that remind us of the strength in unity. Here's to the PEV community, the residents of Maui, and every soul who turned an event into a movement. We ride on, together. Thank you for being part of the Voro family. We hope to see you again at our future events!

If you still wish to help the victims of the Maui fire, check out the "Ride for Maui" story highlights on VoroMotors' Instagram.

Kayla Ang
Kayla Ang

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