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David Fraser
Wolf King Handlebar Riser

The riser fit perfectly! You'll need a short allen wrench to install it, and don't forget that lock-tite! It gave me the perfect ride height.

Stefon Gordon
Handlebar Riser (I’m 5 foot 8).

I’m new to scooters. I started with the Hiboy Titan but after riding for a month I realized it just wasn’t fast enough for me. Although I failed to do extensive research, I did watch many YouTube videos on the WW King and got excited!! So after a month or so went by I purchased it. Oh no we have a problem Houston. After assembling the handlebars and stepping on the high deck, I had to reach down at least a 45-42 degree angle to hold the handlebars! So now I’m thinking maybe if I squat down a bit but no, the bars were still to low for me 😠. This scooter is for a kid I thought 🤦🏽‍♂️ At least the size of it but what can do? To much of a hassle to send it back then I would have to wait how ever long for a refund; so I just kept it. I rode it for almost 5 months with uncomfortableness 😞. I eventually started hearing squeezing possibly brake noise assuming brake pads so I went on VORO motors website for new ones. I saw them but, guess what I also saw???? That’s right, this Handlebar Riser so I purchased it too. IF YOU ARE MY HEIGHT OR SHORTER AND HAVE THE WW KING, GET THIS HANDLEBAR RISER!!! The comfort level went from a 6 to a 9. Huge difference in height and no longer had to squat as much. The riser is 2 inches in height and the only reason why I didn’t give it a 5 stars is because it should be at least 3 inches. But In all I would recommend this product and I’m very happy with it. 👍🏽👍🏽

One Bad Mofo

Happy with the product, the shipping and the communication. I’m a little “miffed” that the part didn’t come with the extra bolts needed to install.

Hi Heidi,

Thank you for the review. I am sorry you were having issues with the product you were delivered.

If you haven't already, would you kindly reach out to our technical support team at for further assistance? We are always happy to help.

Fits Perfectly but…

I’m super impressed by the speed of delivery and the email notifications I received thru the whole shipping process. However, why is it not sold with mounting bolts? You’ll need 8 total, I currently have 4. Up the price if you have to or at least state “bolts not included.” Overall I’m happy. A trip to Lowes won’t kill me.