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diciembre 09, 2023 5 lectura mínima

DIY Electric Scooter: December Community Update

In this month's exciting community update, we are thrilled to provide you with an extensive overview of the latest developments and news that will undoubtedly ignite the passion of our electric scooter enthusiasts! We've been hard at work bringing you a range of innovations, from the introduction of new models and cutting-edge accessories to thrilling product releases that are bound to enhance your riding experience. But that's not all; we've also made significant strides in improving our services and launching exciting community initiatives. 

So, without further ado, let's delve into the details of what we have in store for you

InMotion RS Midnight Electric Scooter: Final Countdown to Delivery

InMotion RS Midnight Fast Electric Scooter

We're excited to announce that the InMotion RS Midnight electric scooter is almost ready for shipment. Currently, InMotion is performing the final LCD firmware update to ensure the best user experience. If you've reserved this sleek black beast, rest assured it'll be on the way to you just in time for Christmas.

InMotion RS Midnight Electric Scooter LCD Display

For our friends in Turkey, you can find the RS Midnight at Dinamoride. For those in the United Kingdom, you're in luck as well! The RS Midnight, along with our entire electric scooter model range, is waiting for you at Beyond PEV.

Interested in joining our journey? We're always on the lookout for new dealers to expand our international family. Reach out to us and be part of our growing network!

EMOVE RoadRunner SE: Designing the Future

EMOVE RoadRunner SE Mock-UpEMOVE RoadRunner SE Mock-Up

Get ready for the upcoming EMOVE RoadRunner SE! Currently in the design phase, this new addition promises to live up to the high standards of the RoadRunner e scooter lineup. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electric scooter technology and can't wait to unveil what we've been working on. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting addition to our electric scooter family.

Joystick Electric Scooter Throttle: Innovation in Progress

gaming controller concept joystick throttle for electric scootersjoystick electric scooter throttle

We're thrilled to announce our latest innovation - the Joystick Electric Scooter Throttle! Currently in the testing phase and soon entering production, this new component is set to revolutionize your riding experience. Keep an eye out for more content and information about this innovative scooter part in the coming weeks.

electric scooter test ride with joystick throttle

Looking for other electric scooter parts? Browse our full collection of components here.

Faster Service Center Repairs: Enhanced Efficiency

Electric scooter repair

We've revamped our service center system to offer quicker repairs and maintenance! So far, everything has been running smoothly, and we've completed repairs more quickly than ever before.

VoroMotors Service Center in L.A.

And if you're in Los Angeles and need a scooter battery repair, simply bring it down to our L.A. headquarter. For those in other areas, we're actively working on a solution to make battery repairs more accessible. We'll update you as soon as we finalize our plan. Need electric scooter servicing? Click here.

Expanding Service Centers: Electric Scooter Repair

We're pleased to introduce our newest service partners - Kinetic PEV in Temecula and Smart Wheel in Canada. These partners share our passion for PEVs (Personal Electric Vehicles) and are dedicated to providing top-notch service.

If you've ever dreamed of running your own service or repair center, don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Find electric scooter repair near me.

New Website Chat System: 24/7 Support

New Zendesk Chat Support SystemNew Zendesk Chat Support System

Introducing our new website chat system for round-the-clock assistance! Our customer service team is always here to answer your questions, but please bear with us as we fine-tune this new online chat system for a smoother experience.

Builder's Program: Access to Electric Scooter Parts for DIY Electric Scooter

Customized EMOVE RoadRunner Pro (diy electric scooter)
Customized EMOVE RoadRunner Pro (diy electric scooter)

Are you an experienced scooter enthusiast with a passion for building or modifying electric scooters? Our Builder's Program is designed for you. Gain access to original electric scooter parts at competitive prices.

EMOVE RoadRunner Electric Scooter Motor (diy electric scooter)

Whether you're looking for the EMOVE RoadRunner titanium front fork, powerful 5,000 watt motors, curve throttle from Rion, LG or Samsung battery power packs, tires and more – we have you covered. Say goodbye to shipping hassles and communication problems with factories in China.

Join our program and unlock exclusive resources for your scooter projects. We can't wait to see your DIY electric scooter which showcases your personal vibe!

Electric Scooter Group Rides: Join the Fun

Hawaii PEV Group Ride

Join the electric scooter community with group rides! A new Hawaii PEV group is hosting weekend rides – follow their Instagram for details.

Electric Scooter Group Ride

Additionally, the VORO team is gearing up for an exciting event in Brooklyn, New York this December. Don't miss out on these thrilling group rides! We'll fill you up with some tips and more details on the NYC group ride!

ZIP Payment Method in Australia: Ride Now, Pay Later

Payment by ZIP for Australian customers

Good news for our Australian customers - ZIP is here! Enjoy the flexibility of paying in installments with this new payment method. Get your scooter now and manage your payments stress-free. Ride first and pay later with ZIP!

VoroMotors Factory Update: Automation for Excellence

Production Assembly Line in VoroMotors New FactoryProduction Assembly Line in VoroMotors New Factory

Exciting news from our factory – our first-ever automated assembly line is up and running. This upgrade from traditional methods to a professional assembly line enhances our production process, ensuring we maintain top-notch quality control and perfect delivery. You can trust that your electric scooter will arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep.


As some regions enter the winter season, remember to take extra care and maintenance of your electric scooter batteries. We recommend charging it at least once a week to keep it in optimal condition.

Thank you for being a part of our electric scooter community. We're committed to providing you with the best products, services, accessories, and experiences. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We look forward to sharing more exciting updates with you in the future!


InMotion RS Midnight Fast Electric Scooter

1) How can I reserve an InMotion RS Midnight electric scooter? You can reserve your RS Midnight through our website. Simply visit the product page and follow the instructions to secure your reservation.

diy electric scooter
diy electric scooter

2) What is the Builder's Program, and how can I join? The Builder's Program is for experienced scooter enthusiasts who want access to original scooter parts at great prices. Love to DIY electric scooter? Click here to join!

3) Is the ZIP payment method an installment plan? Yes, you can use the ZIP payment method for all our electric scooters models and products available in Australia. Ride first and pay later!

Electric Scooter Repair

4) How do I find electric scooter repair near me? You can find contact information for our service centers on our website. Check out the list of electric scooter repair centers here.

5) When will the EMOVE RoadRunner SE be available for purchase? We are still in the designing phase for the EMOVE RoadRunner SE seated electric scooter, and we'll update you as soon as it's ready for purchase. Stay tuned for more information!

Kayla Ang
Kayla Ang

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