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    Official seat for EMOVE Cruiser, includes the following 

    • Base Plate
    • Locking mechanism
    • Seat rest
    • Hydraulic tube
    • 4x Long Screws
    • 1x Mini Screw

    Easy to install | 4-Steps Process
    How to install? Click here to download the guide.

    Unextended measurements
    Seat post: 50cm
    Seat post to the ground: 64cm

    Fully extended measurements

    Seat post: 63cm
    Seat post to the ground: 77cm

    Rider in this photo is 5' 10"

    Seat Lock for the EMOVE Cruiser Seat

    Dual Suspension on the EMOVE Cruiser Seat


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    Ask a Question
    • When will seats be available again

      Hey John,

      The seat just came back in stocks!

      You can place your order now. 

      Hope this helps.

    • When charging must it be taken off charge or can it be left on charge


      I assume this question is for the EMOVE Cruiser?

      You can leave it to charge.
      The Cruiser has a BMS battery protection. 

      It is good to practise safe charging habits by plugging it out after a full charge.

      Hoep this helps.