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March 25, 2022 4 min read

VoroMotors releases its first limited edition high performance scooter, and it's built with the same parts as a RION

Co-developed by Tronic Systems, the designers behind the legendary RION Thrust, find out why speed is not the best thing about the Dualtron Thunder Tronic electric scooter, and when you can get one.

Partnering with RION / Tronic Systems

VoroMotors integrates custom-built  RION components into the legendary  Minimotors Dualtron Thunder: a model that’s well-loved by scooter enthusiasts for its formidable performance, excellent build quality and sub 100-lb weight.

As the first mass-marketed high performance electric scooter assembled right here in Los Angeles, CA (USA), our development team adopted and tested two of RION’s most powerful components in the Dualtron Thunder Tronic e-scooter: the Curve thumbwheel and 250 Tronic controllers.

Ultra high speed is not the primary goal of the limited edition Dualtron Thunder Tronic. Sublime ride quality, stability and control are what we’re after; great range and speed are part of the package, not the whole shebang.

On par with two titans in electric scooters that also utilize sine wave controllers (the  Kaabo Wolf King GT and  Nami Burn-E), the Thunder Tronic packs powerful performance that you can really fine tune for under $4000.

Thunder Tronic scooter: Robust Dualtron build, superb Rion control

The Thunder Tronic gives the Dualtron Thunder a high-tech upgrade, swapping the stock 40A square wave controllers with Tronic 100A sine wave controllers that pair with VESC technology for customizable performance. 

Dualtron Thunder Tronic electric scooterTop speed: 60 mph (96.5 km/h)
Range: 72 miles (117 km)
Motors: Dual Minimotors 2700W BLDC
Battery: 60V 35 Ah LG battery (3500)
Controllers: Dual Tronic 250 sine wave
Throttle: Rion Curve thumbwheel

The Thunder Tronic is a long range electric scooter, going for over 70 miles on one charge. It also has exceptional giddy-up with a 60 mph top speed.

With more power, you need more control, and the Rion Curve thumbwheel delivers, giving you much finer tuning of acceleration at any speed in a stellar, highly ergonomic design.

You’ll also gain outstanding regenerative braking with the thumbwheel's bidirectional control, rolling to the left to speed up and to the right to slow down. It also delivers excess power back to the battery more efficiently than most.

Pre-order the limited edition Dualtron Thunder Tronic hyperscooter while supplies last, and get yours by late April 2022. 

Dualtron Thunder Tronic display

Replacing the  EY3 finger throttle and LCD with the thumbwheel, use a smartphone as the scooter display and interface for all performance modifications. 

Dualtron Thunder Tronic VESC display on smartphone

Compatible with VESC smartphone apps, including (iOS)  Xmatic,  eSkate VESC,, and (Android)  Vesc Tool, you can customize the speedometer, temperature control and power output control. 

With our regular release scooters versus our limited edition Tronic models (we’re already developing another), it’s like Honda versus Tesla: both have their place on the road, but one’s on another level – if not another planet – and drives that much better. 

Tronic Systems controller + thumbwheel: why they make such a big difference

Both of these handcrafted pieces are only available as pre-installed components and will not be sold as standalone parts in our shop. Here’s a bit more info on how they work. 

Tronic 250 sine wave motor controllers: Specifications

Sine wave (FOC) controllers provide a more natural and smooth acceleration/deceleration feel, and allow the scooter to use less electricity while delivering the same peak power as comparable square wave (BLDC) controllers. With increased efficiency, you’ll gain longer range and customizable control for excellent speed and ride quality. 

Building off of the VESC project, scooter modders can use the VESC tool or other ESC applications to communicate with the Tronic controllers, and customize the temperature of the controller, amps drawn, voltage of the battery, GPS mapping, and motor power output. 

Compatible  mobile apps include: (iOS)  Xmatic,  eSkate VESC,; (Android)  Vesc Tool

Here’s a demo from Rion showing how to customize the controllers.

Tronic 250 Controller details

  • Aircraft grade CNC enclosure with heatsink 
  • Built-in Bluetooth transmitter and IMU chip
  • Powerful, fully programmable with ESC compatible apps
  • Capable of FOC or BLDC operation
  • Max peak current: 300A (3 second)
  • Max battery: 100A
  • Max operating voltage: 88.2V
  • Max phase: 250A 
  • Min operating voltage: 33.6V

Rion Curve thumbwheel: Specifications

Take command of your scooter’s cockpit with the Rion Curve thumbwheel, which rolls horizontally for the most user-friendly and ergonomic design in a scooter throttle yet. 

Rion Curve thumbwheel on Dualtron Thunder Tronic electric scooter

With a lightweight aluminum build and vibration-resistant design, you accelerate by rolling the wheel to the left, and slow down by rolling to the right. The thumbwheel utilizes a medical grade sensor that eliminates the dead zone often felt on throttles of other high-performance scooters.

Unlike the underwhelming performance of regen braking in most electric scooters, the thumbwheel has true regenerative braking that powerfully brings the scooter to a halt without use of hydraulic brakes, and it pushes excess energy from braking efforts back to the battery. 

Rion Curve thumbwheel details

  • Machined aluminum housing and jog
  • Bidirectional control for acceleration and regenerative braking
  • Non-contacting hall effect sensing technology
  • Medical grade sensor for surgical control
  • Resistant to vibrations, shock, and extreme temperatures
  • Design reduces whisky throttle effect and acceleration dead zone
  • Low power consumption with higher voltage capability
  • Fully sealed electronics

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Trina McManus
Trina McManus

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March 25, 2022

this is huge! amazing to see a thumb throttle on a thunder! what a brilliant concoction! Always coming with the nice work Voro. Cheers

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