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November 18, 2018 2 min read

How to change an electric scooter tyre? EMOVE Cruiser, Speedway 4, Futecher E-Scooter Tire Change for Dummies

How to change my electric scooter tyre? This guide will be a proper step by step guide to provide additional help in changing your escooter tyre. The whole process takes between 5-10 mins for experienced guys, 15-20mins for beginners. Promise you, this is not rocket science. It's really easy. This method is recommended by technicians from the factory and only works for the latest series of motor hubs, which are called split motor


Here is how a split motor looks like

bldc hub emove cruiser speedway 4 motor

Before we move into more details, it's important to understand how the tyres look like from the inside.


Step 1 - Remove The Nuts

Remove nut from both left and right side. This is the part where it holds the motor together.
Take note, there are no wires to detach, please do not remove any wiring.

remove the nut from rear motor of speedway 4

Step 2 - Unscrew Disc Brake

unscrew and remove disc brake

Step 3 - Remove Motor Screws 

remove first set of motor screws

Optional Step - Knock The Motor

This is to loosen the motor if it's too tight. Don't worry, EMOVE Cruisers motor are built to last. They are tough. But don't knock too hard.

knocking speedway 4 motor

Step 4 - Open Up The Split Motor

open up split motor

Step 5 - Change New Inner Tube

We have seen many cases where users do not need to change the inner tube, you can just patch it up with a sealant, that will work as well.

Change Inner Tube

Step 6 - Pump Air 

Pump just enough for you to put it back to the motor, just a little will do, remember, you can always pump more later. 


Step 7 - Install Tyre To Motor

This is the EASIEST. Just reverse the whole process to put your tyre back to the motor. 

install tyre to motor

Ta-da. You're done. No more punctured tyres. 
Additionally, you may get our tyre sealant which only cost $15, and last you almost a life time.
If you need more help, feel free to join our helpful Facebook community - ESCOOTER ARMY USA 
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July 08, 2019

I have the scooter and need a new tube. How many inches is the inner tube? Thanks

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