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Need Help With Your EMOVE Touring?

You've come to the right place! Here are FAQs and a ton of tutorials for maintaining your Touring long-term. You'll also find scooter upgrade tutorials for replacing the handlebars, swapping throttles, and more.

  1. If you're troubleshooting issues with your EMOVE Touring, here are some things to try:
    The first step would be to identify if you are able to turn on the key electrical components of the scooter (LCD display, voltmeter power on, throttle responds).
  2. Next, would be to test if the scooter is able to move at all. Check your P-settings to ensure that the "kickstart" feature is turned off.
  3. If experiencing an issue, identify which part is causing the issue. (Stem, Handlebars, LCD Display, Battery, etc.)
  4. Find answers to your questions below with your EMOVE Touring video tutorials and FAQs.

If you are unsure about the issue or cannot find a suitable guide, reach out to our 24/7 live chat for assistance.

Setup & Maintenance Guides

Click on each tab to expand & view each tutorial

Quick Notes

What's inside the box for touring?

  • Scooter
  • Rubber Seal
  • Instruction Manual
  • Charger

Quick Notes

Turn the scooter on by holding the power button.
Note: If the scooter does not turn on Contact us.

Quick Notes

How to change Speed:

  • Click and hold the power
  • Click the power button again. (The huge number 1 in the LCD display should blink)
  • Press Modeto change the speed.

Quick Notes

  • On the front right of the scooter, under the rubber cap, you will see the power plug.
  • The charger light has two colors: Red and Green

Red- Plugged and Charged
Green- Fully Charged

Best practices: Do not keep the scooter on when you are charging. You can check the voltmeter to see the current voltage but turn if off immediately.

Note: Charger getting hotter is normal due to the size of the battery and shorter charging hours. You can place the charger box on top of the deck. Metal will help disperse the heat.

Quick Notes

Step 1: Slide the part with the arrow towards the grip.
Step 2: Fold the handlebar down so you can see the screw inside.
Step 3: If the handlebar has too much play, loosen the screw.

Note: You may not successfully remove the play on your first try. Do a trial and error test. Do not loosen the screw too much as it will not allow you to attach it back to the T tube.

How to raise handlebar:

Step 1: Unlatch the lock on the clamp.
Step 2: Raise the handlebar.
Step 3: Do not forget to lock it after you’ve chosen the preferred height of your handlebar.

Quick Notes

Step 1: To fold the scooter, press the tab down so the pin unlocks and fold the handlebars down to the base.

Step 2: To open the scooter, just push the pin down and lift the handlebars up.

Note: If you notice stem wiggle, you may need to tighten the rubber stop, and tighten the bottom screws to reinforce the stop.

Quick Notes

How to turn on head and tail lights:
You should see a switch button on the left handlebar. Slide up to turn on the head and tail lights.

How to turn the deck lights on:
On the front-right of the deck you will see a button. Click that to turn on the deck lights.

Note: On the left side of the handlebar, you will see a yellow button. This is a horn button for safety purposes. You should also see a bell attached to the rear brake.

Quick Notes

How to fix the wiggling issue:

  1. Fold the handlebar down. You will see a tiny little screw inside the handlebar.
  2. The screw serves as a stopper. Loosen the screw, and reattach the handlebar.

FAQ: I tried loosening the screw and placed the handlebar back. But it’s still doing the same thing.

Answer: Fold the handlebar again, loosen the screw, and put it back. This procedure is trial and error where you need to check if it fits and then try again until it’s steady.

EMOVE Touring Tutorials

Click on each tab to expand & view each tutorial.

Step 1:Unscrew the side panel where the charging port lies.
Step 2:Unscrew the deck cover in front of the Touring. Once done, remove the cover.
Step 3:Pull out the wirings and the controller out of the deck.
Step 4:Look for the two red connectors inside the deck. Pinch the red connector and pull them apart.
Step 5:Locate the charging port and follow the red and the black wire to the deck.
Step 6:Carefully pull the rest of the wires and connector through the hole.
Step 7:Uninstall the charging port. Loosen the washer that locks the charging port and remove it.
Step 8:Push the port out and remove it.
Step 9:Get the new charger port and feed the wires through the hole.
Step 10:Slip the washer back and tighten it with your fingers.
Step 11:Feed the connector back to the deck. At the front of the scooter, connect the wire to its other half. Place the connectors as far back as you can.
Step 12:Feed the wires and controller to the deck.
Step 13:Close the deck and screw it back in.
Step 14:Reinstall the side cover.

Step 1: Open up the front of the Touring.
Step 2: Pull out the controller and the wires.
Step 3: In order to remove the battery, we need to remove everything that is on its way including the brace. Loosen the screws at the bottom and then the other 4 at the top to remove the brace.
Step 4: Unplug the wires.

  • Unplug the big yellow connector.
  • Unplug the motor cables (blue, yellow, green wires).
  • Unplug the charger. (The red black wire connected to the red connector found on the inner portion of the deck)

Step 5: Remove the side fender with the charger port. Find the wires that are connected inside of the deck and disconnect them.
Step 6: Since we still can't pull the battery out, remove the other side fender, disconnect the cables and pull it out of the deck.
Step 7: Pull the battery out. If you notice any wires in the way, make sure to remove it to avoid damage.
Step 8: Slide the new battery to its place. Make sure to hold the motor cables so it will not go further inside with the battery.
Step 9: Put everything back together. Slide the cables coming from the side fender and reinstall the fender.
Step 10: Slide the cable lights across the deck and through the other hole and reconnect it with the other cable light.
Step 11: Reinstall the other fender and make sure to fasten the screws. Make sure that all the wires are hidden in the fender.
Step 12: Reconnect the redblack wire with black connector.

  • Reconnect the charger wire
  • Reconnect the battery to the controller
  • Reconnect the motor wires

Step 13: Place the brace back.
Step 14: Feed the controller and the wire in the deck and seal it with the deck cover

Note: Don’t forget to charge the scooter to make sure that the battery is working properly.

Step 1:Remove the deck cover found in front of the Touring.
Step 2:Pull out the wires and the controller. Disconnect the battery by pulling the big yellow connector. Find the 3 green to white connectors and disconnect them.
Step 3:At the back of the Touring, remove the rear wheel by loosening the wheel nuts.
Step 4:Loosen the brake adjuster and completely remove the brake cable
Step 5:Remove the rear fender.Loosen the screws that hold the fender and remove it.
Step 6:Completely remove the wheel nuts. Next, remove the rod and the washers. Make sure to assist the wheel with the other hand.
Step 7:Remove the screw that holds the wheel, once it’s out, the wheel will be disengaged from the scooter.
Step 8:Underneath the scooter, follow the motor cable up. Pull it gently until you see the connectors. Disconnect the connectors one at a time.
Step 9:Remove the adhesive material that covers the pathway and create enough way for the cable to go through.
Step 10:Get a thin metal wire through the hole to the front of the Touring. Take the new motor cables to the wire. Tape it to secure the cable and push it through the hole.
Step 11:Pull the wire until the motor cable reaches the front of the Touring.
Step 12:Remove the tape and the metal wire completely. Start connecting the motor cable. Blue=blue, green=green, yellow=yellow.
Step 13:Now let’s install the new motor. Slide it into place with the brake mechanism on the side of the Touring.
Step 14:Line up the holes and reinstall the screw and the rod we removed earlier.
Step 15:Reinstall the washers and the wheel nuts.
Step 16:Install the round screw at the tip of the brake line and place the brake cable on its groove.
Step 17:Reattach the fender.
Step 18:Reconnect the battery wire. Feed the connector and the wires on the deck and make sure to secure it by reinstalling the deck cover.

Step 1:Remove the screw at the base of the wheel. Make sure that you've removed the screws on each side. (make sure that the inner tube is deflated before doing this)
Step 2:Remove the Rod that holds that is found in the center of the tire
Step 3:Take the wheel out of the housing. Be careful in removing the wheel since there are washers placed on each side of the wheel.
Step 4:Remove the screws on the center of the wheel
Step 5:Remove the plate and replace the inner tube/outer tube. Once done, feed the inner tube to the outer tube.
Step 6:Feed the air nozzle to the plate and reattach the plate to the tire. Screw the plate and make sure that the screws are tight. Place the spacer at the center of the wheel. Make sure that the Spacer is standing at the center of the wheel before placing the other plate on top of it. Lock the plate by reattaching the nut to the screws.
Step 7:Get the washer and the tire. Attach the wheel and the washer to the housing by lining it up and making sure that the rod will have a space in the center.
Step 8:Place the rod back and make sure that the path is clear before inserting it.
Step 9:Adjust the rod to give the screw space. Reinsert the screw on each side and make sure to tighten it. Lastly, fill the tire with air.

Tighten the screw found on the tip of the brake line. Tighten it until the wheel stops everytime you squeeze the brake lever.


Go to the brake lever and adjust the brake sensitivity just like how you adjust it on the brake line. Twist the larger screw out and lock it using the fastener.

Note: The further the screw is to the brake lever, the tighter the lever is going to feel.

Brake line popping out issue:

  1. Loosen out the screw on the end of the brake line.
  2. Get the brake line over the housing and place it over the little groove.

Tip: The easiest way to do it is to grab the spring down and get the brake line to sit over the groove before releasing it.

Step 1:Remove the brake line by twisting the nut that holds the line.
Step 2:Grab the bracket and pull at the same time, then pull the brake hose.
Step 3:Unscrew the big nut and do the same on the other side.
Step 4:Remove the little screw seen above the nut using an Allen wrench.
Step 5:Remove the silver lock around the rod. Do it on the other side
Step 6:Loosen the position of the wheel to take the brake line.
Step 7:Remove the washer and detach the brake.
Step 8:Yank the inner portion of the brake since this is what we need to replace.

Step 1:Remove the brake line by twisting the nut that holds the line.
Step 2:Grab the bracket and pull at the same time, then pull the brake hose.
Step 3:Unscrew the big nut and do the same on the other side.
Step 4:Remove the little screw seen above the nut using an Allen wrench.
Step 5:Remove the silver lock around the rod. Do it on the other side.
Step 6:Loosen the position of the wheel to take the brake line.
Step 7:Remove the washer and detach the brake.
Step 8:Yank the inner portion of the brake since this is what we need to replace.
Step 9:Get the new drum brakes. Make sure that the edge matches the shape of the lock. Lay each side of the brake until it flattens.(Caution: Be careful not to get your fingers caught)Step 10:Take the whole unit and attach it to the wheel. Slide the washer and attach the brake line.
Step 11:Reattach the wheel and put the lock pins back to its place as well as the brake line.

Step 1:Remove the brake line from the brake lever. You will see a silver screw in between. Unscrew it to remove the wire and pull it gently away from the lever.
Step 2:Unscrew the washer and remove the brake line from the center slit of the screw.
Step 3:Unplug the e-brake.
Step 4:  Pull the grip off the handle bar and loosen the screw for the brake. After that, pull the brake lever off the handlebar. Replace it with the new one.
Step 5:Tighten the screw again. Put the brake line to the brake lever.
Step 6:Get the screw and attach the washer.
Step 7:Attach the screw to the brake line and slide it over till it fits. Next, screw it back to the brake lever. Replug the e-brake. Make sure to return the grip to its place.
Step 8:Reattach the brake hose and secure the brake line.

Step 1: Unscrew the brake line screw then unscrew the other screw that holds the line in place.

Step 2: Once both are out, lift the line upwards and out. Go to the lever and unscrew the black knob until you see the clearing.

Step 3: Pull the line through the clearing and the bulbous metal piece out of the slot. Cut the zip ties holding the lines together at the top and bottom.

Step 4: Unscrew the 4 screws holding the folding mechanism base to the footboard. Set the stem aside.

Step 5: Unscrew the 4 screws at the bottom of the scooter and the 4 screws in front. Pull the front plastic cover off.

Step 6: Unscrew the side panels and set it aside.

Step 7: Pull the controller out and unplug the wires starting with the larger red and yellow connectors. Then disconnect this specific connector that goes to the side lights. Disconnect the 2 thicker cords on the side with the power button and pull them through to the plastic cover on the other side. Make sure to take a photo of each connector before disconnecting them.

Step 8: Once the cavity is clear, pull the battery out. Go to the bottom rear of the scooter where the line exits the body and remove this black material called colt.

Step 9: Pull the line down and out of the stem.

Step 10: Thread the new line through the slot in the cover and then up the stem. If the plastic barrier at the top is stopping the line from emerging, just unscrew the quick release above. Slide both quick release and plastic barrier upwards. Place the quick release and the barrier back once the line went through.

Step 11:Push the line through the cavity and out the small hole in the rear of the scooter and set the brake system back up.

Step 12: Slide the battery in and reconnect the wires.

Step 13: Slide the connector in and screw everything back including the cover.

Step 14: Move to the top 4 screws and reinstall the folding mechanism. Once done, reinstall the side panels and completely tighten the screw on the brake unit. Don’t forget to apply sealant on the slot where we removed the colt.

Step 15: Place the line back to the lever and secure it.

No tutorials for this yet, let us know if you would like us to create one!

Tools needed: 4 mm Allen wrench

Step 1: Turn off the power. Disconnect the connecting cord from the display.

Step 2: Take your 4 mm allen keys and unscrew the 2 screws closer to the display.

Step 3: Once loose, remove the old display and line up the new throttle with the screw holes and thread the screws back in.

Step 4: Connect the cord in the back.

Step 5: Press the power button and make sure the display turns on.

To adjust the angle of the display, adjust the bottom screws then rotate the display to your liking.

Step. 1: Remove the front cover. There are 4 screws in the front.
Step 2: Pull-out the controller and the wires.
Step 3: Unplug the power cable first. Then unplug the rest of the wire.

Here are the combinations of the wire that you need to remember:

  • Black and White Wire- 1 Orange wire
  • Orange and White - Blue and Yellow wires
  • Black and Red- Black and black wires

Step 4: Swap the old controller to the new one. Reconnect the small wires with the help of the guide.

  1. Black and Red - Black and black wires
  2. Orange and White - Blue and Yellow wires
  3. Black and White Wire - 1 Orange wire

Step 5: Replug the wide connectors.
Step 6: Replug the yellow, blue and green wires.
Step 7: Replug the power cable.
Step 8: Feed the wire and the controller into the deck.
Step 9: Reattach the deck cover and screw it in.

Tools used during the process:

  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Small Mallet
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Small Scissors
  • Electrical tape

How to remove the old lights:

Step 1: Get the new fender first. Look for the wires with exposed ends. There should be a pen sent to you along with the piece, make sure that the pen is on the red cable.
Step 2: The pen should have 2 sets of metal arms. The lower arm should be hugged to the red cable, just near the top.
Step 3: Take the needle nose pliers and squeeze the arms down and around the cable. Make sure that it properly holds.
Step 4: Once the wires are tight and squeezed, cut the excess wires. Fold the wires down, grab a pair of scissors and cut the excess wires.
Step 5: Fold the scooter down and open the deck cover in front of the scooter where the controller lies.
Step 6: Pull the cables and controller out of the deck. This is where we disconnect the wires. Here are the wires that needs to be disconnected:

  • Unplug the one with a large yellow connector (the battery).
  • Unplug the Yellow, Green and Blue motor connections.
  • Unplug the charger. Look inside and you should see the red connection(Do this if you are replacing the lights on the charger port side)
  • Unplug Black and red = blue and red wire (if you are replacing the lights on the charger port side.)

Step 7: Once all of those wires are unplugged, unscrew the side panel or the side fenders.
Step 8:When you open the fender you should see a cable running through the fender. Make sure that it is still connected so we can use it as a guide to connect the new side fender.
Step 9: Pull all the fender wires free from the controller. First, pull out the charger to give it enough wiggle room. Next we need to pull out the power button cable. Since it is still connected on the inside, Push the pin in the connector gently to remove the red cable. As for the black cable, you should see it wrapped with electrical tape. Remove the tape by cutting it to free the blackcable.
Step 10: Get the new side fender and put it next to the old one. If you can recall, we have cables that were purposely left connected so we can use it as a guide. First, unplug the rear light of the old fender and connect it to the new one. Then, unplug and swap the front light.

Here’s how to replace the other side of the fender ( opposite to the charger port):

Step 1: Unscrew the fender.Once its down, take the new fender and feed the cable to hole where the old fender cable goes through.
Step 2: Push them into the deck and out of the other side.
Step 3: Unplug one of the old lights, and plug the new one with the matching color. Do the same for the next light.
Step 4: Completely remove the old fender out.
Step 5: Now all the lights are replaced, place everything back. Feed the charger cord back in the deck followed by the power button cable. Then, try to feed as much of the cable to the deck so we won't have issues placing the new fender and screwing it in.
Step 6: Secure the fender by placing the screws and tightening it.
Step 7: Now, let’s replug main cables.

  • Look for the blue cable with the black Get the red wire that we removed from the connector earlier and place the red cable into the connector.
  • Get the exposed red cable and twist it to the black Secure the connection with an electrical tape.
  • Plug in the charging port ( the red connection on the inside)
  • Plug the motor wires.Blue=blue, green= green, yellow= yellow
  • Plug the red and blue cable pair into the blackand red connections coming out of the controller. Red=red , blue=black.
  • Plug the battery

Press the power button on the lights to make sure that it's working.If everything is good to go, feed the controller and wires in the deck and close the deck cover. Make sure to place the screws and tighten them.

Step 1:Fold the Touring. You will see the deck cover right behind the front wheel. Remove the 4 screws in front of the cover.
Step 2:Remove the cover and start taking out the wires and the controller.
Step 3:Find the yellow wiring connector (power wire) and disconnect it.
Step 4:Look for a black wire with 4 wires at the end. Disconnect the connectors that you see at the end of these 4 wires.
Step 5:Separate the wires from the connectors.
Step 6:Cut the fender wire with a razor. Remove the old fender and replace it with the new fender.
Step 7:Get the 4 wires on the new fender and connect it to the fender wire. Make sure to cover it with electrical tape until the colored wires are no longer visible. (Make sure that you’ve slid the new fender wire on top of the axle before doing this)
Step 8:Cut a way for the new fender wire by removing the glue. The goal here is to allow the new fender wire to pass through the deck of the scooter.
Step 9:Once you’ve created enough space to move the wire, pull the old fender wire from the front deck until the new fender wire passes through the deck.
Step 10:Attach the new fender to the scooter. Make sure that the new fender does not move by screwing it in.
Step 11:Pull the wire a little bit more from the front to reduce slack. It would be best to use a zip tie to make sure that the motor and the fender wire does not rub the wheel.
Step 12:Unwrap the tape from the old fender wire. Attach the four wires from the new fender wire to the connector.
Step 13:Go through all the wires and find the orange and white wire with a connector. Connect it with the yellow and blue wire.
Step 14:Find the red and black wire with a connector. Connect it with the green and brown wire.
Step 15:Reconnect the power wire and test to see if the fender light is working.
Step 16:Stuff the controller and the wires to the deck.
Step 17:Place the deck cover back and screw it in.

Step 1:Flip the scooter so you can check the nut behind the two screws that holds the kickstand
Step 2:Take a needle-nose pliers , grab the nuts and loosen the screw using an allen wrench. Do it for the other screw.
Step 3:Take the new kick-stand. Get the screw, align the kickstand to the hole and lock it with the screw. Don’t forget to tighten the nut at the back.

Step 1:Remove the screws found at the back of the Touring.
Step 2:Get the base plate. Fit the base plate according to the hole of the screws, then insert the screws and tighten it.
Step 3:Grab the stem of the seat. Take the rod and it’s pair. Fasten the seat and lock it on the end using the rod’s pair.
Step 4:Get the silver metal rod with hole and slide it on the other side of the plate. Grab the lock and remove the nut from the lock.
Step 5:Push the lock to the hole of the silver rod. Once it passes, lock it using the nut.
Step 6:Take the seat. Get the braces and align it in the center of the seat (inside part of the seat) together with the stem. Make sure that the way it aligns will create a way for the rod.
Step 7:Slide the rod through the brace and the stem and make sure to lock it using the nut.
Step 8:Unlatch the lower part of the stem and slide the other half. Lock the stem using the latch

Step 1: Unscrew the folding mechanism base and set it aside.

Step 2: Spray down the board of the scooter with soapy water and let it sit for a moment.

Step 3: Pick out the edge and begin lifting the tape

Step 4: Use the old grip tape as reference in cutting out the new grip tape including the screw holes.

Step 5: Wipe down and dry the scooter surface and scrape away any left over.

Step 6: Take the new tape and peel off the plastic cover on the adhesive side

Step 7: Apply the tape starting from one side and patiently press it down along the extent of the scooter until you reach the other end.

Step 8: Take the folding mechanism base and screw it back in.

No tutorials for this yet, let us know if you would like us to create one!

How to fix spinning handle bar issue:

Rotate the handle forward until it locks.

How to replace the handlebar

Step 1: Take 2 Allen wrench and unscrew the handle bar. Use the other wrench to push the screw.
Step 2: Remove the handlebar and swap it with the new one. Attach the new handlebar and make sure to lock it using the screw earlier.

How to retrieve the pin from the stem

Step 1: Loosen the screw that you see on the latch by twisting it.
Step 2: Look for the hole within the ring. Remove the screw from the hole to release the ring. Pull out the entire handlebar.
Step 3: Check for a copper pin inside the stem and use a thong to remove it.
Step 4: Once the pin is out, place the pin on the stem of the handlebar and reassemble the scooter.

How to Get Support From Us (The Fastest Way)

  1. Take a video showcasing the key issue faced
  2. Send it to
  3. Our technical team will be evaluating and assisting you with your issue faced within 24-48 hours

In your email and video, try to be as descriptive as possible to prevent unnecessary back and forth communication and to help our team be more precise when diagnosing the issue for you.

For example, if you are hearing a weird sound coming out of the tires, the video should consist of the "sound" that is being experienced. In your email, you should also include your order ID (Eg. #VORO1111) and modelso that we can acquire details of your order as quickly as possible.

Our technical team normally responds within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends. We do try our best to assist you in every way possible and seek your kind understanding on this.

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