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Donna Scharber

The scooter was just what we wanted and enjoying it very much.

What a Fun Electric Scooter

Recently I purchased the Emove Cruiser scooter in orange and was going to do the same for my wife. However, my wife is petite and was a bit intimidated by the size and weight of the Emove Cruiser. She saw the Emove Cruiser was a product of excellent quality but told me it was too big for her. That is when we began our research of the Emove Touring scooter. Like all products, the reviews ranged but when compared to other scooters in it's class, the Emove Touring stood out. We ordered the Emove Touring on a Monday and it was here two days later. We had to make a few minor adjustments regarding the stem folding mechanism but the tutorial videos on YouTube from VoroMotors made the adjustments a breeze. We charged the battery and my wife took the Emove Touring for a ride. She stated it accelerates faster than our friend's HiBoy S2, which is the fist scooter either of us ever rode. After our ride, my wife stated she was extremely pleased with how well the scooter handled. The one thing she noticed is you need good footwear when riding a scooter. She was wearing Uggs and her feet were a little sore afterwards. Of course this had nothing to do with the Emove Touring but my wife's choice of footwear. We have found the NitRider Lumina 1200 is the best light to go with our Emove scooters because it is very bright and it fits over the solid part of the handlebars, which have a larger dimension than non-folding handlebars. She has been riding the scooter for a couple of weeks now and is becoming more comfortable with it every day. For the Thanksgiving holiday we had family over and the option to adjust the height of the handlebars came in very handy as it allowed the various ages and heights of our relatives equal opportunities to ride the Emove scooters. The Emove Touring is a great entry level scooter that performs much better than all other entry level scooters.

Leisurely Rider
A Peppy Scooter with a Solid Build

I just received the Emove Touring from Voro Motors in the color red and am really enjoying it. It is a solid performer right out of the box. I took the advised precautions of tightening down certain screws on moveable parts just to make sure they didn't loosen up during shipment but the Touring was solid right out of the box. I have found the rear, solid wheel to present no difficulty with a bumpy ride due to the excellent performance of the front and back suspension on the scooter. I also like that the Touring has a drum brake on the back wheel due to the lower maintenance the system requires and the ease with which it can be adjusted. Calipers can be such a pain, especially when they are mechanical instead of hydraulic and this scooter with hydraulic brakes would be nice, but overkill in my opinion. The drum brake for my needs works fine. I will say this, however, my use case is that I'm not one who goes in for a lot of speed like so many others. I like running the Touring in Mode 2 with a top speed of around 19 MPH and even less if I'm running into the wind. At Mode 3 I've seen 25 MPH easily and I weigh 210 pounds but I don't care to go that fast. Rides for me are for leisurely purposes and so I cruise on this scooter and am not trying to get anywhere fast. I also ordered the seat and use the Touring always with the seat. One thing to note about using the seat: the motor for the Touring is a hub motor in the rear wheel which means that it pushes the scooter along rather than pulls it. This makes a difference especially when using the seat. Steering the scooter feels more sensitive when using the seat. Most of the weight for the ride is placed on the back tire as it pushes you along instead of pulling you like the Ninebot MAX which has the hub motor in the front tire. The ride on the Ninebot MAX feels smoother when using a seat due to the front tire pulling you along rather than pushing you as on the Touring. Steering feels more sensitive on the Touring as a result such that slight movements in steering feel as though they could have greater consequence if you're not careful. I've been able to adjust well and get used to it when compared with the smoother experience of being pulled along by the Ninebot MAX. It's just something to consider if you are going to ride the Touring using the seat. In the main, however, just in terms of quality and build, the Touring wins hands down by my standards when compared with the Ninebot MAX or even the Hiboy S2 MAX (which are pretty much the same scooters mechanically). The Touring has an all around stronger feel and build quality compared to the Ninebox MAX and nothing is lost in terms of ride comfort on the Touring due to the excellent suspension in the front and back of the scooter. I recommend the Touring without any qualifications save one. If you are a speed demon you may wish to looks somewhere else. But in terms of build and usability for everyday tasks and even leisurely riding and cruising, the Touring is an excellent performer, not to mention fully legal for use in the bike lanes of most States within the US. Thanks Voro Motors for all the common sense engineering you put into the Emove Touring. It is a dependable and capable offering.

Hanan Levi
The best value for money


Summerlin Thompson

EMOVE Touring Portable and Foldable Electric Scooter

EMOVE Touring Portable and Foldable Electric Scooter

Price: $799.00

Detailed Description

The EMOVE Touring is the most value-packed commuter electric scooter we’ve got, and everyday riders love it for a good reason. It’s a lightweight performance machine with a 48V 13AH LG battery and single 500 W rear motor, getting up to 25 mph top speed and 32 miles of ample range. The Touring has gone through generations of updates based on rider’s feedback, including a longer deck with higher ground clearance for more comfortable riding, plug-and-play cabling so you can replace electronics as needed, and posts in the deck for adding accessories. The Touring is customizable, comfortable and low-maintenance, and an excellent e-scooter for first-time riders.

  • Compact folded dimensions, 39 lb weight, and quick-step folding make it perfect for last-mile commuting for riders up to 308 lbs
  • 8" front air-filled tire and 8" solid rear tire means you’ll deal with fewer flats
  • Drum and regenerative brakes on the rear bring you to a stop from 15 mph in just 16 ft
  • IP54 water resistance rating makes it suitable for riding in light rain
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team

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