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    Setup & Maintenance Guides

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    Other Tutorial Videos

    [Fiido] How to replace the inner and outer tire

    Quick Notes

    How to remove and replace the front wheel?

    Step 1: Loosen the nut on either side.Remove the nut, washers, spacers, and the wheel itself.
    Step 2: Deflate the tire and remove the disc brake.
    Step 3: Loosen the rim out of the tire.
    Step 4: Pull the inner tube out of the tire.

    If the problem is a hole on the inner tube, you can patch it.

    Step 5: Install the new tire (if tire defect) to the rim.
    Step 6: Tuck in the inner tube. Make sure to point the valve away from the disc brake.
    Step 7: Tuck in the rest of the tire to the rim. Fill out the inner tube with air.
    Step 8: Reconnect the disc brake.
    Step 9: Install the wheel on the pin and reattach the spacers and the washers.
    Step 10: Reattach the wheel on the housing. Make sure to tighten the wheel nuts.

    How to remove and replace the rear wheel

    Step 1: Locate the motor wire and remove it from its fasteners.
    Step 2: Remove the fender screws.
    Step 3: Remove the wheel nuts.
    Step 4: Remove the screw in front of the wheel that is connected to the fender to fully remove the fender.
    Step 5: Remove the brake caliper.
    Step 6: Remove the disc brake
    Step 7: Loosen the rim out of the tire.
    Step 8: Remove the inner tube and the rim. (Replace the inner tube if this is the problem. Otherwise, you can replace the tire if it’s a tire issue)
    Step 9: Set the rim inside of the tire. Insert the inner tube between the rim and the tire.
    Step 10: Stick the tire on the rim by spooning it or using a rim shield.
    Step 11: Install the disc brake.
    Step 12: Install the wheel on the housing and reattach the brake caliper..
    Step 13: Reinstall the fender.
    Step 14: Lastly, reattach the wheel nut. Make sure to tighten it.

    Make sure to check if the brake calipers are properly placed by spinning the wheel and checking if there are weird noises coming out of the wheel.

    [Fiido] How to replace controller

    Quick Notes

    Step 1:
    Remove the seat. Unfasten the 3 screws at the bottom of the seat. You will also see a
    foam guard once the seat is removed. Remove the foam as well.
    Step 2: Start pulling the controller out.Let’s disconnect the wires in order:
    • Unplug the big yellow connectors
    • Disconnect the thick yellow, blue and green cables (motor wires)
    • Unplug the huge white connector with couple of wires
    Note: If you have the older FIIDO, you will start disconnecting and reconnecting all the GREEN
    WIRES. If you have the new one, you will disconnect and reconnect all the BLUE wires.

    If you notice, most of the connections have glued. This is to help waterproof the connection and
    secure the connection as well. You can use a pick to remove the glue but be careful not to
    damage the wires.

    Tip: Best to bring a phone with you for the next steps so can take a picture of how the
    connection looks like before unplugging them.
    Step 3: Unplug the wires Green, black, blue, red connected to Green, black, white, red
    • Unplug the Black white cable connected to blue and white cable
    • Unplug the black, black, yellow cable connected to the Yellow brown cable.
    • Unplug the black, black, yellow, yellow cable connected to Black Yellow cable
    • Unplug the black yellow cable connected to black yellow cable (mark this black yellow
    • cable coming from the FIIDO to make sure that you’ll be connecting it with the right
    • controller cable later on. You can use a tape to mark the cable)
    • Unplug the Black Green White cable connected to Black yellow red cable.
    • Unplug the green green white cable connected to Red yellow green cable
    Step 4: Disconnect the alarm system which is Red Black Green Cable connected to the Red
    black orange controller cable
    Step 5: Get the new controller and start plugging the wires.
    • Replug the black black yellow yellow to black yellow
    • Connect the marked black yellow wire to the black yellow cables from the controller.
    • Reconnect the black black yellow and connect it to Yellow Brown
    • Reconnect the Black white cable to Blue white cable
    • Reconnect the blue black blue red cable to Green black white red cable
    • Reconnect the Black white green cable to Black yellow red cable
    • Reconnect the Blue Green white to Red yellow green
    • Reconnect the Red Black Blue cable to Red black orange cable
    • Leave the last cable unplugged
    Step 6: Replug the large white connector.
    • Replug the big yellow connector.
    • Replug the motor cables

    Before you put everything back, make sure that everything is working by checking the alarm, twisting the throttle, using the brakes and switching the lights.

    Step 7: You can use a glue gun to coat the connectors again. However, this is optional.
    Step 8: Once the glue is dry, put the foam pad on top and reinstall the seat.

    [P Settings] P0 - P9 Full Video Guide

    Quick Notes

    To enter the modes menu, click mode.

    Mode 1 - Speed and trip time

    • To change speed: Press Power once, and hit mode.
    • 1- slow 2- medium 3- fast.
    • Once done, press power

    Mode 2 - Trip odometer, trip mileage
    Mode 3 - Total odometer
    Mode 4 - Voltage left
    Mode 5 - Charger port

    To access P-settings, press mode and power at the same time

    • P0 - wheel size; cruiser: 8"
    • P1 - low voltage protection: 43.0​v
    • P2 - minimum wattage ; normal mw: 15
    • P3 - speedometer; recommended: 1
    • P4 - reading of km/miles vice versa
    • P5 - safety settings ; 1- kick start or 0- throttle start
    • P6 - cruise control on/off ; on-1, off-0
    • P7 - pick-up speed ; 0- hard acceleration 1- soft acceleration
    • P8 - max speed you have per percentage, you can lower it down to limit speed
    • P9 - strength of electric brake; 2- hard 1-medium 0- off

    [Mirrors] How to install rear view mirrors

    Quick Notes

    Step 1: Make sure to remove the plastic cover that protects the mirror from scratches.
    Step 2: Bend the mirror according to your preference.
    Step 3: Place the mirror on your desired position and lock it.

    [Phone Holder] How to install G.U.B phone holder

    Quick Notes

    Step 1: Look for the sticker (rubber stop), and stick it to the sides of the phone holder.
    Step 2: Place the brace at the back of the phone holder (where you can see a cross). Make sure that the hole matches the brace then screw it in.

    To make sure that the phone holder doesn't wiggle. You can install the phone holder on the handlebar so that you can check whether the spacer is enough or not.

    Kaabo Mantis & Wolf Warrior Tutorial Videos

    [Mantis Pro SE] How to change tires

    Quick Notes

    Step 1: Remove the brake unit. Look for the 2 screws on the arm and remove both of them.

    Step 2:
    Remove the fender above the wheel.The fender is held with 4 screws.

    Step 3:
    Loosen the screws found at the top of the gold arms. This helps us create space in removing the wheel. (Note: Do not remove the screws, just loosen it)

    Step 4: Proceed to the wheel nuts. Heat-gun the nuts to temporarily liquify the loctite. Once done, pry the nut loose and remove it. Do it on the other side.

    Step 5:
    Remove the outer pins for both sides and remove the wheel. Once done, remove the inner locking pins.

    Step 6:
    Deflate the tire. You will hear a whistle once the air rushes out.

    Step 7:
    You should see 6 screws around the rim. Remove all of the screws. Once the screws are out, just pull the tires towards you. You can also pull out the rim after.

    Step 8:
    Replace the inner/outer tube and reinstall the rim. Make sure that the air nozzle is inserted through the hole on the rim.

    Step 9:
    To install the motor, find the divot on the motor and make sure to line the nozzle up with that divot. Reinstall the screws and tighten them down.

    Step 10: Put the inner pins back. Make sure that the tongue on the pin is facing away from the scooter and is hanging on the bottom of the scooter. Do it on the other side

    Step 11: Lift the wheel up and into the arms.

    Step 12: Place the outer pins back. Make sure that the tongue is up and latching into that hook in the arm.

    Step 13: Take the nuts and tighten them down on each side. If you have loctite, put that on.

    Step 14: Tuck the brake cable into the arm and reinstall the brake unit.

    Step 15: Tighten the screws above the arms. Lastly, reinstall the fender.

    [Mantis Pro SE] How to Assemble the Steering Damper on your Kaabo Mantis Pro SE

    Quick Notes

    Step 1: Remove the front fender then the bolts at the base of the stem.
    Step 2: Align the base plate up against the stem and thread the bolt back in
    Step 3: Take the M5x20mm and screw it upwards to the smaller cylinder
    Step 4: With your M6x20mm screwed in the base plate, take your M6x30mm screw and slide it down the sides. Make sure that the 30 mm screw is facing opposite side of the 20mm
    Step 5: Position the base plate on the scooter and screw the connecting piece on the side.
    Step 6: Once everything is firm, take the longer cylinder and screw it to the exposed M6x20mm screw.

    To put the steering dampener on:

    Step 1: Position the steering dampener. Use the M8x30mm screw to the front base plate.
    Step 2: Use the M8x20mm screw to the back base plate

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