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Great scooter, beautiful RGB lighting, great speed

This scooter takes off on a dime in dual motor mode the lights are bright, the gold paint is sick. One thing to note: this scooter has adjustable suspension and mine came on the "slow" setting which is meant for low speed cruising comfort so naturally not realizing this I brought it up to speed and it felt really scary due to the bounciness I finally realized I could change the suspension put it to "fast" stiff suspension. Night and day the scooter accelerates fast enough to keep up with traffic and give plenty of thrills feel both wheels take off at once is so satisfying. Oh and it's weight is a little heavy but not crazy heavy for even an average sized guy like myself. Highly recommend also highly recommend gear at least gloves a jacket and pants helmet if possible

Exceeds All Expectations/ Beyond Satisfied

What can I say. I stated doing research on a Monday for scooters. Being I live in Hawaii it's always hard find a supplier that ships PEVs to Maui, and if they do it's normally expensive shipping plus comes by sea freight which can take up to a month. I found Voro Motors through Facebook groups and by Tuesday ordered the Mantis King Gt. My scooter was delivered 2 days later on Thursday via UPS air freight. The Mantis is a beast of a scooter and came pristine with a nice comforting quality control checklist from the staff at Voro before they packaged and sent it Within a matter of minutes the scooter was on the charger and ready to go. It's been about a week since having it now and I'm coming on 100 miles. The thing is frickin fast with my top speed so far 52.3 (yes on the Mantis King Gt!) I haven't had any issues, all the bolts are still tight, everything still cherry! Needless to say I'm super stoked 🤙🏽

My first scooter, and pleased.

Nice range, better than "good" power for hills, fairly quiet even with the hybrid all terrain tires as the sine wave controllers are nearly silent...Only significant frustration is the noisy rear "fender" which rubs on the slightest bump... Well known issue that Kaabo initially said they would address.

Patrick Buckley
Great place to buy

Highly recommend Voro Motors. After having some difficulty with a military discount they issues me a gift certificate and thanked me for my service. They answer questions 24/7 on the web and spend the time to help you find the right scooter for you! Thanks Voro! Feel free to return the favor and leave me a review at Rapid Remodeling 33 LLC on Google. I bought the E-scooter to due estimates and promote alternative modes of transportation! Going to save money not driving the gas guzzling work van.

Isaac Bermudez
Great transaction

Thank you Voro Motors for a smooth transaction. Everything arrived when it was supposed to and it arrived well packaged.

Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter

Price: $2195.00

Detailed Description

The Mantis King GT is Kaabo’s best all-around electric scooter. Yup, we said it. Unlike its dual-stem brethren, the Mantis GT weighs less than 80 lbs and boasts a nimbler, racier ride. It’s got all of the tech and comfort upgrades from the Grand Touring series: thumb throttle, sine wave controllers, a large, centered display – and more. Along with advanced technology and improved construction, it has a higher water resistance rating and quicker folding mechanism than previous models. It hits harder, feels better, rides faster, and is straight-up stronger. And BTW, it’s really, really good looking. As our newest luxury commuter, the Mantis King GT has a stealthier profile than the Wolf Warrior GT and Wolf King GT with a flashy frontend, rear swing arms and dual-colored deck for “who’s that guy” drive-by appeal.

  • The Mantis GT has dual 1100W motors and dual 30A sine wave controllers for super smooth acceleration with a top speed of 43.5 mph (70 km/h)
  • With 1440 Wh capacity, the Mantis King GT grants you 56 miles (90 km) of long range on a single charge, which you can get in under 6 hours using two standard chargers
  • Ride comfort features include ergonomic thumb throttle, dual 10” x 3” (inner tube) hybrid tires on split rims, adjustable hydraulic suspension to smooth out rough roads, and 23” x 8.5” deck making it easier to change positions while riding
  • Safety features include high-mounted headlight, rear turn signals, separate brake-responding taillights, electronic horn, 4.2” anti-glare TFT display with cruise control, digital security lock, and performance controls, and IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Portability features include pull-down mechanism for quick fold/unfold, hook and loop for easier carrying when folded, and lighter weight 76 lb design
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team

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