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October 03, 2023 3 min read

Wolf King GTR Shipments: Back on Track from October 15th

Wolf King GTR Electric Scooter

At VoroMotors, our commitment to our community is unwavering. We understand that when you invest in our products, especially the latest addition to our electric scooter collections – the Wolf King GTR, you're not just seeking a mode of transport. You're stepping into a world defined by cutting-edge innovation, efficiency, and reliability. This is why, when we noticed a potential issue with the GTR shipments, we chose to hit the pause button. Our aim? To ensure that every GTR that leaves our warehouse aligns perfectly with our high standards of excellence and the trust you've placed in us.

You might have noticed a delay in your anticipated GTR delivery
; for this, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your patience. It's this very patience that allows us the time to perfect our offerings. Our dedication to ensuring that you get nothing but the best has led us to take a few precautionary steps, guaranteeing that your ride is smooth, safe, and superior in every sense. Read on to discover the reasons behind the shipment delays and, more importantly, the proactive measures we're taking to address and overcome them.We're not just solving a temporary issue; we're enhancing the Wolf King GTR experience for all our riders, present and future.

Understanding the Delay: Wolf King GTR Battery

Wolf King GTR Battery

As members of the VoroMotors community, we believe it's necessary for you to be informed about the recent delays in our Wolf King GTR scooter shipments.

Issue with the Battery Charger

At the heart of the delay lies an unexpected intermittent issue with the GTR charger. Despite the products being subjected to stringent testing protocols to ensure their quality and dependability, this particular charger anomaly surfaces only after actual use. In simpler terms, while the charger clears all initial tests, it can sometimes exhibit inconsistent behavior during prolonged use.

Kaabo's Patented Charging Ports

One might wonder, "Why not use another charger in the interim?" Here lies the intricacy of the situation: Kaabo's patented charging ports are designed to be exclusively compatible with the Wolf King GTR electric scooters. This exclusive design ensures optimal performance and safety for our riders. Consequently, other market chargers won't fit or work with the GTR, ensuring both performance reliability and safety.

How We're Addressing It: Replacement Chargers on the Way

Recognizing the severity of the problem, we promptly reached out to the manufacturer, Kaabo. We're pleased to inform you that replacements are en route and are expected to reach us by the second week of October. These replacements are not merely temporary solutions but are designed to rectify the underlying problem for long-term reliability.
Our commitment remains undeterred: to provide the best to our community. This means shipping the scooters with the replacement chargers rather than the original GTR chargers. Here, we're not just complying with legal mandates but also upholding our promise of unmatched quality and safety.

Taking a Step Further: Elevating Our Packaging Standards

Wrapping to secure the Wolf King GTR battery during shipment

We truly value the feedback from our riders; it's what drives our continuous improvement. The locking mechanism that keeps the battery secure during riding isn't sufficient to hold up to the rigors of shipping accidents. Rest assured, we've also communicated this concern to the manufacturer. But simply waiting for a resolution isn't Voro's style. Our immediate fix? We're moving on with an additional safeguard by wrapping a specialized black film around the scooter's frame. This ensures the battery remains securely anchored during its journey to you. While this step may slightly extend the delivery time, we believe that the enhanced safety and assurance it offers more than compensates. We sincerely seek your understanding and patience during this time.


VoroMotors electric scooters warehouse

Whether you're a Voro rider or considering joining our family, know that we're in full swing. You can place your order for the power-packed Wolf King GTR confidently, assured of our seamless order processing even amidst the delays. It's more than just business as usual for us—it's about ensuring every Voro rider continues their journey with an unwavering sense of confidence and satisfaction. Should you have any questions about the Wolf King GTR electric scooter or delivery issues, our team is always here to assist.

Be sure to watch our new VoroMotors Community Update video. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates on this scooter adventure with us!

Kayla Ang
Kayla Ang

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