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Must have

I recently bought these tires for my wolf king GT pro and I must say these tires are the s**t. I sure do recommend these tires for the people that have a similar or compatible scooter it’s a must have item. And this is only been a few days of me riding my scooter. I’m still hoping that day go for a long time more than the off-road tires at least. There’s a picture of my scooter. Excuse me for my dirty scooter right after this review I will be cleaning it

100/55 R6.5" B Stradale PMT Tires

Price: $80.00

The 100/55 R6.5" Stradale PMT electric scooter tires are some the highest quality tires manufactured in Italy designed and developed for competition. These PMT road tires have an urban tread pattern, are 100mm wide and have a 65 shore A hardness compound. Install these performance tires for a premium riding experience.

Note: This tire is sold as a single unit.

Tire Specifications 
Type: 6,5" Minibike
Tire width: 100 mm
Hardness compound: 65 Shore A
Pressure: 1.4-1.9 bar
Tread pattern: Urban
Rim width: 66-72 mm
Outer diameter: 275 mm