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The New Trend

All I can say is this thing is a blast to ride. I ride onewheels, motorcycles, supped up mopeds, stand up scooters. This one takes the cake.

It's a new experience and Im trying to hate it but I can't. Vesc is the future in PEVs.

Only thing I wish this had was better waterproofing. I live in Hawaii and the weather can be bipolar. Sunny, rain, sunny, rain. I would hate to be caught in the rain one-day and destroy the scooter. They also do not cover water damage unfortunately.

Edward Wall
Amazing but lacks basic functions

Look I love my roadrunner tronic, they we're not kidding about the power but doesn't have a speedometer or a voltage gauge, and the range is not spectacular but I'm a heavy guy plus it's windy where I live so it's goin to affect the range, at about 60kph(38mph) it gets a range of maybe 40km(25miles) and it's not very comfortable, I know u r reading this and wondering y I should get it, it's because it's fast and small and overall a overwhelming experience in a good way, it is expensive but to me it was worth the price, but I feel like the best for me is that they had great customer service and very helpful and friendly

Super Light-weight Yet Packed with Power!! My first Impressions

I had no idea what I was in store for at 6 foot 3 inches tall and 230 lbs. whenever I purchased the Roadrunner Tronic. Yet, I could not be more happy with my purchase and also the exceptional customer support I received from Voro Motors. As many Roadrunner owners have admitted, the seat is not a comfortable one at all. I thought that it would also be a rough riding experience because of having no rear suspension. But after adding an air-filled inexpensive cushion to my seat, my riding experience became much more pleasant. The Roadrunner Tronic, thus far, has been a blast and true joy to ride. The smooth power delivery of the Tronic controllers in unison with the Rion Curve throttle gives me an experience incomparable to what I've experienced with my Wolf Warrior 11 or my Dualtron X2.

As a taller and heavier person, there's a slight learning curve that I had to adjust for with riding a low-profile mini-bike. But overall, the Roadrunner Tronic does not leave me feeling like it's too small for my height and weight. I think the price point for the this mini-bike is great in comparison with other mini-bikes with similar power output specs. I'm not quite brave enough to ride at its maximum output settings yet, nor do I really want to. For now, I'm just enjoying the experience of riding this Super Light-Weight, yet packed with power Little Beast!!

Thanks again Voro Motors for the amazing customer service throughout the entire process of my purchase. I look forward to doing business with your company again. YouTube video placeholder

EMOVE RoadRunner Tronic

Price: $4500.00

Detailed Description

It’s not what you’d expect; it’s so much better. The EMOVE RoadRunner Tronic is the first hyperscooter mass marketed and produced right here in Los Angeles. And 10,000W of motor power means it goes 60 mph, making it one of the fastest seated electric scooters for adults. More importantly, the ride is fan-f*cking-tastic. Developed and custom built by VoroMotors and Tronic Systems, this seated electric scooter is handcrafted with a carbon fiber cockpit and customizable high-tech components, including the Rion Curve throttle and dual Tronic 250 controllers (VESC). Why do they matter? Because they transform acceleration and deceleration, giving you serious control over speed and true regenerative braking. With dual hydraulic brakes, front adjustable damping (ABS+), and an upgraded look to match its performance, the EMOVE RoadRunner Tronic is a limited edition seated scooter that you’ll only find at VoroMotors.

  • Range is 65 miles with a 72V 28Ah LG battery
  • Top speed is 60 mph with dual VM 5000W motors
  • Tronic Systems handcrafts the legendary Rion Apex and co-designed this brand new seated hyperscooter that we assemble in our LA headquarters
  • Use your smartphone and a VESC mobile app to optimize the RoadRunner Tronic’s performance and display riding stats
  • Compatible mobile apps include: (iOS) Xmatic, eSkate VESC,; (Android) Vesc Tool
  • Roadrunner Tronic is backed by our amazing customer support and technical team with a limited one year warranty with VoroMotors

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