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October 12, 2021 3 min read

Why our Exclusive VORO Dualtron Membership is the scooter industry’s best kept secret

Dualtron designs some of the most exceptional electric scooters out there, so how do we make this stellar fleet better? 

By providing industry-first amenities to all our Dualtron customers. 

Forget searching online for that mod video on how to add a steering dampener or trying to find a replacement kickstand. 

We’ve got you covered, at a discount. 

With our exclusive membership, Dualtron owners reap excellent benefits, including a lengthy warranty, a lifetime discount, dedicated customer support and access to a library of tutorial videos.

World's Longest Dualtron Warranty

We expect Dualtrons to perform, re-charge, and perform again and again, but sometimes things happen. 

Man riding Dualtron electric scooter, aerial shot 

We offer a standard one year warranty, which is the longest warranty provided for Dualtron electric scooters. Anywhere. 

We protect your purchase for a standard one year term, however you can EXTEND your warranty for up to 4 years. 

Not only that, the warranty doesn’t just cover manufacturer defects of individual parts, it covers full replacement of the scooter. 

That’s right, if something goes really wrong, you can get a brand new scooter under warranty.

Lifetime Discount on Accessories & Spares

Whether or not your scooter functions at 100%, being able to find accessories and spare parts for your Dualtron can be a hunt. 

Screenshot of VoroMotors website, Dualtron spare parts page

Instead of making you do the detective work, we’re providing accessories in our store that work with your electric scooter.

We’ve also got all the Dualtron spare parts that you should need (down to new motors!). 

And the best part? 

We’re giving you 10% off accessories and spare parts, for life. 

Dualtron Video Tutorial Library

We own the largest collection of after-purchase video tutorials for electric scooters, and will be offering an extensive, exclusive education for Dualtron riders. 

We’ll produce tutorial videos like the one above on beginner how-to’s, basic scooter maintenance, and advanced modifications, all specifically designed for Dualtron scooters. 

If there’s anything you’re trying to DIY and we don’t have the video yet, please ask us! 

We’re combing through our Dualtron customers’ feedback to prioritize what content they need most, and welcome your suggestions.

Expect the first videos in our Dualtron series by the end of October.

Professional Mods with VORO

If you’re not interested in getting grease under your fingernails or don’t trust yourself to perform technical adjustments, leave it to us!

Scooter technician putting electric scooter on lift and inspecting

We’ve got a team of professional technicians ready to service your scooter, whether you need to send it in by mail or wheel it into one of our locations

Even better, if there are any modifications that you’d like to try but aren’t equipped to do yourself, we’re happy to do them. 

And if you’re familiar with electric scooter modifications, which alter the scooter’s original design, you know they often invalidate your warranty.

Not with VORO! Any scooter mods that we recommend for your Dualtron don’t void the warranty.

Dedicated Dualtron Support

With any company you make a purchase from, you want to be able to reach customer support for questions, issues, and general assistance. 

Customer service representative at VoroMotors sitting at computer, headset on

Instead of funneling you to our general customer service team, you’ll get a dedicated Dualtron rep that will be familiar with you, your scooter, and any problems you’ve encountered since your purchase. 

One knowledgeable Dualtron rep for all your scooter solutions. 

Already Purchased a Dualtron Scooter?

Our new membership is retroactive, so if you ever purchased a Dualtron from us, you get these benefits, too. Check your inbox!

Love your Dualtron? 

If you’re already riding a Dualtron electric scooter and recommending it to your friends and family, you can earn some extra cash money for doing it

Through the end of October, our partners receive an 8% referral bonus for any scooter purchased (the usual is 5%), meaning you can earn $359 commission if your friend buys a Dualtron Storm

Not only that, you’re entered to win a Dualtron Thunder, even if you only help sell one scooter (any model). 

Learn more about how to become our partner

And reminder: to become a member of this awesome, exclusive group, purchase a Dualtron electric scooter from us, while you still can.

Become a VORO Dualtron Member Now

Trina McManus
Trina McManus

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