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November 24, 2019 3 min read

Why we are not running Black Friday sale?

Dear valued customers,

Thank you for your support that you have shown us this past year. 

We have been getting plenty of messages asking if we are going to release any sales promotions. Unfortunately, like every other year, we will not be joining the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. To be fair to all of our existing EMOVE riders and partners. You can buy with confidence that we will not release any form of sale promotions after you purchase.

Here at VORO, we genuinely stand behind the quality of our products that we carry, and the service standards we represent. We have always strived to provide the lowest cost to all of our customers. The prices are the best any company can offer. We provide excellent service with well-trained technical team at the most competitive rates. Our electric scooters are built to last and we use premium materials for every component. All our riders will have the best electric scooter experience with us and they will tell you the same.

For example, when you are comparing the EMOVE Cruiser with other scooters in this price range of $1399. Here are some factors to look at: 

  • Brand of the battery 

EMOVE Cruiser uses an LG battery, for anyone who is looking to own an electric scooter for long term usage, this should be your #1 factor. We stand behind the quality of the components we use in our electric scooters, no compromises in longevity.

  • Size of the batteries

If another scooter comes up in this price point at 15/18AH batteries, there should be a no-compete in terms of the value you are getting. The EMOVE Cruiser packs a giant battery of 30AH and real world advertised range. Although range might vary for different riders, our team does not exaggerate our specifications.

Watch the range test here:

  • It is in the details
  1. Pneumatic tubeless car-grade tires compared to the common rubber tires - that means you do not need to open up your motor and change the inner tubes every month.
  2. Plug and play waterproof wires used on the LCD display and other components
  3. XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic brakes instead of common mechanical disc brakes
  4. Tightly sealed deck all-around to prevent water ingress - By now, you should hear tons of stories of EMOVE Cruiser surviving thunderstorms. By no means we are trying to encourage riding in heavy rain with the Cruisers!
  5. Top notch battery management system technology to allow your EMOVE Cruiser to last 62 miles on a single charge. Retailers/Manufacturers normally tend to overstate their specs in the advertisements, you get what you see with us.
  6. Reinforced Rugged Packaging Design
  7. New and improved half fenders that were given out for free to all of our customers, read more here:
  8. The products keep getting better over the years and the price has always held the same. You get more for what you pay for.

Here is how the old Cruiser packaging looks like in the past, double wall corrugated cardboard boxes. It is adequate for Asian countries, but not in the United States. FedEx/UPS can be rough in how they ship large packages across the country. 

Old EMOVE Cruiser packaging design - Double wall corrugated cardboard boxes

New EMOVE Cruiser 2019 package - Extra Heavy Duty Reinforced Packaging. The box exterior might not arrive neat, but the goal is to ensure the contents are safe inside.  

New Cruiser Box

  • Service, service, service

Being an online commerce in nature that serves our community all over the country can be difficult at times, and definitely even tougher for the customer when you require support. You cannot drive to your nearby local store to get your issues resolved, and our team is fully aware of this. 

We have been working our way up ever since we started on this journey. Constantly fine tuning our processes, improving our packaging.

When you call us (During our working hours), you can trust that we will pick up your phone calls, answer all your emails, take the time to help you with your buying process.  

We will take the time to listen, understand your questions and help you with every single query.  We might not be perfect, but you can have 100% faith in our team that we will take care of you.

While we can file claims withUPS for the shipping problems that damage some of the scooters, our team takes responsibility of shipping problems and resolve it for you. 

Read example:

  • Access to 6 Service Locations of the VORO family across the United States 
  1. Clearwater Beach, Florida
  2. Los Angeles, California (New)
  3. Penn Valley, California
  4. Sacramento, California 
  5. New York City
  6. Boulder City, Nevada
To get yourself an EMOVE Cruiser, click here
Disclaimer: VOROMOTORS is an electric scooter company.
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VORO Editorial Team
VORO Editorial Team

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