July 04, 2018 1 min read

When the creative geniuses of Singapore get their hands on the DYU, the innovation is beyond our wildest imagination.

You can get all kinds of accessories, upgrades and modifications at almost every retailer outlet.

Today, we are featuring all the amazing upgrade works done by Singaporeans, users or retailers!  

 The invasion of DYU - Credits to: Just Visited 到此壹游 

Disclaimer: JUST VISITED is a valued alliance of VORO

Super Mario Makeover - Photo Credit Sky Ong

You can put Supreme on anything - Supreme LV by Chen Bing Bing

Volkswagen Edition - Photo Credit Facebook User FPV DT

First Aider Edition - Photo Credit Leng Kok Wah

DYU Hugger

Attention to details - Photo Credit Leng Kok Wah

Fun fact, user Leng Kok Wah has actually assisted an injured passer-by in the past with his first aider Dualtron #respect!

We have a Jaguar Edition as well! - Photo credit by Facebook user Reenah

Air Jordan - By user Jino Samir


Honourable Mentions 


Chrome Blue by Synergy Scooters

DoYouUnderstand - Photo Credit Daren Yap

Kiddy Seat Installed by Fabulous Scoot

DYU Hugger by CarbonRevo

Photo credits: ShoTeo

Reflective Rim Stickers done by The Halo Brand


Anymore amazing work done by Singaporeans that we missed out? Shoot us a link on Facebook (@voromotors) and we might just feature them in the near future ;)

Disclaimer: VORO distributes DYU scooters, we are having a clearance sale over here - CLICK HERE TO GET IT 



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