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Ronald Grady

Arrive on time and everyone likes it

D'Artagnan Lewis
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing... except it game with minor fixable issues.

This is by far the best PEV I've ever had the pleasure of riding, fast, long range, lightweight, and looks sick! When the package first arrived though and I unboxed it, I noticed the back tire had a small bulge in it which made the ride extremely bumpy. I was able to fix it by deflating the tire and tucking it more into the rim. Also, the disk for the disk brakes was rubbing on the brake but but with a few small adjustments with some of the screws the sound went away completely and now rides smooth with no issues! All in all, Amazing seated electric scooter!

Great machine and phenomenal customer service!

The Roadrunner was a great little machine and I can see that they are constantly improving.

I decided to try it as a substitute for a bicycle because I have heart issues. But ultimately it was still difficult for me to get out much due to my health and decided to return it, absolutely nothing to do with the product itself but purely personal health. Due to my health I just couldn’t justify tying up the money in it when I couldn’t ride it much, if I had better income I would’ve kept it.

Technically I was outside the return requirements and they could have been petty like a lot of companies and tell me to kick rocks but VoroMotors worked with me and accepted the return!

Even before the return, their customer service was outstanding with shipping updates or questions and actual real people reached out to me.

Also had a chance to interact with the CEO/owner of VM (Melvin) via Facebook in a group and he has the same energy, polite and helpful.

Highly recommend VoroMotors for anyone interested in a E-scooter!

Jose Caraballo

Sent with everything intact. Quick shipping. Great escooter. Overall 10 /10

My new Baby RoadRunner

This little Bird is a Hoot 🤟🤠✌️ I'm only getting about 30 mph on flats , and doesn't climb great... But did I mention THIS THINGS A HOOT ✌️🤠🤟 Probably gonna juice er up a bit 😎 Can't leave anything stock 🤟🤠✌️ Love this Bird ✌️🤠🤟 MEEP MEEP 🤟🤠✌️

EMOVE RoadRunner Seated Electric Scooter

Price: $1395.00

Detailed Description

Warning: Riding the EMOVE Roadrunner may be addictive. It isn’t an e-bike – it’s so much better. Our flagship seated electric scooter has a striking, unique design that delivers on form and function. With dual hub motors and a 48V 26.1 Ah Dynavolt removable battery, the Roadrunner gives you up to 53 miles of range. It has a memory foam seat, adjustable handlebars, and thumb throttle to keep you riding comfortably at up to 34 mph. With improvements from the prototype to the current model, the RoadRunner electric scooter comes with a larger (wider and longer) and more plush seat, front fender and longer carbon fiber rear fender, single/dual motor modes, longer foot pegs, Xtech hydraulic brakes, a brighter headlight, and rear turn signals. There has never been a seated scooter like this.

  • The RoadRunner has a 350W front motor and 500W rear motor
  • Double your range to over 100 miles when you swap the lockable battery
  • It also has front and rear carbon fiber fenders, folding handlebars, a bright headlight, and brake light with integrated turn signals
  • Quality commuting features include pneumatic (inner tube) 14" tires, Xtech hydraulic brakes, adjustable ABS+ front spring suspension, and anti-slip foot pegs
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team
  • Here's the EMOVE RoadRunner User Manual
  • Designed in California

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