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noviembre 11, 2023 5 lectura mínima

VoroMotors Community Update - November 2023

Thank you for stopping by for our latest community update, your one-stop source for all things VoroMotors and electric scooters! We're thrilled to bring you a lineup of exciting news that's sure to electrify your day. In this chapter, we're proud to introduce the launch of the EMOVE Roadster, our newest addition to the VoroMotors family. Alongside this high-performance ride, we're also showcasing a new accessory that promises to enhance your electric scooter experience. Plus, we'll take a look back at the highlights of our recent events and give you a sneak peek at the next big scooter launch on the horizon. So, let's kick things off to find out more!

VoroMotors Website Now in Spanish and French

Great news for our diverse community of electric scooter enthusiasts: VoroMotors is breaking down language barriers! We understand the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, which is why we're excited to announce that our website is now available in Spanish and French. Non-English speakers can now explore our products, learn about our community events, and stay up-to-date with all our latest updates in their native language!

Wolf King GTR Chargers Rectified

Remember the Wolf King GTR issues we discussed in our previous community update? Well, we've got some fantastic news to share – those problems are now a thing of the past! We've taken action and equipped the GTRs with new chargers, ensuring that you'll no longer hear about dislodged batteries or charging issues upon arrival. Hooray for smoother rides ahead!

VoroMotors Inventory Insight

With our electric scooter range expanding, inventory management becomes more complex. Each scooter has over 100 components, requiring a larger parts inventory. We're proud to say that we have a robust stockpile, with 90% of scooter parts readily available in our warehouse. However, we acknowledge the challenge that comes with the remaining 10%. For example, securing a replacement for a scratched handlebar on your Wolf Warrior X Pro can be challenging with a short amount of lead time. We're working hard to improve our forecasting. Your seamless riding experience is our commitment, and we're dedicated to ensuring part availability for your needs.

Introducing the EMOVE Roadster: Fastest Electric Scooter

Meet the EMOVE Roadster, a game-changer in our lineup with premium Magura MT5 brakes for unmatched stopping power. Its split rim design combines style with functionality. Designed for speed-seekers, the Roadster features dual motors, five-speed modes, and an ultra-wide stem with a steering damper for unmatched control, making it the FASTEST electric scooter to date. When you choose the EMOVE Roadster, you're not just purchasing a scooter; you're joining the ranks of elite riders who prioritize performance and innovation. It stands as a true masterpiece in electric transportation.

The Variable VM Electric Scooter Fast Charger

Exciting news for electric scooter riders who value time and convenience: the Variable VoroMotors Electric Scooter Super Charger is now available! This innovative charger is designed with adjustable output settings, giving you the flexibility to charge at the speed you prefer. In a rush? Amp up the charger and get your battery to 100% in just a few hours. Prefer to extend the life of your battery with a slower charge? You can do that too. This charger is more than just a power source; it's an indispensable accessory that adapts to your lifestyle.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro TFT Display Passcode

Attention all new EMOVE RoadRunner Pro customers, we've a quick update for you! Starting now, the password for your TFT display will be changed to "6969" instead of "2112."

PMT Tire Deal

We're thrilled to announce a new distribution deal between VoroMotors and PMT, the esteemed tire manufacturer from Italy! This partnership heralds the start of an exciting journey as we develop a brand-new PMT tire, tailor-made for the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro. And this is just the beginning — we have more innovative developments on the way. Stay tuned for further updates!

Gear Up with the 2024 VoroMotors Tee

Excitement is in the air as we unveil the all-new VoroMotors 2024 tee! This latest addition to our merchandise is more than just apparel; it's a statement of style and community for electric scooter enthusiasts. Whether you're out for a ride or just chilling with friends, this tee is sure to turn heads. Get yours today by visiting our website or swing by any of our showrooms to make a purchase.

Upcoming Release: NEW RoadRunner SE

Get ready for something exceptional – the VORO team is hard at work on the brand newEMOVE RoadRunner SE electric scooter! Our customers have spoken, and we're answering the call for an entry-level seated scooter, as we put aside the Fiido scooters. With the RoadRunner SE, modification will be a breeze, boasting three fresh colors and a reliable single motor. Keep an eye out for exciting updates on this upcoming gem!

Joystick Throttle in Development

Calling all gamers and scooter enthusiasts alike! We're pushing the boundaries of innovation with our latest project—a brand-new throttle designed to resemble the joystick on a gaming controller. Currently in the testing phase, this joystick throttle promises to offer an exciting and intuitive new way to navigate your electric scooter. How does that sound?

Electric Scooter Batteries Repair

At VoroMotors, we're your go-to for electric scooter repair and servicing. Today, let's talk about batteries! We take pride in being industry pioneers, equipped with top-notch industrial-grade equipments and partnered with leading battery manufacturers to tackle any issues your scooter battery may face. Instead of purchasing a new one, we can revive your original battery, addressing concerns like damaged cells or low voltage. Not only does this save you money, but it's also a greener alternative that helps reduce the pileup of discarded batteries.

Ride for Maui 2023

Every dollar raised, every ride taken, and every cheer sounded out during "Ride for Maui 2023" symbolized more than just support. It symbolized hope. Hope for the families affected, hope for Maui's ecological restoration, and hope for a community that, despite adversities, rides together towards a brighter future. Here's to the PEV community, the residents of Maui, and every soul who turned an event into a movement. We ride on, together. Thank you for being part of the Voro family. We hope to see you again at our future events! Read more here.

RiderFest 2023

Last month, we successfully wrapped up RiderFest 2023, with 300 attendees and representatives from almost every electric scooter company! If you missed it, watch the recap video above.

VoroMotors Factory Building-in-Progress

Why are we establishing VORO's very own factory? It's our solution to addressing issues right from the source. With our dedicated engineering, purchasing, and product testing teams, we're fully prepared to tackle daily challenges head-on. Get ready for the industry's most exceptional factory in the history of electric scooters!


As we bring this month's community update to a close, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who continue to be a part of the VoroMotors journey. Your unwavering support fuels our innovation and drives us to keep delivering the best in the community. Stay charged and ready, for the road ahead is exciting and full of promise. We can't wait to see what we'll achieve next, with you by our side!
Happy riding!

Kayla Ang
Kayla Ang

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