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    Speedway IV / Speedway 4 / Maxspeed 4 / Maxspeed IV Electric Scooter E-Scooter applied the most luxury powerful BLDC HUB motor which was made for Dualtron and it provide a stable driving with silent and balanced driving. In addition, Max 1,600W output makes its torque and power much powerful. And Speedway4 has the same battery capacity 680Wh  and it makes a long mileage driving is possible as a commute, leisure and traveling. Speedway4 has dual suspension, which can see only from the most luxurious model and it provides more stable and smooth driving.

    The most different thing in Speedway4 is rear suspension, which absorbs the shock and provide comfortable and stable riding comfort.

    Speedway 4/Maxspeed IV Discontinued 

    The latest updated and refined model is EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter, which has better suspension and torque.


    These batch is an upgraded version of Speedway 4. Same as Dualtron 1, this has the popular BLDC HUB motor - 52V Max 1,600W

    After changing of handle-bar for 13AH, Net Weight: 19.9kg (LTA Compliant)


    For Singapore Customers Only 

    Optional speed-limit wire can be added into the deck of the scooter to enable a speed capped at 25km/hr (Required by Land Transport Authority)

    You can also limit the speed using the P8 setting that is already installed in the software of Maxspeeed 4

    Click here to read up how to do it

    Our happy customer Ari, from New York that received his 26AH Dual Suspension Electric Scooter (Free shipping for orders in United States)

    happy customer from new york free shipping in united states electric scooter

    Product Specifications

    Watch the review of this electric scooter here:

    Motor Power

    52V 600W Brushless DC HUB MOTOR

    Available Battery Capacity

    13AH (~45km) | 26AH (~85km) | 30.5AH (~100km)

    Charging Time

    4-6 hours for 13AH | 6-8 hours for 26AH and above

    Range (Varies across weight of user, riding conditions, riding environment)

    13AH (~45km) | 26AH (~85km) | 30.5AH (~100km)


    Approx 27 degree

    Max load


    Unfolding size

    121 x 57.5 x 118cm

    Folding size

    124 x 25 x 40cm


    Hydraulic spring suspension (Front) + Air suspension (Rear)

    Brake system

    Disc brake(Front & Rear) + Electric brake


    CNC method casting: Special aluminium alloy and ABS cover


    6 months standard limited warranty (excludes damage from rider's usage and water damages)



    Payment methods  

    We accept cash, credit card, debit card, PayPal. 

    Shipping Methods

    We send via UPS, 4-6 days to reach any part of United States. Expedited shipping is available too, chat with our customer service to find out more.


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