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P0-P9 EXPLAINED | Most Electric Scooters Use This, EMOVE Cruiser and Many Escooter Models

January 13, 2018 2 min read

Do you..?

- Always see P0-P9 on your user's manual and wonder what does it stands for? 

- Afraid of pressing the wrong button and screw up your machine? 

- P0-P3 (fixed) and wouldn't dare to press anything?


To gain access to the P settings, please press and hold the Power and Mode buttons at the same time. Until you see the P settings appear.

P0 (fixed) -This is only used when wheel diameter needs to be changed

Default: 8 or 10

P1 (fixed) -This will usually be fixed by default, there shouldn't be a need to change this. Shows the voltage of the battery (Under-voltage point of the battery will be displayed) E.g. Under voltage point will be 31.5V if you're seeing 315 on the display. 

315 - 36V Scooters

415 - 48V Scooters

430 - 52V

Press MODE to increase by 0.5V, Press POWER to decrease by 0.5V

Default: 430

P2 (fixed) - Shows the minimum voltage

Press MODE to increase, Press POWER to decrease

Default: 17 , will affect the accuracy of the speedometer

Important to note: If you are using EMOVE Cruiser, the maximum voltage is 52V - if your P2 settings is set lower than default, it might show that your battery only has 3 bars when in fact it is actually full. To the LCD display computer, it will be seen as full.

P3 (fixed) - Shows the speedometer speed setting. This will affect the accuracy of the speedometer

Default: 0 (1 for newer models/throttles)

P4 - Types of Speed Display: In terms of Km/h (0) | mp/h (1)

P5 - Types of Start mode, some users prefer to have the kick start function as it feels safer. 

Throttle Accelerator Start (0) | Kick-Start (1)

P6 - Cruising Mode Setting. If this setting is turned on, once the throttle is kept at the same acceleration for 7 seconds, the cruising (auto riding) mode will starts

Turn on (1) | Turn off (0)

P7 - Pick Up Speed. Adrenaline junkies prefer a strong pick up speed, some choose the safer option.

Strong Pick Up (0) | Soft Pick Up (1)

P8 - Max Speed Setting 1~100% (Speed Adjustment Guide in previous post

Click here to read: https://www.voromotors.com/blogs/news/electric-scooter-speed-adjustment-guidee

P9 - Electric Brake Strength. This is used on your accelerator throttle, can be activated if you press all the way down while scooting.

Off (0) | Medium (1) | Hard (2)

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VORO Editorial Team
VORO Editorial Team

8 Responses


March 25, 2022

@Chris This video is a little outdated. Sorry for the confusion.

For the EMOVE Touring and older 600W EMOVE Cruiser, the P2 setting should be 15.

For the 1000W EMOVE Cruiser (current model), the P2 setting should be 17.

And sorry we can’t respond to you directly as VoroMotors; our blog doesn’t have that functionality unfortunately!


March 25, 2022

Hello In the video he says p2 should be 15 but in the text below the video it says 17 default which one should it be or does it make much difference

Miguel Angel Alcantar
Miguel Angel Alcantar

February 02, 2022

Thank you this helped me

Kroptaah P. Luminara
Kroptaah P. Luminara

February 02, 2022

This was VERY helpful, since ive lost my manual and the official momas manual download is mostly for other models. This was just perfect.
Thank you.

Steven C Johnson
Steven C Johnson

July 06, 2020

Voros has impressed me once again with the plethora of advice via video and reading material.

Malcolm Gamble
Malcolm Gamble

May 28, 2020

Hi as I’m learning to ride I tried to limit my speed In the p settings but no matter what I change it to I always get 100 percent in fact no matter what setting i change it doesn’t seem to effect the scooter am i doing something wrong
Kind regards


September 28, 2019

I be got the same dashboard on a nanrobot d5 ! Did something wrong with the cables and I am wondering if you can help me with that dashboard circuit board compartment that is broken ! If there is a chance that you can check yours and tell me the number of the transistor inside ( the broken one )


June 12, 2019

Hi, does changing the P8 speed setting count as capping speed? Will it still be illegal since at anytime people can just tune it back up.

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