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Twist Throttle For EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter 2020

This new twist throttle kit comes pre-installed with a LCD display. Offered as an add-on accessory for riders that prefers twist throttle over the trigger or thumb type throttle. Hassle-free installation on your EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter.

  • Custom prebuilt LCD display with twist throttle
  • 52V LCD Display
  • Suitable for EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter only
  • Plug and play for hassle-free installation
  • No cutting or splicing wires required. We made it really easy for you to switch
  • Same P0 to P9 settings(Watch the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/mTIPLIjOeUI)
  • Handlebars will still fold with twist throttle installed.

Choose between 2 options:
1. Do It Yourself - Install the new twist throttle on your own after purchase. (Suitable for existing EMOVE Cruiser owners)
2. Install Before Ship - Have our team pre-install the twist throttle for you and have the existing throttle packed neatly into a box before shipping out your new cruiser order. (Fees inclusive of installation of twist throttle, suitable for NEW EMOVE Cruiser Owners)


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Robert H.
Received scooter and had an

Received scooter and had an issue right out of box. Throttle intermittent ,on then off ,and grinding sound. Contacted Voro help and they immediately sent out new parts. Turns out it was the motor controller. I did not ship my scooter back to have repaired as I am capable repairing electronic stuff. The problem came down to sloppy manufacture of controller. When they put together they pinched black wire (display)inside of controller and it shorted out whole controller. This is a nice scooter and I bought it for the distance it will go. It has a nice ride for type of shocks. You want buttery smooth get a ghost or single front and rear shock style scooter. I bought this for distance. I’m 61 yrs old and 185 and this scooter moves along fine. It will go 30 mph on flat road. I believe my scooter problem out of box was a fluke and didn’t mind having to repair myself. If you order this scooter and you are not handy and it breaks save your box to ship it for repairs or they have videos on how to repair any problem yourself and they will assist you.

Jeremy T.


Briand T.
Delivery was on time!

Delivery was on time!

Henry C.
Love the twist throttle. Makes

Love the twist throttle. Makes driving the scooter easier and more enjoyable.

Michael M.
For the emove cruiser, we

For the emove cruiser, we tried the thumb throttle and felt it was harder to control the acceleration and thus we got the twist throttle and think thw twist throttle is superior. It provides greater acceleration control and makes the ride more smooth & emjoyable.


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