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Drum Brake for EMOVE Touring

  • Drum brake for the EMOVE Touring
  • Comes in a single unit
  • Fits on most 8-inch tires electric scooters that uses rear drum brake

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nicole S.
Thanks For A Great Christmas

Thanks For A Great Christmas Gift …
VM motors

Lynn C.
I had problems with the

I had problems with the brake line popping out of the original drum brake. Voromotors sent me this replacement along with a link to a video on how to fix it. Thanks to the video, I was able to replace my drum brake fairly quickly. It probably took me at most 30 minutes. This permanently fixed my brake problem, and I've been scooting without any issues. Thanks Voromotors!

Joseph W.
The products VORO MOTORS offer

The products VORO MOTORS offer are excellent.

The customer service on the other hand is another story, When I first purchased the scooter the customer service was awesome but not lately.

Other than that the products are great :slightly_smiling:

Noel P.
I love my emove touring.

I love my emove touring. Great product, great service

Emmanuel C.

Had an issue with the brake wire popping out. Voro motors came through and sent me an updated drum brake. Easy to install and issue remedied.


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