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    Mounted on handlebar. Voltmeter with Key Ignition Lock for EMOVE Cruiser

    • Suitable for many types of batteries such as lead acid batteries, lithium batteries. 
    • Universal voltage, suitable for sensing 12-100v electric bikes or scooters, can identify voltage automatically.
    • Able to indicate vehicle error according to voltage. 
    • Find out about your battery health
    • Key is unique to each voltmeter. Losing it will require you to replace the entire voltmeter.

    Disclaimer: We only sell this to our own customers to prevent theft. If you stole a Cruiser, too bad, you cannot use it ;) 


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    • How do I install on a D4 scooter that does not have an ignition switch

      Hi Ryan,

      Sorry, we do not provide advices for scooters outside of the models that we carry to avoid misinformation.

      Please let us know how else we can assist you

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