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Jeffrey Hamilton
Just like new

I ordered this refurbished scooter to replace one that was stolen .It performs just as well as my previous one.I can’t find any fault in it so far.I love this company and will only do business with them.I have ordered replacement motor and tires as well as brakes to keep these scooters running for years to come.

Regretting this purchase so far

Update: I got my scooter back yesterday, about a month after all the trouble began, and it has been fixed to my satisfaction. The repairs were done quickly and I received good customer service throughout. So, I am honoring my word and giving credit where it's due. The situation was rectified about as well as could be expected despite my doubts.

I purchased this scooter in the middle of November, and the controller is dead by Christmas. I purchased this after reading all the great reviews on this site and YouTube. Well, I unfortunately discovered (a day after ordering a refurbished model so sale was final) that on certain sites there are many critics of this scooter and company (I redd it online). I would've never purchased had these sorts of reviews been presented on the site, but I guess only satisfied customers leave reviews on the actual product website, that must be what's going on right?
Anyway, I accepted that this was my scooter now and hoped for the best. First impressions were, I loved the thing. It got me around campus and I was able to use it to make deliveries in between classes. It was perfect for me since I don't drive and I'm heavier so I needed a scooter with an adequate weight capacity. The days go by and I notice:
1. The stem wobbles and wobbles despite tightening.
2. The brakes aren't great and I frequently have to use my feet to slow down and come to a stop.
3. The headlight has a mind of its own despite adjusting and tightening out of box like Voro instructs you to do. It moves around even on smooth rides.

None of these issues prompted me to contact customer service or leave a negative review. I still had a functional scooter that greatly improved my quality of life so I wasn't complaining.
Until Christmas week rolls around and I decide to ride up a slight hill.... I had previously ridden up a steeper hill with 0 issues, I estimate this particular hill was at about a 10°-15° angle. I started slowing a bit and gave a light push to see if that may help the acceleration and it felt like the motor just died then and there. I walk the rest of my way to my destination since it wasn't even functional to ride manually powered off. Luckily I was close to my destination, but it was during a freezing Midwestern winter night. The timing was unfortunate. Long story short the controller died and would need to be replaced. The scooter is unusable until it is replaced and I am not able to get around or make any income.
My experience with customer support and a supervisor, who called me at my request the very same day, has been overall positive. My scooter was of course just out of the one month grace period for free shipping to the voro motors shop in LA, but they made an exception and offered me free shipping. I am currently waiting for the box to ship it back. They sent me confirmation that it had been ordered, would be shipped soon, and was no charge.
My scooter journey is now on pause and I am quite disappointed that off site reviews reflected my experience more accurately than the ones listed here or in the linked YouTube videos. One website featured multiple users making allegations (Which admittedly could be false allegations) that the controller dying was a common issue in this scooter, so when my scooter stopped working on that hill, my heart sank and I sensed that a replacement was inevitable. I will update this review after the repairs are complete out of fairness and accuracy. I hope VoroMotors makes this right. I hope they fix my scooter and I once again become a satisfied customer. I hope the negative posts elsewhere on the internet are wrong with their allegations of questionable ethics on the part of this company. So I'm rooting for you Voro, and I look forward to coming back and giving you guys 5 stars.

R. D.
Not a toy

Received my scooter after about 10 days. It arrived with no issues. It was a refurbished one and had a few very small scrapes. One of the handlebars wont fold down, and "P" settings, something you need to know about, are no where in the instructions. The YouTube video on this has a few of the settings reversed, too. So all in all, a pretty good scooter but be careful. You can get really hurt riding this thing. I am moving slowly with it and hope I can keep it. It may turn out to be too much for me, but I am old.

Also, they need to dump the trigger throttle and just roll out the grip twist one.


Refurbished EMOVE Cruiser 52V 1600W Dual Suspension Foldable Electric Scooter

Drew Perry
High quality

Great quality fast shipping