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August 26, 2023 5 min read

Best Electric Scooter for Commuting: EMOVE Touring Outshines Its Competitors

Cruising along the streets with the EMOVE Touring electric scooter

Are you contemplating investing in the EMOVE Touring electric scooter? If so, you've landed on the right page. The EMOVE Touring has consistently won the hearts of both daily commuters and leisure riders, owing largely to its exceptional range, impressive speed, and an intuitive, user-friendly design that sets it apart. In this article, we'll go through the finer points of this scooter's performance, key strengths and how it holds its ground in a market teeming with rivals.

Today, we're pitting four highly-rated electric scooters priced under $1,000 against each other: the EMOVE Touring, the Splach Twin, Fluid Horizon and the Fluid Mosquito. Our primary focus will be on unpacking why the EMOVE Touring has rapidly become the go-to choice for urban commuters, promising to transform even the most mundane journeys into exhilarating adventures. Not only is the Touring the only scooter in this comparison that comes in five colorways (black, white, red, orange and purple), it offers the best combination of essential features without breaking the bank. Here’s how the scooters stack up.

Electric Scooter Comparison Chart

EMOVE Touring

EMOVE Touring

Splach Twin

Splach Twin

Fluid Horizon
Fluid Horizon
Fluid Mosquito
Fluid Mosquito






Top Speed

25 mph

28 mph

30 mph

25 mph







32 Miles

35 miles

25 Miles

22 miles


39 lbs

52 lbs

42 lbs

29 lbs

Max. Load

308 lbs

220 lbs

265 lbs

265 lbs

Deck Dimensions

22” x 7”

7.8” x 2.8”

18” x 6.5”

18.25” x 5.65” 

Tire Style

Front: 8” Air
Rear: 8” Solid

Front: 8” Solid
Rear: 8” Solid

Front: 8.5” Air
Rear: 8” Solid

Front: 8” Solid
Rear: 8” Solid

Add-on Seat





*Prices and product availability are subject to change without prior notice.

Highlighting the Standout Features of the EMOVE Touring

The EMOVE Touring stands out from its counterparts, designed for the city commuter who prioritizes comfort, convenience, and performance. We'll delve into the unique selling points that give this model an edge over its competitors.

Powerful Performance within Reach

EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter - Image Credits: VoroMotors Customer (Samrith Ou)

Boasting a 500W motor in the rear tire, the EMOVE Touring can reach a top speed of 25 mph. This motor power is powerful enough to propel the Touring up slopes with an incline of up to 15 degrees, making it an ideal companion for cities with varying terrain. When it comes to range, the EMOVE Touring truly outshines its competition. It packs a 48V 13Ah LG battery, giving it the potential to keep rolling for up to 32 miles. Of course, actual range is impacted by factors such as terrain, riding speed, rider weight, and weather conditions.

Performance: Comparisons With Competitors 

The EMOVE Touring's acceleration stands out, reaching 15 mph in 4.5 seconds, making it slightly faster than Fluid Mosquito by 0.5 seconds. However, the noticeable difference comes with the Splach Twin, with its ability to accelerate to 28 mph in just 3.9 seconds. The downside, though, is that the Splach Twin sacrifices some portability as it weighs 52 lbs and comes with a higher price tag. 

Unmatched Riding Comfort

EMOVE Touring Wide Deck

The EMOVE Touring distinguishes itself with the largest deck of all four scooters: a generously spacious 22” long by  7” wide deck accompanied by a 5” clearance from the ground, allowing for comfortable standing and easy maneuverability. The Touring’s deck also comes with anti-slip grip tape for great underfoot traction. It proudly sports a triple suspension system, comprising dual spring suspension at both the front and rear, as well as an additional spring built into the stem. This design ensures a comfortable and responsive ride, cushioning the impacts of urban landscapes. In addition, this scooter is built with folding handlebars and an adjustable telescoping stem that has a quick-release locking lever, so it can match the rider’s height.

EMOVE Touring 8" Front Pneumatic Tire (Image Credits: Electric Scooter Insider)

The scooter's 8” front pneumatic tire further enhances ride stability, even on uneven city terrains. Paired with a 8” solid rubber tire on the rear, this mixed tire configuration delivers superior traction, promising safer and more secure journeys than those offered by solely solid tires found on some cheaper alternatives.

Comfort: Comparisons With Competitors 

One key aspect of the EMOVE Touring that stands out is its generous deck. The spacious platform provides ample room for riders, especially heavy adults, to stand and shift feet comfortably, allowing for a more comfortable riding posture. The deck's anti-slip surface also ensures secure footing, enhancing rider safety. In comparison, the other competitors offer less standing room, which can feel cramped and less stable due to the narrow space.  

Also, many competitors equip commuter electric scooters with solid tires. When both tires are solid, they cannot conform to changes in the road, and generally don’t provide as much grip on the pavement. While solid tires have their advantages, they provide a less cushioned ride and provide less traction compared to pneumatic tires. Having a front air-filled tire and rear solid tire (also known as a mixed tire configuration) means the front tire can absorb much of the vibrations from riding and provide great traction, while the rear tire remains nearly impermeable to damage. Since most flats happen on the rear, some manufacturers chose solid rear tires to prevent customers from having to deal with flats on an everyday and long-term basis. The goal of this design is to offer the rider a low-maintenance yet high-quality riding experience, and that’s part of what makes owning the EMOVE Touring such a pleasure.  

Affordability and Portability

EMOVE Touring Foldable Handlebars (Image Credits: Electric Scooter Insider)

The EMOVE Touring is not just a budget-friendly scooter under $1,000; it's a smart investment for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a high-end electric scooter without breaking the bank. It can be made very compact, with foldable handlebars and telescoping stem, and is easy to fold and stow the scooter in tight spaces like the trunk of a rideshare, between the seats in a classroom, or alongside your table at a cafe.

EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter With Detachable Seat  

But the advantages of EMOVE Touring don’t stop at price. This commuter electric scooter for adults is also incredibly portable. Weighing in at just 39 lbs, the EMOVE Touring can be easily carried around when you're off the wheels. The folding mechanism is easy to release and engage, and the stem locks into the folded position—making it easier to carry. The foldable and lightweight design makes it perfect for commuters who need to take their scooter onto public transportation or climb up the stairs. To top it all off, you have the option to install a detachable seat on the EMOVE Touring, converting it to a seated electric scooter that allows you to achieve more comfortable journeys over longer distances. 

Portability: Comparisons With Competitors 

Foldable Electric Scooter - EMOVE Touring

When it comes to striking a balance between affordability and portability, the EMOVE Touring electric scooter leads the pack. At just 39 lbs, it is significantly lighter than both the Splach Twin and Fluid Horizon, making it much lighter to carry around when you're not riding. Although the Fluid Mosquito shares is comparable in size with the EMOVE Touring, it does not match the EMOVE's range or riding comfort, ultimately delivering a less compelling package for the price.

Final Thoughts

After thorough comparison, it’s clear that the EMOVE Touring truly shines among electric scooters under $1,000. While offering an impressive suite of features typically associated with more expensive models, the EMOVE Touring maintains a low price for its knockout combination of performance and repairability. Designed with a keen eye for budget-conscious customers, the EMOVE Touring delivers top-notch features and performance, giving you real value for your investment. The Touring combines power, design, and user-friendly features, to deliver a premium ride every time. Whether you're cruising down city streets or navigating bustling areas, the Touring has consistently proven to be a reliable, efficient, and enjoyable ride.

The Daily Commuter Scooter - Image Credits: VoroMotors Customer (Jennifer Colantuoni)

There's no better time to experience the impact that a high-quality commuter electric scooter can make on your everyday life. Don't just take our word for it - schedule a test ride and feel the EMOVE Touring for yourself. We're confident that you'll appreciate the enhanced performance and superior ride comfort that this remarkable scooter offers. 

If you’re looking for an affordable electric scooter that delivers, the EMOVE Touring is undeniably worth considering. Get yours today!

Kayla Ang
Kayla Ang

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