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    Need Help With Your EMOVE Cruiser?

    Not to worry, we are here to help. Here is how to troubleshoot your EMOVE Cruiser:

    1. The first step would be to identify if you are able to turn on all the key components of the scooter. (LCD Display and voltmeter).
    2. Next, would be to test if the scooter is able to move at all. Double check your P Settings to ensure that "kickstart" feature is turned off.
    3. Identify the part that is causing the issue. (Stem/Handlebars/LCD Display/Battery/ Etc)
    4. Check below for appropriate video guide. If you are unsure about the issue or cannot find a suitable guide, follow the instructions below to request for support from us.

    Setup & Maintenance Guides

    Click on each tab to expand & view each tutorial.

    [Setup] How to setup your new EMOVE Cruiser?

    [Setup] How to Turn on the EMOVE Cruiser

    [Setup] EMOVE Cruiser Speed Mode Menu

    [Setup] Emove Cruiser Handlebar Height

    [Setup] EMOVE Cruiser - Fixing handlebar wiggle

    [Setup] How to charge your EMOVE Cruiser?

    [Setup] Unfolding your EMOVE Cruiser

    [Setup] EMOVE Cruiser - Lights

    Tutorial Videos

    Click on each tab to expand & view each tutorial.

    [Folding Mech] How to Properly Fold The EMOVE Cruiser

    [Folding Mech] How to replace the S-knob locking pin

    [Folding Mech] How to replace the Emove Cruiser folding mechanism

    [Throttle] How to replace LCD Display (Finger Throttle)

    [Throttle] How to install thumb throttle

    [Throttle] How to install twist throttle

    [Voltmeter] How to install voltmeter

    [Handlebar] How to tighten/adjust handlebars?

    [Stem] How to tighten stem clamp?

    [Stem] How to fix shaky stem?

    [Brakes] How to tune your EMOVE Cruiser Brakes

    [Brakes] Brake Tuning & Maintenance

    [Brakes] How to Tune your brakes (Scrapping sound)

    [Brakes] How to replace brake pads?

    [Brakes] How to replace brake lever

    [Brakes] Brake sensor / exclamation (!) mark showing on my LCD display

    [Fender] How to remove front fender

    [Fender] How to remove rear fender

    [Fender] How to replace rear fender

    [Tire] How to replace Cruiser tire?

    [Tire] How to remove front wheel?

    [Tire] How to remove rear wheel?

    [Tire] How to replace Cruiser tire (front & rear)?

    [Suspension] How to replace Your Emove Cruiser front and rear suspension

    [Charging Port] How to replace charging port?

    [Controller] How to change controller?

    [Lights] How to Diagnose Deck Lights That Is Not Turning On

    [Lights] How to replace the turn signal lights

    [Battery] How to remove battery?

    [Battery] How to replace your Cruiser Battery

    [Kickstand] How to replace kickstand - EMOVE Cruiser

    [Motor] How To Replace EMOVE Cruiser Motor

    [Seat] How to install seat option?

    [Tow Handle & Storage Case] How to install tow handle & storage case?


    • Take a video showcasing the key issue faced

    • Send it to -

    • Our technical team will be evaluating and assisting you with your issue faced within 24-48 hours.

    In your email and video, try to be as descriptive as possible to prevent unnecessary back and forth communication and to help our team be more precise when diagnosing the issue for you.

    For example, if you are hearing a weird sound coming out of the tires, the video should consist of the "sound" that is being experienced. In your email, you should also include your order ID (Eg. #VORO1111) and model so that we can acquire details of your order as quickly as possible.

    Our technical team normally responds within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends. We do try our best to assist you in every way possible and seek your kind understanding on this.

    Still Need Help?

    Contact us directly, we are always happy to help.

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