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June 03, 2023 9 min read

The 5 Best Locks for Electric Scooters: Basics of Scooter Security

Are you looking for the best locks for electric scooters to protect your investment? In a world where electric scooter theft is a growing concern, it is necessary to make sure your vehicle is safeguarded.

Today, we delve into electric scooter security, discussing the different types of electric scooter locks, the level of protection they provide your property, and how to lock up.

But that's not all – our mission doesn’t end at aftermarket locks alone. We'll also show you other anti-theft devices that come built-in on some scooters from VoroMotors. So, let’s get started!

Rising Electric Scooter Theft Cases

According to a recent report from ABC Los Angeles (KABC), there’s been a 129% surge in electric scooter theft cases. The scooters being stolen are not from the shared market like Bird, Lime and other rental operators, but privately-owned scooters. Rental scooters are tracked by their operator so they can be recharged, repaired and deployed in specific areas of cities in which they’re allowed. 

Many personal electric scooters, especially budget scooters, do not have security as a built-in feature. According to the report, nearly one-third of the personal e-scooter thefts happened on the University of Southern California (USC) campus. Although some students secured their scooters to bike racks, it didn’t stop thieves from cutting the vehicles free, likely using bolt cutters. Considering the high cost of an electric scooter, it’s paramount to protect your investment by learning how to secure it properly.

How to Lock an Electric Scooter

Protecting your electric scooter from theft requires the use of high-quality locks and multiple security measures. By implementing these simple yet effective steps, you can confidently leave your scooter unattended in public without constant worry. Here are some measures that will help ensure the safety of your electric scooter and deter potential theft: 

  1. Select a secure parking spot: Find a well-lit and visible area to park your electric scooter, preferably with surveillance cameras, to deter potential thieves.
  2. Choose a sturdy fixed object: Find a strong and immovable object, such as a bike rack, lamp post or fence, to secure your scooter. Ensure that your scooter isn’t blocking entry to any buildings or walkways. 
  3. Remove detachable components: If you intend to leave your electric scooter out for a long period of time, it is recommended to remove any detachable parts, such as removable batteries, like the EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Electric Scooter. You can also lock the battery in place and remove the key, if you are unable to bring the battery with you. 
  4. Remove valuable accessories: Do not leave expensive add-on accessories or GPS devices unattended. 
  5. Lock the electric scooter tightly: Use a reliable lock and ensure it is tightly secured at a good locking point on the scooter’s frame and the chosen fixture. Lock the scooter's frame to the bike rack or pole as tightly or closely as possible to prevent theft.
  6. Consider double-locking methods: Use multiple locks, such as a built-in password and U-lock, to enhance security.

Kryptonite U-Lock on EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter

In general, it is preferable to park or store an electric scooter indoors. Some shopping centers will allow you to wheel your vehicle alongside you (powered off) as you shop, while others have space inside where you can lock up. This prevents thieves from spotting your scooter on the street and keeps it protected from the elements. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, try to lock your scooter in a location that’s monitored by security cameras. If something happens, you may be able to ask the facility to provide footage for you to report the theft to authorities and possibly track down your scooter. 

Types of Electric Scooter Locks

#1 Cable Lock for Electric Scooters

Cable locks are the most common type of electric scooter lock on the market. One of the major advantages is their versatility. Cable locks secure not only the frame of the scooter but also other components like wheels or accessories. They are lightweight and fairly compact, easily fitting in a backpack or stored coiled around the frame.

However, it's important to note that cable locks have some limitations. Cable locks can be easily cut through with hand tools, making them more vulnerable to theft attempts. That said, a cable lock is a great secondary lock if you have built-in security, like a password-protected display.

Password Cable Lock

Electric scooter password cable lock

The password cable lock is a user-friendly and durable security solution for your electric scooter. Made of strong alloy steel cable with a protective PVC coating, this lock offers reliable protection against theft. With a maximum length of 3.3 ft (1 m) and a cable diameter of 12 mm, it provides ample flexibility for securing your scooter to stationary objects. The 5-digit combo lock allows you to set a personalized code, which is preferable to those that do not want to use a key.

Key Coiled Cable Lock 

Electric Scooter Key Coiled Cable Lock

This key coiled cable lock is not only flexible but also designed with a durable rubber coating to protect your electric scooter from scratches and damage. The lock is equipped with two keys, so you have a spare in case one gets misplaced. With its sturdy construction and reliable functionality, this key coiled cable lock is an essential accessory for protecting your electric scooter from theft.

#2 Chain Lock for Electric Scooters

Chain locks are an upgraded version of cable locks that operates similarly. The key distinction is that a chain lock secures your electric scooter using heavy-duty chain links wrapped in nylon or a rubber coating. Chain locks are more resistant to wire cutters, and require more substantial tools like bolt cutters or hacksaws to defeat. While chain locks may not rank highest in terms of security, they strike a balance between price and protection. It's recommended to use high-quality chain locks to ensure the safety of your electric scooter and deter theft.

#3 Disc Brake Lock for Electric Scooters

Disc locks are designed to prevent the wheel from turning by attaching directly to the brake caliper. To use a disc lock, you simply slide it over the disc and insert a pin through one of the cooling holes, effectively immobilizing the wheel. It's important to note that disc locks are specifically designed for electric scooters with disc brakes and may not be compatible with other braking systems. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry in a backpack or storage compartment. However, they should be used in conjunction with a primary lock, such as a U-lock or chain lock, as they may not provide sufficient security as a standalone solution. For example, a thief can lift your scooter, take it away, and break the disc brake lock later, if you don’t have it anchored to a pole or bike rack with another type of lock. 

#4 Folding Lock for Electric Scooters 

Folding locks consist of a series of interlocking metal bars connected by joints, allowing them to fold and unfold for compact storage and transportation. To use a folding lock, simply unfold it and wrap it around a grounded object and attach it to a secure locking point on the scooter. They are typically made of hardened steel, offering excellent resistance against cutting and tampering. Additionally, many folding locks also come with a mounting bracket, allowing you to attach them to the scooter's frame when not in use. However, it's worth noting that folding locks can be heavier and bulkier compared to other types of locks, which may make them slightly less convenient to carry around.

#5 U-Lock for Electric Scooters

When it comes to securing your electric scooter, we highly recommend the use of a U-lock. This type of lock is specifically designed to fit around the frame of your scooter and can be securely fastened to a sturdy object. U-locks are known for heavy-duty security from thick, steel shackles, providing excellent protection against theft attempts using power tools or bolt cutters.

However, it's important to consider that U-locks have a rigid design, which makes them less backpack-friendly than chain locks or cable locks. They also tend to be more expensive than lightweight locks. Some styles come with frame mounts, so you can easily store and lock the scooter using the attachment. Nonetheless, their superior construction and maximum security make U-locks an ideal choice for safeguarding your electric scooter.

VoroMotors Fingerprint U-Lock

VoroMotors Electric Scooter Fingerprint U-Lock

If you want a sleek design, opt for the double deadbolt fingerprint U-Lock! It has a biometric fingerprint scanner, enabling effortless unlocking of your bike with a simple touch. Say goodbye to lost keys and forgotten passwords. With an IP67 waterproof design and a protective dust cover, this U-lock is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance and maximum security for your electric scooter. 

Kryptonite U-Locks

VoroMotors partners with Kryptonite, one of the best-selling and most well-known providers of reliable, durable locks for electric scooters, bicycles and other light electric vehicles.  

Both of the U-locks from Kryptonite offer high resistance to leverage attacks, thanks to their double deadbolt locking mechanisms. Each U-lock comes with a set of keys, and the keyhole has a protective door to keep it clean of debris. The disc-style cylinder adds an extra layer of defense by being pick and drill resistant. Also, the locks are designed with a vinyl coating to prevent scratches on your scooter's frame. 

The New-U New York Lock Standard is constructed with a hardened steel shackle that resists cutting and sawing attempts. The 16 mm Kryptonite U-Lock (New-U New York Lock Standard) is a compatible length with many scooter sizes, and offers superior security.

16 mm Kryptonite U-Lock (New-U New York Lock Standard) for Electric Scooters

On the other hand, the Kryptonite U-Lock (New-U Evolution Standard Lock) has a 14 mm steel shackle and a smaller crossbar design, ensuring reliable protection against electric scooter theft in a more compact package.

Kryptonite U-Lock (New-U Evolution Standard Lock) for Electric Scooters

Not only do these locks secure your scooter very well on the go, Kryptonite provides an Anti-Theft Protection Offer, giving riders the option to register their U-lock and vehicle for an extra layer of insurance. With these features, Kryptonite U-Locks are exceptional choices to secure your electric scooter.

Enhancing Electric Scooter Security: Additional Anti-Theft Measures

Use a Key Ignition Lock to Secure Your Scooter

EMOVE Cruiser S Ignition

Some electric scooters come equipped with built-in security features, like a key ignition or other safety lock mechanism. These mechanisms add an extra layer of protection by requiring a specific key or code to start the scooter, preventing unauthorized use. Notably, the EMOVE Cruiser S and EMOVE Touring models are equipped with an anti-theft locking key ignition. 

Install a Fingerprint Reader for Electric Scooters

Electric scooter fingerprint reader

By integrating this advanced biometric technology into your scooter's locking system, only authorized individuals with registered fingerprints can access and operate the scooter. This means that even if thieves manage to physically bypass traditional locks or keys, they won't be able to start or ride the scooter without a verified fingerprint.

With a fingerprint reader, you elevate the security of your electric scooter to a new level, making it an excellent investment for protecting your valuable ride. However, do note that this is only compatible with the EYE LCD throttle on some electric scooter models. Also, like with other electronic locks, it is only effective if the thief isn’t able to carry the scooter away. 

Set Security Passcodes in Smart Scooter Displays

Built-in password display on electric scooters

Additionally, you can also use software-based security built into electric scooters to ensure its safety. The TFT display outfitted on the Wolf King GTMantis King GT and Wolf Warrior X GT provides password protection with two layers of security. This feature allows riders to set a password that needs to be entered to power on the scooter, and another password to access the scooter's performance settings. 

Regardless of hardware or software based security measures, these exemplify how modern electric scooters are designed to prioritize user privacy and enhance overall security.     

Use an AirTag to Track Your Electric Scooter

Tutorial on How to Install Airtag on the Electric Scooter

Installing an AirTag in your electric scooter can be a gamechanger when it comes to theft prevention. Apple AirTags are small tracking devices that can be easily attached to your scooter. By connecting the AirTag to your iPhone or other Apple devices, you gain the ability to track the location of your scooter in real-time. This means that if your scooter gets stolen, you can use the Find My app to pinpoint its exact location and provide the information to the authorities. 

The discreet nature of AirTags allows you to monitor your scooter without drawing attention, increasing the chances of successful recovery. With an AirTag on your electric scooter, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have an additional layer of protection against theft. Find out how to set up an AirTag and where to install it on an electric scooter here


Despite taking numerous precautions, electric scooters can still fall victim to theft. In such unfortunate circumstances, it is crucial to promptly contact the local authorities and report the incident. This increases the chances of recovery, especially when providing security camera footage if available.

Remember to stay vigilant and never assume that leaving your scooter unattended for even a few minutes is safe. Instead, adopt a proactive approach to ensure its security. Invest in high-quality locks, implement additional preventive measures, and always choose secure parking locations, such as well-lit areas or spots equipped with security cameras. Reduce the risk of losing your electric scooter by following what we’ve outlined above. Stay safe!

Kayla Ang
Kayla Ang

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